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IBC2014 Innovation Awards – Call For Entries

The IBC Innovation Awards are unique – and highly valued – because they honour not just technical ingenuity but the way that the technology is used in the real world, bringing tangible creative and commercial benefits to a project.

They celebrate the partnership between one or more technology partners and the end user, working together to create a system that really makes a difference. Certainly that will involve innovative and cutting edge technology, but it will also involve collaboration: working together to achieve the best possible outcome.

There are three IBC Innovation Awards: for the most innovative projects in Content Creation, Content Management and Content Delivery. In addition, there is a fourth, the Judges’ Prize, which may go to one of the category winners or to another project which captures the attention of the international judging panel.

The award itself goes to the end user of the project, but the technology partners are also honoured and benefit hugely from their association with an award winner. Most nominations come from technology partners, not just because they are proud of the work but because they are keen to demonstrate to their customers how much they value the project and the collaboration.

Awards submissions have now closed.




In 2013 the winners were New Zealand’s Park Road Post Production for its work on high frame rate 3D finishing; RTÉ in Ireland for its file-based infrastructure FAST; and the Commercial Broadcasters’ Association of Japan for an innovative intelligent IP network connecting member stations across the country.

The Judges’ Prize was in recognition of 100 years of Indian cinema, and was presented to one of the great film actors, Amitabh Bachchan. A special award was presented to the Vision Cloud project, a European Union initiative to establish some of the fundamental principles of collaborative working on virtualised networks.

Entries are now invited for the IBC2014 Innovation Awards. Remember these are all about collaboration, not simply technical innovation, so please submit projects which are currently either completed or in implementation.

The IBC Innovation Award guidelines for entries are available to help you understand exactly what the judges are looking for. There is also an example entry available which may help you structure your entry for IBC2014. Entries close on 21 February  2014.


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