ibc 2015, RAI Amsterdam Conference 10-14 September 2015, Exhibition 11-15 September 2015

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IBC Content Everywhere MENA Showcases Dynamic Growth in Content Connectivity

London, 03 February 2015; The first IBC Content Everywhere MENA show closed its doors on a highly successful event which brought together 1,451 thought leaders from the Middle East, North Africa and beyond. There are dramatic changes in the way that we create, share, consume and monetise content, and the most pressing topics were covered at IBC Content Everywhere MENA.

First-time regional viewing of 13.3 inch 8K adds to the Super Hi-Vision excitement at IBC Content Everywhere MENA

NHK’s ultra-high resolution video system to be shown on an incredible new small display for the first time outside of Japan.

IBC Content Everywhere and NHK bring 8K television to the Middle East
Super Hi-Vision to be demonstrated and discussed at launch event in Dubai in January 2015.
PRESS RELEASE: IBC Searches for Innovative Collaborations

There is fierce competition for the prestigious IBC Innovation Awards, which represent the best of collaboration to use innovative technology to solve a real challenge. The call for nominations for the IBC2015 Innovation Awards is now open.

Cisco Makes Connections at IBC Content Everywhere

One of the highlights of IBC Content Everywhere MENA will be the connected home demonstration presented by Cisco. Visitors to the first IBC Content Everywhere event in the Middle East will be able to see and understand the revolution that will be brought about by the internet of everything – the near future when every device will be online.

Drones Are Not Just for Christmas

The must-have gift for men who like gadgets this festive season (according to numerous magazine articles) is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Remote-controlled flying drones can cost as little as €60, or run up to several thousand Euros for more professional quad and octo-copters. They could soon even be delivered by drone if Amazon's tests in the East Anglian fens prove viable.

OTT Drives Sports Content Everywhere and Piracy
Sport is the most valuable content that the industry delivers, worth £16bn (€20bn) this year, a £2bn increase on 2013. Coupled with the proliferation in connected devices and the exponential growth in broadband speeds, by any metric - data per second, tweets per minute, app downloads - the market for multiscreen sports is growing at a phenomenal rate. 

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