Craft Leaders

  • natasha braier 4
    Executive Interviews

    Craft Leaders: Natasha Braier, Cinematographer


    The filmmaker’s principal job is tell a story but the conventions of narrative can be a straitjacket for those like cinematographer Natasha Braier who believes in experimenting.

  • 4_Long Halftime Walk Hero
    Industry Trends

    Craft Leaders: Demetri Portelli, Stereographer


    One of the world’s leading specialists in 3D production, Demetri Portelli’s credits include Oscar winner Hugo through to Ang Lee’s upcoming sci-fi film Gemini Man – and he thinks that 3D filmmaking remains vital to the future of cinema

  • Mandy Walker on set of Lurhmans Australia
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Mandy Walker, DoP


    In the latest in IBC365’s series of interviews with inspirational women, director of photography Mandy Walker reflects on working on projects as diverse as Baz Luhrmann’s Australia , Ted Melfi’s Hidden Figures and Niki Caro’s upcoming Disney blockbuster Mulan.

  • ROMA 2 photo Netflix Carlos Somonte 16x9
    Executive Interviews

    Craft leaders: Adam Gough, Editor


    Roma editor Adam Gough on his route into the industry and what it was like working with Alfonso Cuarón on the Oscar-nominated film.

  • 2001 A Space Odyssey 3x2
    Executive Interviews

    Craft Leaders: Douglas Trumbull, Special Effects Supervisor


    The VFX wizard behind movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner, Douglas Trumbull has spent the last decade developing Magi, which can capture and show films at high resolution and high frame rates – and deliver the immersive experience he says cinema audiences are looking for.

  • Captain Marvel Marvelcom
    Executive Interviews

    Craft leaders: Ben Davis, Cinematographer


    Ben Davis’ extraordinary list of credits includes Marvel blockbusters through to lower budget gems. This year alone he shot multi-million dollar shows Captain Marvel and Dumbo, back to back. He talks to Adrian Pennington about the art of the Director of Photography (DoP), his influences and the

  • Mary Queen of Scots 3x2
    Executive Interviews

    Craft leaders: John Mathieson, Cinematographer


    The craft of cinematography is at risk in this era of digitally shot films, warns Oscar-nominated DoP John Mathieson, whose latest films include Mary Queen of Scots and Pokémon: Detective Pikachu.

  • Robert Richardson on set of Inglourious Basterds 3x2
    Executive Interviews

    Craft Leaders: Robert Richardson, Cinematographer


    Three-time Oscar winning DoP Robert Richardson reflects on a career that has spanned 30 years, working with directors such as Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino and Oliver Stone – and working in formats ranging from digital 3D to ultra-wide 70mm.

  • Blackkklansman Universal Pictures
    Executive Interviews

    Craft Leaders: Barry Alexander Brown, Editor


    Barry Alexander Brown has edited over 100 Spike Lee ‘joints’, and is an acclaimed filmmaker himself. He tells Adrian Pennington about a career that encompasses editing legendary films such as Do The Right Thing and Malcolm X through to Lee’s latest, Blackkklansman.

  • Avatar 3x2
    Executive Interviews

    Craft Leaders: Joe Letteri, Visual Effects Supervisor


    He doesn’t draw or paint nor animates in the traditional sense but give Joe Letteri a computer and he can figure out how to create any image in the world – or a world yet unknown. The four times visual effects Oscar and BAFTA winner has shaped three decades of visual effects and become a master of