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    Industry Trends

    365 Playlist: OTT


    2020 may be the year of the OTT, but despite new launches, the market remains challenging for content providers. As part of our OTT week, IBC365 rounds up features and interviews on the OTT market.

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    Breaking the window


    The theatrical window is under threat with streamers capitalising on cinema closure. Will it ever be replaced? Adrian Pennington investigates.

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    Analyst review: Coronavirus impact measured


    IBC365 looks at the latest facts and figures featured in analyst reports from across the industry.

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    Wild time for natural history TV


    Demand for natural history programming is booming amid climate concerns and interest from streaming platforms.

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    Cinema tech: Saving the big screen


    While side-wall projection and immersive audio are bringing fresh dimensions to the cinema experience, 3D looks like it might have peaked (again). With movie theatres currently closed around the world, David Davies considers the emerging technologies that could help encourage cinemagoers to return post-lockdown.

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    Is XR the answer to delivering the new normal?


    Are new age technologies the key to boosting economies and bolstering broadcasting for the future post lockdown? IBC365 looks at the current landscape with vendor announcements and shifts in technology adoption. 

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    Industry Trends

    IBC Accelerator Programme: Delivering television as objects


    Responding to the myriad of complex digital transformation challenges facing today’s Media Entertainment industry, IBC has introduced the Accelerator Media Innovation Programme. Ian Volans looks at these projects.

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    Quibi aims uppercut at heavyweight Netflix


    Is Quibi equipped to take on and challenge the likes of Netflix, YouTube and Hulu? The $1 billion investment has been touted by its founders as a category-defining pay-TV service, but will it stand the test of time?

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    Esports scores as live sports shrinks


    As stadiums remain empty and sporting matches are postponed, esports is filling the void with fans turning from traditional sports to gaming. Alana Foster looks at the market and the movement from broadcasters and vendors.  

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    Audience interaction in the coronavirus era


    The coronavirus crisis is sparking a wave of innovative ideas in the entertainment sector as shows look for ways to carry on interacting with viewers.

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    Giving a voice to TV


    The trend is towards support for both built-in and third-party voice assistants as manufacturers work to accommodate more flexible living patterns, writes David Davies

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    VR: The future of live content?


    With households under lockdown, many consumers are looking at new ways of engaging content. But can live VR content take up the mantle? Or will challenges around live VR production prevent this. Tom Ffiske investigates.

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    Playing to a captive audience


    With most international sporting events delayed or cancelled due to coronavirus, could people turn to esports to get their sporting fix? Adrian Pennington investigates.

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    Collaborate to stop the pirates


    Piracy continues to be a major challenge for media and broadcast organisations, with the shift to IP presenting new opportunities for pirates. How can the industry safeguard content distribution in an OTT world?

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    The Internet of Things: A progress report


    Does the IoT herald a ‘slow revolution’ for content creation and other professional applications, or is 5G the catalyst for accelerated activity? Security remains an abiding concern, writes David Davies.

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    The future of TV is aggregation


    2020 will see the launch of more subscription video services than ever before. With consumers tired of managing multiple subscriptions, is the future of pay TV in aggregation?

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    Sky takes the fight to streamer rivals


    Broadcaster’s lavish programming showcase this week was designed to send a message that it is serious about taking on rivals like Netflix and Disney+.

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    Speaker smarts: Conversational AI and content delivery


    Smart speakers and their AI controllers are revolutionising how we consume music and spoken word, but are broadcasters and platforms fully exploiting their capabilities for other content, such as video? And how can we trust what the AI offers us?

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    Taking the pulse of kids TV


    There is more content for kids to watch than ever before. So why is the kids’ TV market still so challenging for producers and broadcasters? Tim Dams reports.

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    Winning at OTT: Tech vs content


    In the second part of the series looking at the trending OTT landscape, Alana Foster deep dives into the challenges of UX and the future of the streaming wars with industry experts.