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  • eSports discussion Nov 18 3x2

    Video: The esports opportunity


    Experts at the cutting edge of esports explore opportunity within the market, including content evolution and brand partnerships, whilst keeping a close eye on governance and regulation.

  • 5G main discussion video still

    Video: The promise of 5G


    Demystifying the hype around 5G, experts discuss the promise and expectations of ultra high-speed mobile connectivity and its potential for the media and entertainment sector.

  • Jerome Wauthoz and Daniel McDonnell

    Video: How AI is transforming live sports production


    Tedial’s Jérôme Wauthoz is joined by Daniel McDonnell of Timeline TV to present a case study exploring the huge impact of AI on the production of live sports.

  • Denis Onouha

    Video: Cyber hunting using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


    IBC2018: Arqiva Chief Information Officer Denis Onuoha explores Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence potential to track and kill cyber threats.

  • david abraham video 2 still

    Video: David Abraham: "Content will remain king"


    Wonderhood Studios Chief Executive and Founder on what the future will look like for broadcasters, their relationship with the technology giants and the “great opportunities” on the horizon.

  • lily and kwame video still

    Video: Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira


    Impossible Founders Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira discuss the impact of technology on the media space, planet-centric design and driving impactful change across businesses.

  • Maria Garrido video 1 still

    Maria Garrido: Ad industry is approaching "tipping point"


    The traditional advertising industry and established brands are approaching a “tipping point”, says Havas Group Chief Insights and Analytics Officer and Havas X Chief Executive Maria Garrido.

  • Maria Garrido video 2 still

    Maria Garrido: "Linear TV is not dead"


    Video: Audiences viewing habits are changing but what is the future for traditional linear TV?

  • Maria Garrido video 3 still

    Maria Garrido: Tech giants are the enablers


    Technology giants are often regarded as a threat, however, Havas X Chief Executive and Havas Group Chief Insights and Analytics Officer Maria Garrido says “they should be enablers to drive better connections with people”.  Data privacy and trust are rising concerns and there is plenty of scepticism

  • Mike Crimp 5G World 2018 3x2

    Video: IBC and TM Forum collaborate on telco convergence


    As telcos look toward verticals for 5G, IBC Chief Executive Michael Crimp and TM Forum Chief Executive Nik Willetts explain how the TM Forum’s Catalyst programme can develop use cases within the media and entertainment industry.