IBC2014 Rising Stars

IBC2014 Rising Stars


The Rising Stars Programme is the once a year, free event that cannot be missed if you are a new working professional or student within the electronic media and entertainment industry.

Are you one of the new generation of content and media technology professionals who is looking to get into the electronic media and entertainment industry? How do you make sure you know and understand how things really work? Students, Graduates and New Entrants to the industry will have tailored and exclusive conference sessions tackling topics that really matter to young professionals. The IBC2014 Rising Stars Programme will help you get your foot in the door, help you with your personal development, offer you opportunities to meet others in a similar position to you and put you in a position to gain inspiration from current Rising Stars who are already making their way in the industry.

Whatever your ambitions, the IBC Rising Stars Programme will open your eyes to a world of possibilities to help you excel in your future. IBC is one of the world's leading events focussing on the business of creating, managing and delivering the future of electronic media and entertainment technology and content.

Featuring an influential conference and world-class exhibition, IBC immerses 52,000+ professionals from 170 countries in an unrivalled experience which affords you the chance to trade and educate, to debate and connect, to challenge, strategise and innovate with the very companies and leaders shaping the market.

As an IBC Rising Stars delegate, you will not only get to see and handle the latest technology and learn about how the new service-based industry is developing, you will meet and interact with a huge and varied number of people, young and old, all experienced, knowledgeable and keen to meet you. 


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Rising Stars network

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You know you are a Rising Star if:
  • you are new to or are just entering the electronic media and entertainment industry
  • you are keen to learn about the latest technology and how the industry is developing by mixing with experienced professionals
  • you want to meet people who can help you raise your profile and advance your career
Benefits of being an IBC Rising Star:
  • free entry to the 14 exhibition halls and access to 1,400 exhibitors, all of whom are potential employers
  • the chance to meet and speak to established, successful and highly influential industry figures who support the Rising Stars programme
  • rub shoulders with some of the brightest and most ambitious young entrepreneurs working in the industry today
  • the irresistible opportunity to network, network, network until you can network no more (an unprecedented amount of networking: invite only lunches, IBC Rising Stars accelerometer speed sessions and the exclusive Rising Stars party – not counting any meeting you create yourself)
  • network with other Rising Stars who are attending IBC2014 for exactly the same reason as you … to get ahead in the industry

What else?

  • free tickets to selected main conference sessions including Industry Insight sessions
  • specially-organised conference sessions designed to help you further your career
  • Experience cutting edge technology seen only at IBC with the IBC Big Screen and the latest blockbuster films
  • the chance to visit the IBC Workflow Village, IBC Connected World, IBC Production Insight, the Future Zone and the IBC Awards Ceremony
  • tickets to the exclusive Rising Stars party 


Rising Stars Online Community:

Rising Stars have an expanding online presence within the electronic media and entertainment industry and being online is the place to be to keep up to date with weekly topics, questions, interview, competitions and up to date information. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn to stay in the loop.

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