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IBC Technical Papers

Conference Technical PapersUnveiling the latest innovations and technological thinking, the peer-reviewed Technical Papers Sessions and Posters remain the cornerstone of the IBC Conference. The Technical Papers have become world-renowned for their up-to-the-minute reports and presentations on leading-edge technologies and their applications.

Competition for the inclusion of papers in the sessions is intense and IBC’s experienced Technical Papers Committee reviews all proposals to choose those which they believe to be the most advanced, innovative and thought-provoking. Authors of successful proposals will then be invited to prepare full papers for publication in the conference proceedings and to make presentations at the conference in September. The best paper will also receive the accolade of the IBC Best Conference Paper.

The best papers are also selected for publication in a prestigious special edition of the IET Journal, which was launched at IBC in addition to publication in the conference proceedings.

Posters and the Future Zone

Posters were originally offered at academic conferences as opportunities for delegates to informally discuss technical issues directly with project team members. At IBC, they provide an ideal opportunity to present many varied technical subjects in parallel, enabling subjects to be covered that might not otherwise be accommodated within the Technology Advancements stream. As with the technical papers, all poster session submissions are peer reviewed by the Technical Papers Committee.

At IBC2012 the most impressive Posters were invited to be part of the Future Zone. This area of the IBC Exhibition was dedicated to a collection of mind-bending concepts and prototypes which exist only in the world’s leading broadcast R&D labs, or as academic papers to provide attendees a glimpse into the future of tomorrow’s electronic media.

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If you were unable to attend the IBC Conference or missed out some of the sessions then why not take this opportunity to purchase the Conference Recordings and Technical Papers, providing you with an informative insight into how the thought leaders of our industry set the agenda for the future.

Online access to Conference Technical Papers can be purchased at €149 exc VAT and online access to Conference Session Recordings (audio and video) can be purchased at €599 exc VAT.

Those who have already purchased access, or have access as part of your conference registration, will receive usernames and passwords within ten working days of the end of the conference. 

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How are the Papers and Posters Assessed?

All submitted synopses are first grouped into assessment groups, which are then reviewed by the Technical Papers Committee. The authors of successful synopses of each topic area are then invited to submit an 8 page paper for review. Each of these full papers are then reviewed by the Technical Papers Committee before a decision is reached. These papers should be submitted in IBC Conference style (a Microsoft Word template will be provided to successful synopsis authors) and will be typically 4,000 words (8 pages) in length.

What do the Technical Papers Committee look for in a Technical Paper or Poster synopsis?

Technical Papers and Posters submissions should be of the highest quality, highlighting excellence and substance in a clear and concise presentation. for more information on what is expecting in a synopsis, please visit the Technical Papers and Posters Guidelines.