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IBC Production Insight

Production technology is changing fast. DSLRs bring new creative possibilities for directors searching the elusive film look. High speed cameras have moved into the mainstream, delivering the most extraordinary insights in sports and entertainment and the pressure to deliver stereoscopic 3D television is driving innovation. 

Centred around a professional abstract studio attendees could take advantage of a unique chance to get a hands on experience with advanced acquisition technology at the IBC Production Insight area.


IBC2013 Production Insight Supporters

Canara canaraCanara Lighting offers a wide range of LED lighting fixtures used in broadcasting, studio lighting, film studios, auditoriums and theatres and for many other applications. Products on display at IBC Production Insight are:

Camera: LED 200W Fresnel
Canara Lighting LED 200W FRESNEL being used for studio and stage applications, as key, back and fill light. Available in 3200K and 5600K colour temperatures. 72120 LUX at 1m. Beam angle 10° to 60°. Dimming 0 to 100% through inbuilt dimmer. Uniform spread across entire beam from spot to flood. Fixture housing from extruded aluminium, powder coated with black matt finish. Noiseless active cooling. Available in manual and pole operated version. Replaces 1000W halogen Fresnel. 

Camera: LED 90W Panel
Canara Lighting LED 90W Panel being used for studio lighting system. Available in 3200K, 5600K and bi-colour temperatures. Available in spot 30° and flood 60°. Integrated dimmer enables instant dimming from 0 to 100%. Fixture housing aluminium powder coated black matt finish. Available in manual and pole operated version. Replaces 330W cool lights.

Camera: LED 60W ENG KIT
Canara Lighting will be launching LED ENG Kit, containing 3 each lighting fixtures, stands, barn doors along with wheeled carry case. Lighting fixtures are available in 3200K and 5600K color temperatures. 1300 LUX at 2m. Electronic dimmer inbuilt. Fixture body made of aluminum die casting and powder coated. Battery backup available as option. 60W LED ENG KIT replaces 300W Halogen ENG kit, used at present.

LED products are CE certified, CRI>90, power source AC 100-240V, can operate with ambient temperature -30°to+55°C,power consumption reduction 75%, no heat generation, lamp life over 50,000 hours, green technology product.
Canon canonCamera: Canon XF305 - series The Canon XF-305 camcorder combines a broadcast-standard codec, Canon optical technology and intelligent shooting features for the very best HD image quality.  This camcorder is the perfect blend of image quality, connectivity, user customisation, straightforward workflow and wide-ranging editing features mark this product as the latest quality benchmark.
Gearhouse Broadcast
hitachi and gearhouseCamera: Hitachi SK - HD1200
The SK-HD1200 is Hitachi’s top-of-the-line portable HDTV Studio and EFP camera. Outstanding images are acquired by three (R,G,B) 2.3 million pixel UAIT (Ultra-Advanced) 1080-line progressive CCDs. Hitachi’s implementation of the most advanced digital processing technology available assure low-noise, high dynamic range pictures. The HD signal generated by the new sensors, processed by 38-bit Hitachi DSP’s, transported via our digital fiber optic system and output as SMPTE-424M SDI are 3Gbps throughout. The utmost attention to picture fidelity has been painstakingly implemented in this new camera series assuring the best return-on-investment qualities of any HDTV production camera system on the market.

Camera: Hitachi Sk-HD1500
The Hitachi 16-bit SK-HD1500 1080/6G high speed HD production camera was developed for super slo-motion applications and capable of 3X speed 1080-line HD operation, Hitachi has brought to market the first 6Gbps, fully digital optical transmission system in an HDTV production camera. Hitachi’s new super slo-motion camera offers superior signal to noise performance to rival cameras when operating at normal and 3x speeds.  The camera’s use of 6Gbps data transmission contrasts with competitive systems, which all use 10Gbps transmission. Hitachi’s implementation of 6Gbps transmission technology significantly extends the maximum cable length possible between camera head and control unit, by around 4000m.
JVC jvcCamera: GY-HM650E
Industry's most interoperable camcorder:
  • Records MXF, XDCAM EX, MOV and AVCHD files
  • Records 2 files simultaneously
  • 23x Fujinon autofocus zoom lens
  • live streaming
  • HD-ENG Camcorder with integrated Wifi and FTP connectivity
Leyard leyardCamera: 4K Ultra HD LED Video Wall Solution
In 2010, Leyard launched the world’s first smallest pixel-pitch LED video wall, which is specially designed as the perfect replacement of LCD video wall and DLP video wall. With zero bezel, seamless splicing, super hi-vision and flexible display size, it offers 23-bit processing depth, 1200nits brightness, 2400Hz refresh rate, 4.8kgs weight per tile and high precision calibration technology.
Leyard LED video wall is the next generation video wall solution in broadcast, security/CCTV, traffic management, emergency operations centers, oil & gas, telecom, utilities & process control, branding & retail, conference room and command centers. Come experience the next generation of LED Video Wall Solutions on the IBC production Insight area. 
Solectrix solectrixCamera: sinaCAM - 3D HD camera system sinaCAM is a new kind of “real 3D” HD camera system developed for the professional film market. The system is light-weight and flexible thanks to its remote camera heads which can be placed up to 180 m (590 ft) away from the base unit. The compact size of the camera heads enable the construction of significantly smaller 3D camera rigs than usual.

The dual 14-bit 2/3” CCD sensor of sinaCAM provides excellent images at 1080p resolution with up to 60 fps with a dynamic range of 13.5 f-stops. A broad range of dvanced picture settings and the support for various Sony remote control panels please even demanding professional filmmakers.

Creative Engineering
Solectrix, founded in 2005, is an independent service provider specialized on the development of embedded systems. The company’s expertise stems from years of working on medical technology, high-end camera electronics as well as automotive and industrial projects.

Services offered range from smaller projects like customized high-speed interfaces to the design of complete systems. Specialties include demanding FPGA designs and digital image processing.

Solectrix works closely with Solectrix Systems, founded in 2008 by the same creative core, which acts as a production and sales company that enables small-scale production runs.

Stereotec stereotcCamera: 3D-Rig
Stereotec is proud to present a revolution, not only for steadycam and handheld: The extremely stable and compact Light Weight Rig for professional 3D content creation. It is very light weight at 7.9 kg making it comfortable to work with. The rig can be equipped with up to five internal motors (optional). It is possible to motorize the rig in all 11 axes (including alignment parameters: tilt, height and roll).
IO Industries io industries Camera: 2KSDI - Mini-cam
The Multi-Faceted Mini-cam:  The 2KSDI is built to be completely flexible, yet small enough to fit into a range of specialty applications for both broadcast and cinema. The camera is built on IO Industries' years of experience with industrial cameras, yet packs in the flexible color processing and optics support required by video professionals. 
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