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 Acquisition / Production
 Aeronautical/ Space/ Navigation
 Audience Measurement/ratings
 Audio processing / editing
 Audio recording
 Broadcast Equipment Manufacturing
 Radio Broadcaster
 Television Broadcaster
 Cable operator
 Cabling products and services
 Cloud services
 Content Discovery
 Display Systems/ Digital Signage/ Digital Advertising
 Equipment Dealer/ Distributor/ Hire
 Facilities House
 Film/ Motion Picture
 Financial Analyst
 Financial services/ insurance
 Games/ Video Gaming/ Augmented reality
 Government department / Association
 Independent production company
 Industry analyst
 IPTV / OTT/ connected TV/ content everywhere service provider
 IPTV / OTT/ connected TV/ content everywhere systems supplier
 ISP/ Broadband Provider
 IT Systems Supplier / Systems Integrator
 Media Asset Management
 Media Distribution over Cable
 Media Distribution over Terrestrial
 Media Distribution over Satellite
 Media Distribution over IP
 Media Distribution over Mobile
 Military / Defence
 Mobile handset / Connected Consumer Device
 Mobile / Second Screen solutions and apps
 Outside Broadcast Facilities & Services
 Performance arts / live entertainment
 Playout services
 Post production services (craft skills)
 Post production equipment - systems and software (tools)
 PR / Marketing Company
 Publisher/ Newspaper/ Magazine/ News Website/ News Agency
 Regulatory Authority
 Research Association
 Rights Owner/Holder
 Satellite Equipment
 Satellite Services
 Social Media Software or Platform
 Software Product Design / Development/ Hardware/ Middleware
 Storage/ Archive
 System Automation/ Control and Management
 Technical Support Services
 Telecommunications / Mobile Operator/ Carrier
 Telecommunications/Mobile Infrastructure/ Systems Supplier
 Test/ Quality Control/ Measurement
 Transmission services
 Venture Capital / Investment

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 North Africa
 Middle East
 Central/South Africa
 North America/Canada
 Latin America
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IBC Content Everywhere MENA