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IBC Connected World

The exponential growth in the penetration of internet connected devices together with the increasingly diverse services that can run on them have huge implications for traditional media.

Using smart phones, tablets, games consoles, netbooks and connected TVs, consumers are seizing the initiative and devising new ways to discover, consume and interact with their favourite content. Broadcasters and content owners are responding by offering on-demand and streaming services as complements to their traditional distribution.

Anyone looking to make sense of these changes visited the IBC Connected World, a special area of IBC which brought together the very latest developments in online and mobile TV, 3G, 4G and OTT services, pioneering “second screen” applications and IP technologies that are impacting the creation, management and delivery of content in our increasingly connected world.
IBC Connected World

IBC Connected World

Demonstration Area

At the heart of the IBC Connected World, the Demonstration Area hosted a programme of technology and product demonstrations and Connected Consumer Debates explored and explained many of the hottest topics across the connected content scene.

The themed programme of demonstrations provided visitors with the opportunity to understand the diversity of innovations across a number of important connected content subjects. The programme for IBC2013 offered:

Deomnstration Area
  • Friday 13 September - Apps & software solutions
  • Saturday 14 September - IPTV/OTT solutions
  • Sunday 15 September - Connected Home & Smart Devices
  • Monday 16 September - Video Streaming & Multimedia networks
  • Tuesday 17 September - Cloud platforms

Connected Consumer Debates

Taking place at 12:00 noon and 15:00 daily on the Demo Stage, the Connected Consumer Debates gave IBC visitors the opportunity to learn about and debate the critical business and technical issues at the intersection of broadcast and broadband.

Below is the full programme that took place at IBC2013.

Friday 13 September

Saturday 14 September

Sunday 15 September

Monday 16 September

Tuesday 17 September

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