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IBC2011 Leaders' Summit

Leadership in a Digital Age

IBCElectronic media technology has enabled a new wave of entrepreneurs and empowered the consumer. This has led to a period of dynamic change.

The IBC Leaders’ Summit programme explored how leaders must adapt to this new business environment and help set the agenda for our future strategy. Our aim is to equip you for the future, enabling you to lead your organisation to success through this new media landscape. Underpinned by fresh and diverse research from Deloitte, IBC invited inspirational and successful leaders from across the industry to share their vision and experiences.

“Deloitte’s data will help to provide focus to such a strategic agenda. The rich qualitative debate provided by our impressive speaker line-up, will help give colour and context to the occasion. Our approach will be to encourage interaction between all the delegates both in the conference room and at a series of networking opportunities. We will have a first among equals approach where everyone will have a chance to contribute.”

“For these reasons we are pleased that journalist and broadcaster, Andrew Neil has agreed to anchor the event. He is a top class facilitator as well as being a successful media owner in his own right” says IBC’s CEO Michael Crimp.

The event aimed to answer one key question - What do leaders of businesses in our industry need to do to keep pace with their consumers whilst navigating the digital revolution?

Deloitte's Research

Deloitte explore this critical question through a number of different angles: understanding the unprecedented impact on organisational structures brought about by consumer behaviour and in particular the use of online media consumption; an understanding of how digital is revolutionising the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sector, acting as a catalyst to change business models and putting increased focus on leadership requirements to guide organisations through the change; and understanding how companies need to successfully innovate and thrive in the ever competitive market place in order to survive. They will bring this thinking to leaders at the event.

Below are links to a few existing pieces of Deloitte’s work on leadership which will help shape the debate for the summit:

New Shapes & Sizes: the impact on organisations

Leadership at all Levels: the requirements of leadership

Innovating for a digital future: The Leadership challenge

Other key Deloitte research giving shape and structure to the IBC Leaders’ Summit includes:

Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions
In its 10th year, this annual publication presents Deloitte’s view of the major trends over the next 12-18 months that are likely to have significant medium to long-term impacts for companies in TMT and other industries.

Media Democracy
Focusing on four generations, across five international markets, the survey provides a “reality check” on how consumers aged 14 to 75 are interacting with media, entertainment, and information - and what their preferences might be in the future.

On TV: perspectives on television in words and numbers
(Edinburgh Television festival research)
Produced for the UK’s Edinburgh TV Festival this in-depth research was based on interviews with senior industry executives and a detailed survey of the UK public designed by Deloitte and conducted by YouGov between 9 and 12 July 2010.



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