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IBC set to honour Sir Peter Jackson

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IBC set to honour Sir Peter Jackson
'I know the real discussions between my team and their key suppliers start at IBC'
6 August 2013
By  Dick Hobbs
The 2013 IBC International Honour for Excellence will be presented to movie director Sir Peter Jackson. In the words of Peter Owen, chair of the IBC Council which makes the award, 'in the world of the cinema, few directors have pushed the technology harder or farther than Sir Peter'.
His life was changed at the age of 9, when he saw the 1933 movie King Kong. He knew then that he wanted to remake it, and set about learning the skills to make it happen. He started with Ray Harryhausen-style stop frame animation, entering an 8mm film into a school competition. As soon as he could he took a job on the local daily newspaper in Wellington to fund his first feature film.
Today, 20 Oscars, four Golden Globes and 14 Baftas pay tribute to the remarkable success of his films. The Lord of the Rings is now being followed by another trilogy, based on The Hobbit, with the second episode, The Desolation of Smaug, due for release in December. And, of course, in 2005 he achieved his ambition of remaking King Kong, a movie that contributed three of the Oscars.
Sir Peter is continually pushing the boundaries of technology to achieve the results he wants, constantly challenging the team at his production company Wingnut Films, his effects company Weta Digital and his post production partner Park Road Post, to deliver ever more complex workflows. 'I set my team these challenges, but I know the real discussions between them and their key suppliers start at IBC,' he said.
'It is the place where people can talk technical and creative at the same time, so I am particularly delighted to accept the IBC International Honour for Excellence,' he added. 'Those conversations which happen every year at IBC are critical to the future of our industry. Thank you, IBC, for this award, and long may you be the place where storytellers and technologists can meet.'
One of the technical innovations he is pursuing in The Hobbit Trilogy is high frame rate production and presentation. As part of the IBC Awards Ceremony this year we hope to show clips from The Hobbit in 48fps 3D. The ceremony, which is free to all IBC visitors, is at 18:30 on Sunday 15th September.
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