Executive interviews

  • Noel Curran
    Executive Interviews

    Seismic challenges for public broadcasters


    EBU DG Noel Curran’s career in broadcasting has given him a firm grasp of politics, technology and economics. But with broadcasting changing dramatically, there are challenges ahead.

  • Tony Lorentzen Nuance 3x2
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Tony Lorentzen, Nuance Communications

    2019-09-04T09:30:00Z Brought to you by

    AI has the potential to make all of our lives easier and we see the beginnings of this already, says Nuance Communications Intelligent Engagement SVP omni-channel solutions analytics Tony Lorentzen.

  • Morwen Williams BBC b
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Morwen Williams, BBC News


    The latest internet technologies can put radio programmes on video, stream footage from an iPhone, and place audiences in the centre of the action, BBC News’s Morwen Williams tells Paul Bray.

  • Michael nathanson
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Michael Nathanson


    Top US equity analyst Michael Nathanson says ageing TV audiences and the flight of youth audiences to streaming platforms means broadcasters have to “look inward” to compete. 

  • D4 Interview - Oliver Scheer
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Dr. Oliver Schreer


    Prior to his Monday conference session at IBC, ‘VR meets AR. Real and Virtual Space Become One’, Dr. Oliver Schreer talks to George Jarrett about his incredible 25-year research career in 3D and latterly VR.

  • Jane Turton all3media
    Executive Interviews

    A question of scale


    Since taking over as CEO of All3Media in 2015, Jane Turton has expanded the superindie through acquisitions and organic growth, with a strong focus on scripted and ‘quality programmes and people’. That’s because ‘scale matters’ in today’s complex TV landscape, she tells Insight.

  • patrice slupowski orange 3x2
    Executive Interviews

    AI has been overhyped, but offers good opportunities


    Artificial intelligence has often overpromised, but now the technology is becoming vital to the media and telco spaces, according to Orange’s Patrice Slupowski.

  • Bruce Devlin
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Bruce Devlin, SMPTE


    Want to get to grips with the Interoperable Master File (IMF) standard? Mark your diary for IMF 101, taking place at IBC this year.  George Jarrett talks to Bruce Devlin, AKA Mr MXF, in advance of this sure to be popular event at IBC.

  • Dee Forbes RTE Director General
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Dee Forbes, RTE


    The rise of OTTs and the era of ‘fake news’ have piled political and commercial pressures on public service broadcasters but both provide great opportunities, according to RTÉ director general Dee Forbes.

  • Cecile Frot Coutaz 16x9 DSF5805
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Cecile Frot-Coutaz


    Less than a year after joining YouTube as head of its EMEA business, former Fremantle boss Cécile Frot-Coutaz spells out why the TV industry should embrace the platform – and explains how it is tackling harmful content on the site.