Executive Interviews

  • Efe cakarel 8060
    Executive Interviews

    Indie powerhouse


    The art house film platform founder Efe Cakarel explains why the niche will inherit the earth.

  • Euronews NBC
    Executive Interviews

    A town square for Europe


    Renowned news innovator Deborah Turness reveals how she is harnessing new tech, platforms and formats to bring Euronews into the heart of the story and how she turned NBC back into a number one ‘challenger brand’.

  • Last leg
    Executive Interviews

    Keeping 4 secure


    A broadcaster’s cyber strategy needs to be robust when faced with challenges but Channel 4’s Brian Brackenborough appears to have most of the bases covered.

  • Kent Steffen CSG 3x2
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Kent Steffen, CSG

    2018-09-10T09:56:00Z Brought to you by

    The digital economy is transforming the way organisations must now approach their current business and the paths they create to continued growth, explains CSG President Ascendon Digital Services and OTT Kent Steffen.

  • Martin Stewart
    Executive Interviews

    Targeting growth in MENA


    Industry veteran Martin Stewart has a wealth of experience in competitive markets, but the Chief Executive of OSN needs to draw on all his resources to tackle the challenges that face the big media players of the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Netflix the innocents poster
    Executive Interviews

    Defining HDR colour space


    Don’t mention the HDR standards war to Jeremy Booth because he is happily distanced from it. The compositing TD from Jellyfish Pictures is much more concerned with the bigger picture around colour and VFX.

  • EriK Huggers keynote 2017
    Executive Interviews

    Crunch year for European content


    Ahead of the IBC Leader’s Forum, Erik Huggers is ringing the alarm bell over the need for European broadcasters to rapidly build aggregated online offerings.

  • Juergen Nies 3x2
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Jürgen Nies, Rohde & Schwarz

    2018-09-05T14:10:00Z Brought to you by

    We are living through a period of profound change in broadcast transmission and distribution, but not restricted to the broadcast industry, explains Rohde Schwarz EVP and Head of Broadcast and Media Division Jürgen Nies.

  • David Abraham_DSF0520 3x2
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: David Abraham, Wonderhood Studios


    The former Channel 4 boss discusses his role in saving the British pubcaster from privatisation and reveals more details of his latest venture, which fuses high-end content production with brandcasting and data insight.

  • Mary Keane-Dawson 3x2
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Mary Keane-Dawson, Truth Data Cloud


    In the wake of Cambridge Analytica and a growing number of serious corporate data misuse scandals, Mary Keane-Dawson is one of a growing number of voices arguing for a revolution in way that personal data is mined, processed and traded in advertising.