Cyber Security

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    Executive Interviews

    Keeping 4 secure


    A broadcaster’s cyber strategy needs to be robust when faced with challenges but Channel 4’s Brian Brackenborough appears to have most of the bases covered.

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    Maria Garrido: Tech giants are the enablers


    Technology giants are often regarded as a threat, however, Havas X Chief Executive and Havas Group Chief Insights and Analytics Officer Maria Garrido says “they should be enablers to drive better connections with people”.  Data privacy and trust are rising concerns and there is plenty of scepticism

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    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Melody Hildebrandt, 21st Century Fox


    From board games to board rooms, the rise of Melody Hildebrandt to Global Chief Information Security Officer at 21st Century Fox has come at a time of great change and heightened risk in the media landscape.

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    Industry Trends

    The vital job of protecting content


    Technology is the driving force behind creative content production and new business efficiencies but remaining at the cutting edge while guarding against a security breach remains a top priority for technology heads.

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    Industry Trends

    Having a vision to tackle the hackers


    As the world gets ever more connected and still more vulnerabilities open up, how can broadcasters and suppliers work together to prepare for and combat threats?

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    Industry Trends

    Blog: Cyber security & the Metaverse


    While ‘The New Realities’ - augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) - are posed to play a significant role in our future, they also open up new concerns about cyber security, says futurist Amelia Kallman.

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    Industry Trends

    Q&A: Ethical hacker, Tony Gee


    Disconnected, disillusioned or indifferent to cyber warfare? IBC365 speaks to Tony Gee about ethical hacking and how broadcasters can defend against cyber security attacks.

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    Cyber security shorts: Pascal Hetzscholdt, 21C Fox


    21st Century Fox Director Content Protection, Europe and Africa Pascal Hetzscholdt on the challenges media companies face in combatting cyber attacks.

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    Industry Trends

    How to guard against cyber attacks


    Experts from 21st Century Fox, Perform Group, the DPP and Ascot Barclay discuss cyber threats to the media industry and how to handle a security breach.

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    Industry Trends

    Piracy didn’t fade, it just got cleverer


    Galvanised into action the media industry can claim some success in reducing incidents of illegal streaming. But the threat remains high as pirates turn to more sophisticated methods of attack.