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    Industry Trends

    Esports eclipses expectations


    Esports offers opportunities for broadcasters. With its growing fan base and complex rights management changing the landscape, IBC365 examines the lessons in production from the cutting edge of gaming.

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    Industry Trends

    Generation HEVC

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    In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, video quality drives viewer engagement and user experience. People want to enjoy video anywhere, anytime and this drives demand for higher quality content, improved bandwidth and faster processing. And with that, video codec quality, performance and reliability have never been more important.

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    Industry Trends

    Lenses and the quest for character in changing times for film


    Growing demand for large format lenses that enable rich video depiction using a shallow depth of field is among the trends affecting a highly competitive sector of equipment manufacturing, writes David Davies.

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    Industry Trends

    Behind the scenes: The Lion King


    The animated remake of the Disney classic employed a live-action film crew that could work inside virtual reality using traditional camera equipment to set up and execute shots in the animated world the same way they would be achieved in the real world.

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    Industry Trends

    Behind the scenes: The Man in the High Castle


    With the fourth and final season of Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle set to launch, Adrian Pennington chats to cinematographer Gonzalo Amat about creating the show’s dystopian noir look.

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    Industry Trends

    Edinburgh TV Festival roundup


    Linear channels use Edinburgh TV Festival to spell out ways they are tackling competition from streaming platforms.

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    Industry Trends

    New adventures in AR


    Broadcasting and film are giving rise to an ever-greater number and diversity of AR experiences. But as David Davies discovers, it could be a few years yet before AR realises its phenomenal commercial potential.

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    Industry Trends

    Behind the scenes: BT Sport’s Early Kick Off


    In part 3 of IBC365’s Premier League 2019 special, Paolo Pescatore went behind the scenes with BT Sport to look at how it is innovating lives broadcasts of the new football season.

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    Industry Trends

    The move to remote live production


    Remote production looks set be a key topic at IBC2019. Andy Stout looks at how developments such as 5G are boosting remote workflows.

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    Industry Trends

    Premier League: VAR, True View cameras and piracy


    In the second part of IBC365’s look at coverage of the coming English Premier League season, Adrian Pennington writes on the impact VAR and piracy will have on the League.