New Business Models

  • Mike Darcey, M247 3x2
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Mike Darcey, M247


    The TV industry is grappling with a ‘three-way profit squeeze’, which means many companies will not make as much money as they did in the past, warns veteran broadcasting executive Mike Darcey.

  • IP revolution takes centre stage at IBC2016 Conference
    Industry Trends

    IBC2018 Tech Talks: Head firmly in the cloud


    Serverless cloud promises to make cloud-based TV service delivery accessible and affordable. Read technical papers from Avid, BT Group, Streampunk Media and Gilmer and Associates.

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    Technical Papers

    Personalising the public linear radio


    With competition from online streaming platforms, many broadcasters have viewed the idea of providing some form of personalisation of their services as a necessity to remain competitive.

  • Pierre-Anthony Lemieux
    Thought Leadership

    IMF: A gateway to component-based workflows


    Professional media continues its inexorable march towards component-based workflows, where the elements of a presentation - audio, video, timed text - are stored and processed individually, to be assembled just in time to meet the specific needs of each distribution channel, writes IMF User Group

  • Nik Willetts
    Thought Leadership

    Joining forces to foster innovation


    The collaboration between IBC and the TM Forum will give media-telco convergence projects prominence at IBC and at the TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World, writes TM Forum Chief Executive Nik Willetts.

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    Industry Trends

    IBC showcases eSports


    The global eSports market, which is set to be worth over $2 billion by 2023, is firmly on the agenda at IBC2018.

  • Martin Stewart
    Executive Interviews

    Targeting growth in MENA


    Industry veteran Martin Stewart has a wealth of experience in competitive markets, but the Chief Executive of OSN needs to draw on all his resources to tackle the challenges that face the big media players of the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Jette Nygaard-Andersen

    "Following the eyeballs"


    Accelerating and engaging with audiences, MTGx Chief Executive Jette Nygaard-Andersen talks about “following the eyeballs” and the future with eSports, VR and voice recognition.

  • Charles and Diana source True Royalty 3x2
    Industry Trends

    How to join the SVOD party


    With the barriers to entry to launching an OTT service coming down all the time, David Wood finds out how producers are going direct to market with niche offerings such as True Royalty.

  • Maria Garrido video 3 still

    Maria Garrido: Tech giants are the enablers


    Technology giants are often regarded as a threat, however, Havas X Chief Executive and Havas Group Chief Insights and Analytics Officer Maria Garrido says “they should be enablers to drive better connections with people”.  Data privacy and trust are rising concerns and there is plenty of scepticism