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Devices alone don’t make for great media experiences

2018-09-05T07:00:00+01:00Brought to you by

Audiences are growing more and more technologically savvy. Not only that, they are getting even more immersed in new ways they can improve their media needs, demanding new experiences and that their expectations be challenged, writes WeTek Chief Executive Hugo Condesa.

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Android TV: Challenges in recommendation and targeted advertising

2018-09-03T10:49:00+01:00Brought to you by

TV operators that can evolve into providers of new age content, not only with new technologies but also with fundamental different business models, will remain primary content providers, writes Beenius Chief Executive Filip Remškar.

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Driving positive change in the media industry


Women are drastically underrepresented in the media, entertainment and technology sector, with women in leadership roles still the exception and not the norm. IBC wants to help change that, writes IBC Council Chair Naomi Climer.

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Set top box: An exciting possibility on the horizon

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The set top box can be at the forefront of the fast-emerging desire for a very smart home, asserts L&T Technology Services Chief Technology Officer Ashish Khushu.

michael crimp IBC CEO

Viewers have more control than ever before


We don’t have to cast our minds back very far to recall a time when, if you didn’t like what you were watching on television, you had two choices: turn it over or turn it off, reflects Michael Crimp.

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VoD remains central and disruptive technologies will dominate


2018 is set to be an important year for the broadcast industry, with continually shifting audience habits, the battle for viewers’ attention intensifying, and emerging technologies becoming more mainstream, writes Tom Williams.

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Powering the US Open with artificial intelligence

2018-01-10T16:29:00+00:00Brought to you by

Laney Lewis, AI Video Technology, IBM Cloud Video, explores the impacts of IBM Watson on US Open 2017 highlights.

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Why streaming video will drive the next internet revolution

2017-12-07T17:38:00+00:00Brought to you by

While the internet seems young compared to other essential inventions - like the plough - it’s revolutionised virtually everything we know.

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Artificial intelligence isn't a panacea - you need a solid roadmap

2017-11-23T11:27:00+00:00Brought to you by

The media and entertainment (M&E) industry is facing multiple forces of change - heightening customer expectations, influence of social media, rapid adoption of connected devices and new distribution platforms and exponential growth in content and data.

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The future in media and entertainment is now – are you ready?

2017-10-25T13:51:00+01:00Brought to you by

To remain successful companies will need to disrupt, change and reinvent says Rob van den Dam.

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It’s time for the industry to protect against grey market geo-piracy

2017-09-16T14:36:00+01:00Brought to you by GeoGuard

Consumers today have grown used to accessing TV and film content on their terms at the time they want.

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Helping broadcasters to embrace targetted advertising


Targetted advertising is a necessary evolution within the TV broadcast ecosystem, writes Thierry Fautier and Vincent Grivet.

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Radio user interfaces in a multi-platform world


The radio user interface has remained largely unchanged for years, but that could be set to change, writes Ben Poor.

Tom toumazis

What can TV learn from the online innovators?

2017-08-01T16:53:00+01:00By Tom Toumazis

Over the last few years, the digital video landscape has changed beyond recognition, writes Tom Toumazis MBE.

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The future is content centric


If content still is king, TV anywhere, anytime and all other forms of media consumption are rocking the throne, says Michel Beke, svp, product strategy, MediaGeniX.

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Is it time to have a natural language dialogue with your TV?


Voice search along with organic haptic feedback is part of the future of television, forecasts Ferdinand Maier, CEO, ruwido Austria

Virtual reality

What place does virtual reality have in broadcast?


Virtual reality (VR) is a hot topic across the media industry and is already beginning to find traction in areas such as sports broadcasting, says Stan Moote.


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