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Keynote: The challenges ahead

Title:  Keynote: The challenges ahead
Date:  12 September 2014
Time:  18:00 - 18:30


European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes has been responsible for the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) since 2010. She has led moves to boost competitiveness and innovation in communications, to enable fast and ultra-fast internet access for the benefit of citizens and businesses, and to create a real single market in telecoms services through the abolition of mobile roaming charges. This includes the delivery of 5G mobile networks, described by the European Commission as 'a leap, not a step, forward', with wireless capacity to meet the huge demand for mobile data and media content. In her IBC keynote, Neelie Kroes will set out the challenges ahead as she sees them. Crucially, for the IBC audience, she will explain how she assesses the phenomenon of convergence between audio-visual and broadband, and the policy implications that it might have. This will include her views on the internal market for audio-visual and telecoms as well as the latest thinking on the use of the UHF spectrum band 470-790 MHz following recommendations to be made on 1 September as a result of the high level group of broadcasters, broadcast network providers, mobile network operators and industry bodies. This keynote is a must-attend for those with an interest in the future of European telecommunications and broadcasting. This is a PAID session, to register for an IBC conference pass or to upgrade your registration please go to

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