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  • Cybersecurity
    Industry Trends

    Securing the creative industries from cyberattacks


    The devastating cyberattack that hit Sony Pictures Entertainment at the end of 2014 caused some consternation in the upper reaches of the UK government as well as in the boardrooms of companies in the creative industries. Then Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, who had sought to boost the

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    Industry Trends

    Making a return on IP investments


    As the commercial pressures tighten on traditional and new media companies, finance directors want to know that investment will make a business more efficient and successful.

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    Industry Trends

    Moving production to the cloud


    The immediate barriers to unfettered production in the cloud are bandwidth, the compression required to shrink bit rates, transport, discovery and security.

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    Industry Trends

    The engineering skills shortage


    In November 2014 I organised, on behalf of the IABM Educational Foundation and EBU, a conference in Geneva on the engineering skills shortage facing the electronic media industry.

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    Industry Trends

    Could JPEG2000 be the future of compression?


    Digital video, and the benefit of compression, is so ubiquitous that we no longer think about it, but it is worth considering that every time we process a video signal we are making a compromise.

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    Industry Trends

    How to create shareable content for social media


    Audience analytics are driving content creators to manipulate content to suit relevant audiences across various social media platforms.

  • DVB standards
    Industry Trends

    DVB approves UHD and HDR spec


    Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) has published phase one of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) new video and audio coding specification enhancing future interoperability for UHD TV broadcasters with HDR.