IP and Cloud

  • Red Bee Media Dave Travis

    NAB 2019: Red Bee Media's Dave Travis on privacy and security


    Red Bee Media has invested in a private cloud along with Cisco’s privacy solution, chief services portfolio officer Dave Travis explained the “massively transformational” investment.

  • cloud start up
    Industry Trends

    Advice for cloud start-ups


    In part two of an IBC365 series on cloud adoption, companies that have launched cloud products offer their top tips for how best to bring an idea from the drawing board to the market.

  • plane above clouds cloud
    Industry Trends

    Journeying into the cloud


    In the first of a two-part series on cloud adoption, IBC365 looks at how vendors of varying size and age such as Scality, Signiant, Deluxe, M2A Media and Meta have rolled out cloud solutions for the industry.

  • Ken Hu Huawei HAS 2019 3x2
    Industry Trends

    Inside Huawei’s AI and cloud-based strategy


    Huawei’s involvement in the rollout of 5G infrastructure has dominated recent headlines, but it is AI and cloud that represent key avenues of future growth for the firm, writes Paolo Pescatore.

  • Yeming Wang
    Thought Leadership

    Using the cloud to build data-driven broadcasters


    As digital content consumption grows, for the first time broadcasters have a direct customer relationship with the viewer with “real-time” insight into the user experience, writes Yeming Wang.

  • Nab 2018 expo open
    Industry Trends

    From the cloud to 5G: NAB 2019 in review


    From the creation of content in the cloud to the delivery of content to mobile devices, NAB 2019 was awash with innovation that suggests an even closer relationship between the media and telco industries.

  • satip technology
    Industry Trends

    Realising the potential of SAT>IP


    SAT IP technology – whereby antenna signals can be converted into IP for distribution around a house or commercial facility – is beginning to achieve global traction.

  • iconik 3x2
    Industry Trends

    The cloud gets crowded


    The cloud allows for revolutionary gains in speed, flexibility, and collaboration, with the industry on a fast track to deploying workflows with Google, Microsoft and Amazon. So it’s little wonder that NAB has been awash with new launches based on cloud technology.

  • google cloud

    Google Cloud and MediaKind unite


    NAB 2019: MediaKind and Google Cloud partner to deliver personalised and immersive user experience.

  • Nucleus 3
    Industry Trends

    NAB 2019: Five trends to watch


    NAB 2019: Automated production, cloud, 5G, at-home production and streaming codecs are among the likely hot topics in Las Vegas.