ibc 2015, RAI Amsterdam Conference 10-14 September 2015, Exhibition 11-15 September 2015

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Travel and Accommodation Form for IBC2015

Please Note:

  • this form is for individual bookings only
  • if  you are booking for more than 5 people please contact the Operations Team and you will be sent the appropriate spreadsheet to complete
  • for a breakdown of the Travel and Accommodation process please click here


Tell us about you

Please enter your full name as written on your passport:

First Name
Middle Name


Contact Number
Your Company Name

Travel Plans

Have you already organised your travel?


If yes please skip to the Accommodation section, if no please fill out the below travel quesitons.

Preferred Outbound Date
Preferred Outbound Time
Please enter your Outbound Airport/Station
Alternative Outbound Airport/Station


Preferred Inbound Date
Preferred Inbound Time


Inbound Airport/Station:

Are you traveling to Schiphol Airport?
If your answer above is 'No' please specify an alternative inbound airport/station

Please note that we will book your return flight based on your departure airport. If you require an alternative return airport please state below.

Return Airport/Station if different


Frequent Flyer Number
Baggage Requirements (if necessary)
Class of Travel (if necessary)
Are your dates/times flexible?

If you are travelling from the US or Canada please provide your Date of Birth and Redress Number.

D.O.B (dd/mm/yy)
Redress Number *

*Please note that your Redress Number is for:
Any person who believes they have been mistakenly matched to a name on the watch list and have subsequently experienced difficulties when flying to/from the US can apply for Redress through the Department of Homeland Security Traveller Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP). A unique Redress number will be returned. Secure Flight uses this Redress Number to prevent future misidentifications for any passenger who may have a name that is similar to an individual on the watch list. If a passenger holds a Redress Number then they can, if they wish, provide this to Virgin Atlantic when booking a flight to/from the US.

Accommodation Plans

Have you already organised your accommodation?


If yes please skip this section and go straight to the entitlement section, if no please fill out the accommodation questions below.

Arrival Date
Departure Date
Please enter your preferred hotel, hotel location, preferred star rating or approx budget:

Please specify your room type
If you have stated double or twin occupancy, please specify sharer's name:

*If your sharer requires alternative arrival and departure accommodation dates please specify in the comments section below.


Please specify in which areas of IBC you are working


Is IBC contracted to pay for your:

If yes to either question, please specify which department or member of staff has agreed payment


Please use this section for any comments or additional requirements

Please Note:

  • any changes made to this booking may be subject to charges
  • the Operations Team will make it a priority to get a flight quote back to you within two working days
  • we will automatically request hold luggage for your flight unless otherwise stated in the comments section
  • depending on the airline we cannot guarantee how long your quote will be held for. To guarantee the price quoted please confirm the flight by contacting the Operations Team as soon as possible