Content Consumption Whitepapers

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Whitepaper: Perfecting the Mobile Video Experience

2017-10-06T13:25:00+01:00Brought to you by

This research paper explores the results of a survey of over 21,000 consumers in 42 countries, asking how video is consumed and the quality of the experience.

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Whitepaper: How our bodies react to video quality

2017-09-25T12:07:00+01:00Brought to you by

This whitepaper uncovers science that links streaming quality to viewers’ emotional responses and the impact on OTT business performance.

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Whitepaper: The global Pay-TV innovation landscape: Industry perspectives on a year of change

2017-09-08T09:24:00+01:00Brought to you by

The Pay-TV Innovation Forum is a global research programme for senior executives designed to explore and catalyse innovation across the Pay-TV industry.


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