LG Alexa 2019

Giving a voice to TV


The trend is towards support for both built-in and third-party voice assistants as manufacturers work to accommodate more flexible living patterns, writes David Davies

Cosmos Within Us at VR Pavillion Luxembourg. Credit Sophie Margue

VR: The future of live content?


With households under lockdown, many consumers are looking at new ways of engaging content. But can live VR content take up the mantle? Or will challenges around live VR production prevent this. Tom Ffiske investigates.


Playing to a captive audience


With most international sporting events delayed or cancelled due to coronavirus, could people turn to esports to get their sporting fix? Adrian Pennington investigates.

streaming movie piracy torrent

Collaborate to stop the pirates


Piracy continues to be a major challenge for media and broadcast organisations, with the shift to IP presenting new opportunities for pirates. How can the industry safeguard content distribution in an OTT world?

Internet of things

The Internet of Things: A progress report


Does the IoT herald a ‘slow revolution’ for content creation and other professional applications, or is 5G the catalyst for accelerated activity? Security remains an abiding concern, writes David Davies.

OTT user credit ofcom

The future of TV is aggregation


2020 will see the launch of more subscription video services than ever before. With consumers tired of managing multiple subscriptions, is the future of pay TV in aggregation?

The Third Day Jude Law (Sky)

Sky takes the fight to streamer rivals


Broadcaster’s lavish programming showcase this week was designed to send a message that it is serious about taking on rivals like Netflix and Disney+.

Fire TV Cube Living Room

Speaker smarts: Conversational AI and content delivery


Smart speakers and their AI controllers are revolutionising how we consume music and spoken word, but are broadcasters and platforms fully exploiting their capabilities for other content, such as video? And how can we trust what the AI offers us?

Saturday Mash-Up CBBC

Taking the pulse of kids TV


There is more content for kids to watch than ever before. So why is the kids’ TV market still so challenging for producers and broadcasters? Tim Dams reports.

netflix menu screen

Winning at OTT: Tech vs content


In the second part of the series looking at the trending OTT landscape, Alana Foster deep dives into the challenges of UX and the future of the streaming wars with industry experts.

Apple The Morning Show Premiere Jennifer-Aniston-Reese-Whiterspoon_102819

OTT: The future is in the eye of the consumer


In part one of a two-part series, Alana Foster looks at the OTT marketplace. With growing competition among services, will success be driven by content or technology?

TIDE Severn bore Ep1

Niche broadcasting: Celtic language collaboration


Collaboration between Celtic broadcasters combined with a slew of new funding pots has led to a new wave of high-quality indigenous language content with international ambition. Ann-Marie Corvin Reports.

Access in car content screen

Driving content into vehicles


Self-driving cars are an inevitability and will unlock the potential for vehicles to transform into a new market for immersive media.

CES 2020 Attendees check out the latest cutting edge products

CES 2020: Evolution, expectation and innovation


Amelia Kallman reports from CES 2020 on the biggest trends and tech impacting the future of broadcasting.

LG OLED Wave 01

The higher-resolution revolution will be televised


A flurry of 8K TV launches at CES confirmed that resolution continues to exert a profound effect on new product development. But with rotating sets and several other notable concept TVs, it’s hardly the only manifestation of the sector’s current creativity.


Realising the potential of voice control

2020-01-14T17:44:00+00:00Sponsored by

Delivering solutions that can work effectively across the entire ecosystem of home technologies is going to become even more critical as the voice market evolves.

tv remote christmas

Top 10: Consume


As the year draws to a close, we take a look at some of the most popular news and industry trend articles in our Consume category.

watching ott vod on phone user experience credit Kaspars Grinvalds shutterstock

Upgrading the user experience as OTT competition intensifies


Delivering more personalised viewing experiences and reducing content discovery times are among the challenges currently being addressed by UI/UX developers, writes David Davies.

Rock in Rio 2019 Immersive2

Live music broadcasting: the new frontier for next gen audio?


Live production with NGA has been dominated by sports. But could live music be the next opportunity for immersive sound? David Davies investigates.


Cinema tech: Could improved images & sound bolster fluctuating audiences?


Declining cinema attendance in Europe means that a greater focus on higher-resolution images and immersive technologies is inevitable, writes David Davies.

user interface voice

Personalising UI with ML and voice


In these technical papers, authors from 3 Screen Solutions, Ruwido and TiVo describe real-word applications of machine learning to customise UI, and improve voice control to enhance personalisation for user experiences.

radio recording studio

Video did not kill the radio


As the broadcast and media industry evolves digitally and technically, so too does radio. Explore how in technical papers from IRT, Jutel Oy, Rai Italy, VRT and the BBC.

Internet of things

The internet of things: The start of a slow revolution


Broadcasters and other content creators will have much more consumer data to draw on as a result of the internet of things. But how to negotiate the new security challenges and avoid the danger of ‘digital fatigue’?

Youtube kids (Piotr Swat shutterstock)

Call of duty


Social media firms report that the use of AI and digital fingerprinting to screen harmful content has led to an increase in its removal as they double down in their efforts to make sites safer – but are they doing enough or will the duty of care soon become a ...

Phoebe Waller Bridge Emmys (Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro shutterstock)

Blog: Turning talent on demand


The US streaming giants are growing revenues and eyeballs with a slate of multi-million dollar deals snapping up UK talent. Alana Foster examines the increasingly competitive market.

Diversity Forum D3 SR IBC2019

Diversity: IBC2019 Sees it differently


Diversity was a key topic at the IBC2019 Lounge Talks as speakers looked at gender equality, LGBT representation and neurodiversity.

Generation Z

Influencing the influencer


IBC2019: Digital natives are the leading catalysts for disrupting the way content is consumed and created. Alana Foster speaks with Generation Z experts to debunk the challenges and explore the opportunities offered by this market.

IFA 2019

5G, 8K and TV OS dominates IFA


Content technology such as 8K and 5G were among the key announcements and demonstrations at the IFA conference in Germany this year, writes Paolo Pescatore.

Avatar 3x2

No assured hit: 20 years of digital cinema

2019-09-10T08:31:00+01:00By Patrick Von Sychowski

20 years after the big screen shifted to digital, IBC365 looks at how this momentous transition came about.

Deutschland 86 credit Walter presents

How to thrive and survive in niche OTT


Despite the dominance of Netflix and Amazon, the OTT market has room for all sorts of niche players, with new services emerging to cater for specialised audiences.

Dolby Atmos Streaming audio credit Dolby

The state of spatial sound

2019-08-09T09:43:00+01:00By Kevin Hilton

Advances in technology and new media devices are bringing premium features like immersive audio to a wider audience. Kevin Hilton looks at how market leader Dolby Atmos got to this point and the current state of the spatial sound market.

netflix credit sitthiphong shutterstock

Netflix suffers tough Q2 results as content worries loom


Netflix saw its US subscriber numbers fall for the first time – James Pearce asks if there is a rocky road ahead for the streaming giant.

USA womens world cup credit FOX Sports

Women’s World Cup scores with viewers worldwide


The 2019 Women’s World Cup is drawing to a close, but the tournament has already broken viewing records worldwide, writes Ross Biddiscombe.

voice control tv

The role of voice in content discovery


Voice is becoming an increasingly important part of content discovery, but can it ever replace the remote control? Ann-Marie Corvin investigates.

UX concept design

UX takes centre stage


A seamless user experience has surpassed the belief ‘content is king’ with audience retention, engagement and discoverability critical for success.

AR set

NAB: Building virtual worlds


NAB 2019: Virtual set solutions powered by games engines proved a big draw for the live broadcast as well as the scripted market.

NAB2019 esports Grass Valley

NAB 2019: Esports targeted by kit vendors


NAB 2019: The rapid growth of esports is proving to be a godsend for live event kit vendors, and as a result was a major focus at this year’s show in Las Vegas

Man tv viewing remote

Innovation at home: Cloud PVRs and wireless STBs


The ongoing evolution of innovative cloud PVRs and wireless/IP-based STBs are among the trends rendering this a highly dynamic part of the broadcast market.


Media CEOs embrace mobile disruption


The entertainment and content industry has dramatically changed with mobile networks and devices enabling disruptive new players and business models, according to the leaders of two media giants.

YoSpace - completing the puzzle

Why broadcasters are doubling down on dynamic ad insertion


With scale being one of the main drivers for success in the dynamic ads market, is RTL’s acquisition of Yospace the shape of things to come?

Mobile World Congress 2019

What to expect at Mobile World Congress 2019


From foldable phones to live biohack chip implants and an exhibition and conference awash with 5G, we look at the likely trends and talking points at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

super bowl liii new england patriots la rams 2019

Super Bowl LIII: Who watched the game?


The final whistle of Super Bowl LIII sounded on Sunday ending its lowest scoring head-to-head in history and the build up to its perennially anticipated half-time show saw numerous high profile drop outs in support of Colin Kaepernick. Ross Biddiscombe explores how the event’s viewership fared.

Basketball Euro League 2019 3x2

AI: A content chain analysis


IABM Lead Research Analyst Lorenzo Zanni takes an in-depth look at how increases in processing power and storage capabilities are broadening Artificial Intelligence applications throughout the broadcast, media and entertainment industry.

Roma, credit Carlos Somonte

Oscars 2019 nominations


The Favourite and Netflix’s Roma lead this year’s Oscars race, with both productions nominated in 10 categories.

Ces 2018 3x2

CES 2019: All about 8K, AI & connected cars


CES 2019: From 8K TVs to the roll out of voice assistants and immersive in-car entertainment, technology, media and telco analyst Paolo Pescatore plots a course through the key media and entertainment trends.

CES 2019 show floor 3x2

CES 2019: Our pick of the products


As the annual meeting point for the world’s consumer electronics giants, CES provides a fascinating glimpse into the future of the media and entertainment industry. IBC365 picks the top product launches that could shape the way we create and consume content.

C4 rebrand 2018 source Channel 4

Branding channels in a multi-platform age

2019-01-09T15:08:00+00:00By David Wood

Linear channels are having to work harder to entice viewers, with the branding of channels one area of focus.

Ebu building credit ebu

Tony Hall: EBU can tackle fake news


The EBU has a vital role to play in the battle against fake news, according to Tony Hall, the organisation’s new president and director general of the BBC.

Maria Garrido E102 SR (5)

2018’s most-read Consumption articles


Futuristic holographic phone, the Premier League rights battle, voice control to enhance UX and personalisation were the hottest topics covered in the most popular Consumption articles.

Bodyguard BBC credit BBC-World Productions-Des Willie

IBC’s owners review 2018’s industry milestones


From the auction of Sky, to the rising interest in 5G and growing adoption of AI, IBC’s owners share their highlights and reflections of the last 12 months.

France win World Cup Russia 2018 3x2

2018 review: January to June


The first instalment of a two-part round-up of the main talking points of 2018 includes the battle for net neutrality, 5G advances at the Winter Olympics, the Premier League rights battle and a Facebook scandal that still haunts the social media giant.

tv and mobile codec

From 5G to Gen Z: What to expect in 2019


As 2018 draws to a close, it’s time to look ahead – and try to pick out some of the likely themes and trends for 2019 in the broadcast and production sectors.

Bandersnatch source Netflix

Branching out: Creating interactive episodes


Netflix is banking on the ‘choose-your-own adventure’ format as a key differentiator but do branching narrative formats work for TV?

Disenchantment Netflix 3x2

The radical shift continues: IABM reveals buying trends


The demand side of the industry is continuing to go through a radical shift, with changing revenue models influencing trends in media technology investment, according to the IABM Buying Trends Report.

DAB. Joan Warner. Commercial Radio Australia-D5.CMT_6353

Broadcast audio builds trust in fake news era


DAB is coming into its own as media format for advertisers at a time of concerns about fake news and ad fraud in the online space.

JB Perette, Discovery 3x2

New voyage for Discovery


JB Perrette is totally changing the look and feel of Discovery Networks International.


The view ahead

2018-10-05T12:51:00+01:00By Anne Morris

Richard Halton is responsible for developing and launching YouView as the UK’s first seamlessly integrated linear and on demand TV service. How does this expert in broadcast take on his next challenge – how to harness the forces that are changing his industry?

David Abhraham

Advertising is "massively disrupted"


The once distinct worlds of advertising and television content are increasingly converging, with the subject one of the hot topics during IBC2018.

Maria Garrido E102 SR (5)

Voice control set to transform UX


Leading media executives from Havas, C4, Amazon and Liberty Global predict that voice control will be the main innovation to enhance the TV viewer user experience.

tehc talks personalisation IBC2018

IBC2018 Tech Talks: Personalisation


Read TiVo, BBC and Rai technical papers and watch their presentations on ‘true’ personalisation and the art of matching diverse content types to users expression of interest.

growing your audience tech talks IBC2018

IBC2018 Tech Talks: Growing your audience


Read technical papers from Viaccess-Orca, Ruwido and NHK and watch their IBC2018 Tech Talks presentations for insights into the use of AI for navigation, changing viewer behaviour and the bridging of broadcast and internet services.

D1_Tim Davie (4)

IBC keynotes stress importance of partnerships


One of the recurring themes during the IBC2018 Conference was partnerships and the importance of striking deals to boost reach and the range of content that can be made available to viewers and consumers.

IBC2018 Keynote Lily Cole Kwame Ferreira

Impossible seeks start ups with ‘planet centric’ design ideas


IBC2018: Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira’s business incubator looks to support technology companies focused on sustainability.

IBC2018 Forum Audience Davie

TV looks to tech to personalise advertising


IBC2018: Ad tech innovation must focus on data gathering and addressability, says IBC panel.

Peter capaldi (the doctor), a mondasian cyberman and john simm (the master) in doctor who season 10

Building a tribe through audience participation


IBC2018: Encouraging viewer interaction and feedback can boost the ratings and impact of shows, says BBC Studios’ Liz Jaynes.

IBC2018 exhibition

IBC: “The centre of our changing community”


IBC is benefiting from the convergence of technology, says Chief Executive Michael Crimp.

IBC2018 Kelly Day Viacom

Go social to reinvent TV brands


IBC2018: Content owners can breathe new life into traditional broadcast brands like SpongeBob and Cribs by partnering with social media platforms, says the President of Viacom Digital Platforms.

IBC2018 fun run crowd

Fun run at IBC raises over $65k for charity


IBC2018: Money raised by the 4K 4Charity Fun Run will go to organisations focused on increasing diversity and inclusion in media and entertainment industry

IBC2018 Tommy Evans CNN

Trump is good news for CNN


IBC2018: CNN’s Tommy Evans says “US President makes a lot of news and news is good for CNN”

IBC2018 Kids panel

How to grab the attention of Generation Alpha

2018-09-15T13:28:00+01:00By David Wood

IBC2018: Kids born after 2010 are impatient digital natives who don’t just want fun content – they value the brands which talk authentically to them.

IBC2018 David Abraham

Abraham: “Convergence is taking place”


IBC2018: Former Channel 4 Chief Executive David Abraham’s new production company Wonderhood aims to straddle the converging worlds of advertising and production.

IBC2018 Rousseau Rose

TV should be ‘wary’ of Alexa voice search, says C4


IBC2018: Amazon exec Fabrice Rousseau tells IBC that ‘TV is the most important space’ for Alexa, but Channel 4 says any voice partnership must involve sharing viewer search data.

IBC2018 Ade Rawcliffe ITV

Boosting diversity is ‘a commercial benefit’


IBC2018: Companies in the broadcasting industry will be more successful if they improve on- and off-screen diversity, delegates at IBC sessions on diversity and gender equality are told.

Maria Garrido E102 SR (3)

‘The TV industry isn’t dead – yet!’

2018-09-14T12:43:00+01:00By David Wood

IBC2018: More innovation is required by TV industry to grab the attention of Millennials, Generation Z and Tweens, warns Havas exec Maria Garrido.

IBC2018 forum audience

Weighing up the impact of Brexit


IBC2018: Growth of the British creative industries will be hit by Brexit, agree executives at an IBC session.

IBC2018 Deborah Turness

TV news must innovate to win back trust


IBC2018: President of NBC News International, Deborah Turness, says the media has failed to listen to certain sections of society.

IBC2018 Jette Nygaard-Anderson. MTG. D1. CMT_3983

Capturing the eyeballs of Generation Z


IBC2018: Tell ‘value-driven’ stories to make superfans out of Gen Z viewers, says MTG’s Jette Nygaard-Andersen

IBC2018 Lindsay Pattison WPP

Partnering with the FAANG “frenemies”


IBC2018: Advertisers want content creators and broadcasters to partner more with the digital giants, says GroupM and WPP Chief Transformation Officer Lindsay Pattison.

IABM trends report cover 3x2

IABM releases Broadcast & Media Strategic Analysis report


The IABM has released an analysis report ahead of IBC2018, highlighting the key trends and drivers of financial and technological change.

Beano Studios Chris Rose

Video shorts: Chris Rose, Beano Studios


Engaging and generating bite-sized content for Generation Alpha and the secret to success explains Beano Studios Director of Development and Production Chris Rose.

esports-gamers 3x2

IBC showcases eSports


The global eSports market, which is set to be worth over $2 billion by 2023, is firmly on the agenda at IBC2018.

Showtag Emma Stone 3x2

Q&A with three innovative startups


In the first instalment of a two-part feature, we speak with three startups companies transforming the industry.

Joan Ganz Cooney Sesame Street

Sesame Street creator awarded for 50 years of excellence


The IBC International Honour for Excellence will be awarded to Joan Ganz Cooney and Sesame Workshop for devotion to the educational and social development of children around the world.

Insight index 3x2

Welcome to Insight: Your guide to IBC2018


Welcome to this first edition of Insight, your new guide to this year’s show and conference. The aim of this magazine is to introduce you to the technology trends, industry themes and keynote speakers that will shape IBC2018.

French football fans celebrate FIFA World Cup 2018 win

The TV set triumphs at the World Cup


The FIFA World Cup broke many television and online viewing records around the world, even if US audiences were down this year. But the big winner, in the age of the mobile, was arguably the traditional TV set.

Cole, Lily Photo 2018

Championing change for the future


Impossible.com founders Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira will deliver the final IBC2018 conference keynote on innovating social and environmental issues using deep technology.

Smpte uk vert2 lrg

SMPTE 2018: Driving the entertainment revolution


The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers has opened its registration for its Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition and 2018 Symposium.

beIN-Summer-Promotion-Image 3x2

Catching the pirates offside


With the Fifa World Cup underway and constant announcements about vast amounts of money being spent on live rights fees, piracy is still too often making a mockery of the industry, writes Ross Biddiscombe.

SKAM source NRK 3 3x2

How far can we push personalisation?


In an increasingly crowded marketplace broadcasters and OTT platforms must work harder than ever before to reach audiences and serve them with content anywhere and at any time.

Naomi climer

Naomi Climer among media and tech execs honoured by the Queen


Former IET President Naomi Climer and BBC Studios Chief Executive Tim Davie were among the technology and media leaders recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

NBA 2K league NBA 3x2

NBA shoots for eSports glory


The new age battle for eSports audiences and revenues between the world’s top professional leagues took a giant step forward this month with the launch of the NBA’s own eSports league.

The Debate Show source Sky Sports 3x2

Sports advertising: A whole new ballgame


Sports advertising, like many other ad sectors, has to tackle the high level of boredom that audiences show for brands, but a new breed of innovative campaigns are targeting fans in fresh ways.

Harry & Meghan 3x2

The crown jewels of live broadcast


Large live events, particularly royal ones, have always been at the forefront of driving television technology in the UK and the latest royal wedding is no exception.

Motion @ Waterloo

Virtual reality and augmented reality in broadcasting


Broadcasters around the world have been exploring virtual and augmented reality. John Maxwell Hobbs looks at some of the best examples.

Magic bullet 3x2

Blog: There's no such thing as a magic bullet


With ever-increasing competition among broadcasters for viewers and revenue, John Maxwell Hobbs asserts there is no ‘magic bullet’.

Tiger woods tiger woods 3x2

The Tiger effect: Woods' impact on TV viewing figures


Ross Biddiscombe explores the fierce impact Tiger Woods has on clawing in live television audiences.

Immersive storytelling 1 nab

Fraunhofer leads live VR demo at NAB


NAB 2018: Showcasing a new era of VR content, Fraunhofer HHI, Ericsson, Harmonic and Nokia demonstrated state of the art virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video at the NAB Show.

Ed miliband and geoff lloyd bpg awards cropped

The Crown and Blue Planet II triumph at BPG Awards


Ed Miliband and Hilary Mantel were among the winners of the Broadcasting Press Guild (BPG) Awards for podcast and radio programme of the year.

Red hydrogen

What we know about Red’s Hydrogen phone

2018-03-08T22:12:00+00:00By Phil Rhodes

Red looks likely to make a full-scale launch of its Hydrogen phone in the summer, but a picture of what the handset will be capable of is starting to emerge.

Viceland 3x2

Alternative platforms: The “Pandora’s box” of entertainment


Virtual reality, augmented reality and 5G could all help platforms monetise content, according to senior executives speaking at Mobile World Congress.

Bixby source samsung 3x2

Voice control to dominate 143m homes by 2022


Pay TV and OTT operators are plugging into voice control to enhance the entertainment ecosystem and cater to audience demand for smart controlled devices.

Premier league football crowd

Analysis: Sky and BT secure Premier League rights


The first-stage announcement about the 2018 English Premier League auction for TV rights this week underlined the end of an era: the days of hyperinflation for EPL rights are over, at least for now.

Duke and duchess of cambridge on blue peter dec 2017 source bbc

Engaging audiences: The death of linear television?


Changes in viewing habits have led to some uncomfortable headlines for broadcasters, and now some media bosses are proclaiming 2018 as the year for rebuilding business models.

Boys watching super bowl 3x2

Who watched the Super Bowl?


American football games - the Super Bowl in particular - have always drawn large TV audiences, but with a drop in the number of people tuning into the NFL, what can be done to boost viewing figures and maintain interest in the sport?


Predictions for 2018: Five media tech themes from the DTG


Artificial intelligence, AR, voice assistants and 5G are among the themes that will dominate 2018, according to experts at the DTG

Ces 2018 3x2

CES 2018: Top 10 launches, trends and insights


The top gadgets, trends and experiences showcased at CES 2018 last week.

Ces 2018 3x2

CES highlights: 5G, audience engagement and AI-led personalisation


IBC365 contributor Amelia Kallman is at CES in Las Vegas to look at the latest consumer tech and the effect that it will have on the media and entertainment industry.

The future of tv at variety's entertainment summit ces 2018 3x2

CES day 2 round-up: Audience engagement and voice activation


Despite a power outage temporarily halting proceedings at CES, discussions about audience engagement and voice activation continued at the Las Vegas tech fest.

Ces 2018 3x2

CES day 1 round-up: Wearable tech and AI personalisation


IBC365 contributor Amelia Kallman is at CES in Las Vegas to look at the latest consumer tech and the effect it will have on the media and entertainment industry.

What’s the reality of VR?

Analysis: What does the future hold for VR?


Is the VR market developing in line with expectations, or has uptake of the technology stalled? Analysts share their views.

17 12 19 getting up close to 8 k, credit panasonic

From Las Vegas to Tokyo: The journey to 8K


The giant CES 2018 show opens on January 7 and it is widely expected that more than a few stands will be showcasing 8K video content on giant displays.

Youtube red hydrogen phone

Top 10 most-read Consumption articles


Futuristic phones, VR experiences, IP-centric studios and shifting consumer behaviour were the topics covered in the most popular Consumption articles.


2017 review: The A-Z of cinema

2017-12-13T12:45:00+00:00By Patrick Von Sychowski

From AMC’s tumultuous year to Mark Zuckerberg’s VR push, here’s our alphabetically-ordered round-up of all the main events in cinema over the past 12 months.

Man tv viewing remote

Smart and connected: The future of home technology


The capabilities of smart technology are paving the way for futuristic home, experts explore the challenges and rise in the demand for connected and integrated devices.

Factual festival

Engaging with audiences across platforms is "essential"


Servicing the growing number of platforms serving content to audiences across multiple screens is challenging the creation and distribution process, according to a panel of senior TV executives.

Family watching netflix

Gauging success: The evolution of audience measurement


From telephone interviews to return path data from set-top boxes and tablets, the methods used to assess who is watching what have evolved with people’s viewing habits.

Samsung sfr tv

Analysis: The role of smart TVs in UHD broadcast


What does the launch of Samsung’s UHD sport app mean for the takeup of high resolution services, and could other display manufacturers follow suit?

Video sport still

Video: engaging and investing in live sport content


IBC2017: Engagement has supplanted reach as the ultimate measure of brand and campaign value, or has it? Experts discuss live sports content opportunities.

Red hydrogen

Why phone? Unpicking Red’s Hydrogen One

2017-10-20T09:37:00+01:00By Phil Rhodes

Red’s announcement that it would launch a phone with a holographic display early next year prompted many questions about the technology.

Peach rtp

How the EBU is pioneering greater personalisation


An automated recommendation system developed by members of the EBU and in use by Switzerland’s RTS and Portugal’s RTP is the work of a development team spread throughout Europe.

Elara dashboard

Software chief becomes Foundry CEO


Craig Rodgerson has been appointed Chief Executive of Foundry, starting immediately to lead the ongoing strategy and innovation for the creative software enterprise.

netflix mobile content

Consumers expected to opt for VoD over linear


By 2020 seven out of ten consumers will prefer video on-demand (VoD) and catch-up services over scheduled linear TV viewing, according to a report by Ericsson.

Mobile tv video streaming

Mobile TV: A more direct relationship with viewers?


Mobile TV has been a topic of conversation in both the mobile and broadcasts arenas for years. Now, there is real progress in this area.

Transformers the last knight cropped

3D: A bright future at the cinema?

2017-10-09T13:00:00+01:00By Patrick Von Sychowski

3D may have suffered from bad conversions and dim projection, but advances in display technology mean the format’s future is bright, writes Patrick Von Sychowski.

Executive summary

Digital edition: IBC2017 Executive Summary


The IBC2017 Executive Summary features interviews with the industry leaders who spoke at this year’s show.

Audience closeup 8

Video: IBC2017 keynotes


Watch all of the keynote speeches and debates from IBC2017, including Facebook’s Daniel Danker and Fox’s Brian Sullivan.

Attendees networking 3

In case you missed it... UHD on the agenda


There are more than 50 commercial Ultra HD services worldwide yet the key to success is yet to be determined, according to experts at IBC2017.

Audience wideshot 1

In case you missed it…personalisation and UX at IBC2017


With an ever-increasing range of programmes and platforms, the tools and methods for connecting consumers with content came under scrutiny at IBC2017.

Audience closeup 1

Diving into data to boost box office numbers


IBC2017: Data-driven insights into the cinema-going habits of Millennials and aging baby boomers could prove critical in boosting box office numbers, a panel of cinema experts revealed during an IBC’s Big Screen strand.

Find me something good panel

Consumer UX needs to be ‘slick, fast and simple’


IBC2017: The TV consumer experience must provide users with more personalisation while allowing the provider editorial control and work seamlessly over a range of devices, according to a panel at IBC.


In pictures: IBC Innovation Awards


Industry excellence and thoughtful design were recognised at the IBC Innovation Awards at the RAI Auditorium on Sunday evening.

Whos really watching index

Future TV: More livestreams, more premium

2017-09-17T15:12:00+01:00By Mark Mayne

Mobile dominates online video today, according to experts, but livestreaming and premium set to be flavours of the future.

Live d3 ct 6820 cropped

News broadcasters urged: Don’t sign your death warrant


IBC2017: Ignoring the opportunities and flexibility of mobile could mean that broadcasters risk signing their own death warrant. This was the message from IBC’s ‘Live is Dead: Long live Live’ session, where the panellists were unanimous in urging broadcasters, not just in news, but right across the entertainment spectrum, to ...

Brian sullivan 2

Fox’s Sullivan: “Disruption in television is perfectly natural”


Brian Sullivan, President/COO, Digital Consumer Group, Fox Networks told IBC delegates that disruption in TV is perfectly natural.

Audience closeup 4

Why young viewers could be gone for good

2017-09-17T11:19:00+01:00By David Wood

Broadcasters are concerned that younger viewers – commonly known as Generation Z – won’t make the move to linear TV.


What is the key to improving UX and content discovery?

2017-09-17T10:21:00+01:00By Mark Mayne,

IBC2017: Consumers have been given access to an ever-increasing range of content and platforms but don’t always have the tools to navigate and discover programmes.

Index image

The future of pay-TV according to the industry

2017-09-16T12:48:00+01:00Brought to you by

The latest findings from NAGRA’s Pay-TV Innovation Forum, in partnership with MTM, explore key issues surrounding the pay-TV industry.

Caroline frost with fabrice mollier 2

TF1 exec: Despite disruption, TV remains resilient


TV is here to stay forever and those who predicted its downfall are wrong, according TF1’s distribution head Fabrice Mollier.

Daniel danker w. screen 8

IBC2017: Facebook boss hails impact of video

2017-09-14T13:54:00+01:00By David Wood

Video consumption on Facebook is “exploding” and will soon make up three quarters of the company’s mobile data traffic, according to Facebook Product Director Daniel Danker.

1960s vintage tv

Back to the future: The first IBC technical papers


Dr Nick Lodge looks back on the advances in technology technical papers and changes to the industry over the past 50 years.

Ibc big screen

Video: IBC Big Screen Experience


IBC2017: The IBC Big Screen showcases the latest in cinema technology from projection to sound installation.

Employee hackathon focus facebook

Social media versus broadcasters

2017-08-07T14:35:00+01:00By Lorenzo Zanni Research Analyst IABM

Social media platforms can be considered as both competitors to, and partners of, traditional broadcasters.

Jon Watts audiences and advertising IBC conference

Video: IBC2017 Audiences and Advertising


IBC2017: The Audiences and Advertising stream explores a world undergoing “enormous” change, says Executive Producer Jon Watts.

Peter capaldi (the doctor), a mondasian cyberman and john simm (the master) in doctor who season 10

Building the future: BBC Wales all-IP facility


BBC Wales is making the bold step of ditching traditional baseband transmission in its new headquarters which is currently being built in Central Square, Cardiff.

Vr camera samsung gear 360 copy

Consumer survey reveals barriers to greater VR adoption


Despite impressive ownership levels, consumers say the need for additional software, apps and hardware is the greatest barrier preventing them from experiencing VR and AR digital advertisements.

IBC Show virtual reality VR headset

VR headsets: market analysis and guide to devices


Ownership levels of virtual reality (VR) headsets are surpassing wearables and tablets at the same stage of their lifecycle, with affordable devices helping to boost adoption of the immersive technology.

Henry vr film still

7 of the best VR experiences

2017-07-03T11:10:00+01:00By John Cassy

Ahead of his IBC2017 keynote discussion with Viveport President Rikard Steiber, John Cassy selects his top virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree experiences.

mixed martial arts ONE championship

New formats, new audiences: the rise of alternative sports


Alternative sports offer fans at stadiums – and those watching at home – the chance to watch a fast-paced version of traditional competitions.

Ch4 Ackley Bridge

TV needs more sophisticated user interfaces, says C4 exec


The rise of social media has provided broadcasters with opportunities to reach ever more viewers, but the spread of platforms used by viewers has also posed some challenges for established media players.

Nasa 2016 ibc awards

IBC Innovation Awards finalists revealed


The finalists of the IBC2017 Innovation Awards have been announced, with a shortlist that demonstrates the breadth of diverse applicants throughout the electronic media, entertainment and technology industry.

family tv netflix

HDR sets to surpass 4K TV shipments in 2020


High dynamic range (HDR) features will infiltrate some full HD television sets and help boost 4K’s (UltraHD) momentum, according to a new study.

family tv netflix

TV trumps internet as favourite among consumers


TV viewers watch an average of 170 minutes of TV per day compared to 140 minutes spent browsing the internet.

Planet earth 2 camera man bbc (2)

BBC must be more “nimble” and “entrepreneurial”


The BBC must be more “nimble” and “entrepreneurial” in its efforts to reinvent itself for a new generation of viewers and listeners, according to Deputy Director General Anne Bulford.


Netflix and Amazon invest in higher res tech


Amazon and Netflix are not only acquiring documentaries and films, but are also heavily involved in producing their own content using ultra high definition (UHD) technologies, according to a white paper – 4K and UHD: So much more than just HD Video – released by IHS Markit.


Broadcast and media market valued at $50 billion


The broadcast and media market is currently worth just over $50 billion a year, according to the latest research from IABM DC.

Jim O'Neill

AVoD views driven by rising use of mobile devices


Mobile devices are driving viewership for global advertising video on demand services (AVoD), according to Ooyala’s latest report.

Ti vo

Consumers reveal why they cut TV services


Each quarter, TiVo seeks real consumer opinions to uncover key trends relevant to pay-TV providers, digital publishers and CE manufacturers.

Chris schreiner strategy analytics

Chinese viewers more willing to pay for content


Chinese mobile video consumers spend more time watching videos on smartphones than other connected devices, including connected TVs and computers.

Insight tv

UHD: the race for adoption


Viewers are adopting UHD displays in ever-increasing numbers as content creators promise a greater range of content.

Bbc rand d

BBC R&D demos second screen apps


BBC R&D has been working on second screen synchronisation technology that aims to ease navigation.

5g world(1)

The future of mobile video


The mobile video phenomenon continues to grow as user demand for content and consumption surges.

streaming video globally

Streaming video surpasses paid TV subscriptions


The percentage of free or paid streaming video subscribers in the United States has surpassed paid TV subscribers for the first time.

22 tv living room lounging student

Increase in online gaming with smartphone adoption


By 2019, half of all internet users in the UK will be playing games digitally at least once a month, according to eMarketer’s first ever UK online gaming forecast.

Picture multiscreen april

Gaming to become $100bn industry by end 2017


A study has found that revenues from the global digital games market are set to reach the $100 billion milestone by the end of this year.

Fr 365 imagen

Race to digitise sports content as TV stalls


The UK and US are nations of sports fans, with 8 in 10 watching sport at home or on their mobiles, according to a survey of 2,000 people.