Rowan de Pomerai

Tech Expert: Inside IMF


In this week’s Tech Expert, Rowan de Pomerai explains the technology behind interoperable master format (IMF) and its benefits in versioning and distribution.

Liam Friel

Tech Expert: Inside IoT


Video: In this week’s Tech Expert, Liam Friel explains the technology behind the internet of things and its impact on media and entertainment.

Dr Maria Grazia Vigliotti

Tech Expert: Inside Blockchain


Video: In this week’s Tech Expert, Dr Maria Grazia Vigliotti explains the advent of blockchain and how it can be harnessed in media and entertainment.

Ken McCann

Tech Expert: Inside Codecs


Video: In this week’s Tech Expert, Ken McCann explains the importance of the role of codecs including HEVC, AV1 and VVC.

Mark Smith Tech Expert

Tech Expert: Inside 5G


Video: In this week’s Tech Expert, Mark Smith explains the pending impact, benefits and applications of 5G to broadcast, media and entertainment.

Tech Expert Lorenzo Zanni

Tech Expert: Inside AI


Video: In the third of a series of explainer videos, IABM’s Lorenzo Zanni details the technology behind, and applications of, artificial intelligence (AI).

Maria Ingold - OTT

Tech Expert: Inside OTT


Video: In the second of a new series of explainer videos, Maria Ingold details the similarities of and differences between OTT and VOD services.

John Maxwell Hobbs - IP 2

Tech Expert: Inside IP


Video: In the first in a new series of explainer videos, John Maxwell Hobbs delves into the world of internet protocol (IP).

mitzi reaugh Jaunt XR IBC2019 keynote

Video: Jaunt XR’s Mitzi Reaugh talks isolation of media tech


Media and technology can isolate people, meaning the industry needs to rethink inclusivity, according to Jaunt XR CEO Mitzi Reaugh.

The AI ML effect video index

The AI/ML effect


The growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning is examined in this session, which was chaired by Lorenzo Zanni, head of insight and analysis, IABM with contributions from Léonard Bouchet of RTS Radio Télévision Suisse and Carlos Octavio, TV Globo.

max and george

Video Panel Interview: Max Métral, Damien Cullen, George Aivazoglou and Simon Eicher


IBC2019: Experts from the FA, F1, ESL and Eurosport discuss using data in sport broadcasting

olivier robert murphy

IBC2019 Conference Keynote: Cultural capital, consumers & creativity


Universal Music’s Olivier Robert-Murphy discusses staying culturally relevant In a digital world where consumers are “always on”  and have higher demands

mike zink

Video: Mike Zink and Maria Rua Aguete


IBC2019: Consumers want more than just extra pixels, industry experts tell IBCTV

Content Marketing E102 D4 SR AM IBC2019

Content marketing: Authenticity is key


IBC2019: A supermarket retailer who released its own take on the BLT sandwich ahead of London’s Gay Pride weekend (the LGBLT) was used as an example of how not to market content to consumers during Sunday Morning’s Business of Marketing Content session.


Video: Dominique Delport, Vice Media


IBC2019: Vice’s Dominique Delport talks growth opportunities, empowering youth and Bruce Lee in this IBCTV interview


Video: Claudia Vaccarone, EBU


IBC2019: EBU’s Claudia Vaccarone talks to IBCTV about the IBC2019 Awards

noel curran

IBC2019 Panel Interview: Noel Curran, Dee Forbes and Martijn van Dam


IBC2019: Broadcasters speak to IBCTV following their Global Gamechangers panels

Keynote Android TV- D3 CT-6169 Govil-pai

Video: Android TV outlines entertainment’s tech-driven future

2019-09-14T14:36:00+01:00By David Wood

IBC2019: Voice could play a key role in shaping the future of the global entertainment, according to Android TV senior director Shalini Govil-Pai who gave IBC delegates a glimpse of the future during a Keynote session.

where's the money coming from

Video: Global Gamechangers - Where’s the money coming from?


IBC2019: Speakers from Vice, Pluto TV and Bauer Media dicussed business models in the digital age.

IBC2019 Next Gen TV Forum D3 SR ATSC 3.0

Video: HbbTV and ATSC 3.0 sees broadcasters striking back


IBC2019: Where would IBC be without a panel looking at ‘Next Generation TV’ and the threat to conventional broadcasting?  IBC 2019 is no different, and this year’s session compared and contrasted HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) and the USA’s ATSC 3.0.

Gary Shapiro global gamechangers

Global Gamechanger: Gary Shapiro


IBC2019: Gary Shapiro, President/CEO at the Consumer Technology Association and a IBC keynote speaker on Friday, told delegates that technology is a global gamechanger.

Keynote-Cecile Frot-Coutaz YouTube- D2 CT-5378

IBC2019 Opening Keynote: Cécile Frot-Coutaz, YouTube


YouTube’s Cécile Frot-Coutaz opened the conference talking about the platform’s relationship with Pay-TV providers and audiences

IBC2019 Global Strategy D2 (2) SR AMC is there future for broadcasters index

EBU says “time to regulate the FAANGs”


IBC2019: Regulators need to respond faster to changing viewer habits and the rise of the FAANGs, according to European broadcasting chiefs.

IBC2019 IBCTV interview with Soumya Sriraman

Video: Interview with Soumya Sriraman, Britbox


IBC2019: Britbox president Soumya talks to IBCTV about the future of the ITV/BBC JV which is set to launch in the UK.

Cecile Frot Coutaz 3x2 DSF5678

Video: Protecting users is “number one priority” for YouTube


YouTube head of EMEA Cécile Frot-Coutaz talks to IBC365 about the Google-owned platform’s plans for the future, including how it is dealing with harmful content.

Discovery Norway collaboration

Video: Industry “tipping point” requires collaboration and hybrid models


The Nordic market will see “deep co-operation” between broadcasters and TV distributors amid the rise of the FAANGs explains Discovery Norway CEO Tine Jensen.

ITV Andrew Pearson

Video: Streaming live content amid the industry evolution


Delivering live content successfully requires an interplay of technology and cloud-based workflows to meet viewing demand for high-quality streams, explains ITV’s Andrew Pearson.

kevin kennedy

Video: The power of the supply chain


The key to broadcasters remaining relevant and resilient is investing in new technology, audience engagement and collaboration explains ITV head of content technology Kevin Kennedy.

R Lindsay Davies industry growth index

Video: Where will the industry see the greatest growth in the next 12 months?


DTG chief executive Richard Lindsay-Davies on why the media industry needs to make sure that viewers don’t notice the transition to a hybrid IP world.

Richard Lindsay Davies Index image

Video: How important is a good UX?


DTG chief executive Richard Lindsay-Davies speaks to IBC365 on the importance of good UX, opportunities and challenges.

Sylvio Jelovcich, SRT Alliance

What is next for the SRT Alliance?


The SRT Alliance celebrated its two year anniversary with 200 official members and an Emmy to its name, Alliance leader Sylvio Jelovcich told IBC365 about its announcements and success since launch and what is on the agenda next.

Red Bee Media Dave Travis

Red Bee Media's 2019 priorities


Red Bee Media chief services portfolio officer Dave Travis says “hardware is a thing of the past and software is the future,”

David Coruc France 24

Video: How much of an opportunity for broadcasters is in in-car entertainment?


The in-car entertainment systems is one of France 24’s new distribution charter explains director of technical solutions for distribution David Couret.

paolo index 5g

Video: To what extent has the broadcast industry adopted 5G?


PP Foresight media and telco analyst Paolo Pescatore explains how 5G must be optimised to deliver video content efficiently.

David Coruc France 24

Video: How does France 24 make content easy to find?


France 24’s David Couret tells IBC365 enriching its EPG data and curating the searchability of content is key to the best user experience.

David Couret France 24

Video: How is France 24 is driving its OTT offering?


France 24 director of technical solutions for distribution David Couret tells IBC365 why its championing OTT distribution and following its audience to digital platforms.

Dave Travis, Red Bee & Guido Meardi, V-Nova

Video: How Red Bee Media is facilitating remote production


Red Bee Media has partnered with V-Nova to overcome bandwidth and encoding issues for its remote production offering.

Red Bee Media Dave Travis

NAB 2019: Red Bee Media's Dave Travis on privacy and security


Red Bee Media has invested in a private cloud along with Cisco’s privacy solution, chief services portfolio officer Dave Travis explained the “massively transformational” investment.

Lorenzo Zanni, to what extent media firms embraced cloud

Video: To what extent have media firms embraced the cloud?


From the emergence of niche providers of specialist applications to a shift in business models as vendors content with the move from capex to opex, the adoption of the cloud has far-reaching implications.

David Coruc France 24

Video: What will NAB 2019 be remembered for?


NAB 2019: Industry experts tell IBC365 about the trends that dominated the Las Vegas exhibition and conference.

Alana Foster

Video: What to expect at Mobile World Congress 2019


IBC365’s Alana Foster outlines her expected trends and anticipations for Mobile World Congress 2019.

eSports discussion Nov 18 3x2

Video: The esports opportunity


Experts at the cutting edge of esports explore opportunity within the market, including content evolution and brand partnerships, whilst keeping a close eye on governance and regulation.

5G main discussion video still

Video: The promise of 5G


Demystifying the hype around 5G, experts discuss the promise and expectations of ultra high-speed mobile connectivity and its potential for the media and entertainment sector.

Jerome Wauthoz and Daniel McDonnell

Video: How AI is transforming live sports production


Tedial’s Jérôme Wauthoz is joined by Daniel McDonnell of Timeline TV to present a case study exploring the huge impact of AI on the production of live sports.

Denis Onouha

Video: Cyber hunting using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


IBC2018: Arqiva Chief Information Officer Denis Onuoha explores Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence potential to track and kill cyber threats.

fabian bergfeld video still

Video: How to engage with niche audiences


Beano, W12 and Imira execs share insight on ways to engage niche audiences, the advantage of digital and tailoring viewing experiences.

Paul Robinson

Video: How has content consumption evolved?


Panellists discuss the changes from digital and on-demand experiences to audiences changing expectations and the production of higher quality content than ever before.

David Abraham video still

Video: David Abraham, Wonderhood Studios


Former Channel 4 Chief Executive and the founder of Wonderhood Studios David Abraham on the convergence of advertising and content creation.

Jette Nygaard-Andersen

"Following the eyeballs"


Accelerating and engaging with audiences, MTGx Chief Executive Jette Nygaard-Andersen talks about “following the eyeballs” and the future with eSports, VR and voice recognition.

Maria Garrido video 1 still

Maria Garrido: Ad industry is approaching "tipping point"


The traditional advertising industry and established brands are approaching a “tipping point”, says Havas Group Chief Insights and Analytics Officer and Havas X Chief Executive Maria Garrido.

Maria Garrido video 2 still

Maria Garrido: "Linear TV is not dead"


Video: Audiences viewing habits are changing but what is the future for traditional linear TV?

Maria Garrido video 3 still

Maria Garrido: Tech giants are the enablers


Technology giants are often regarded as a threat, however, Havas X Chief Executive and Havas Group Chief Insights and Analytics Officer Maria Garrido says “they should be enablers to drive better connections with people”.

Mike Crimp 5G World 2018 3x2

Video: IBC and TM Forum collaborate on telco convergence


As telcos look toward verticals for 5G, IBC Chief Executive Michael Crimp and TM Forum Chief Executive Nik Willetts explain how the TM Forum’s Catalyst programme can develop use cases within the media and entertainment industry.

Telco Roundtable Panel 3 3x2

Video discussion: How telcos use content to stay relevant


In part three of this IBC365 discussion our panel of experts define the ways in which telcos can attract customers and stay relevant within the content value chain.

Telco Roundtable Panel 3x2

Video discussion: Digital content is king


In part two of this IBC365 discussion our panel of experts discuss the key components of creating digital content.

Christian Harris 3x2

Telco and media shorts: Christian Harris, Three


Three Head of Digital Entertainment Christian Harris describes the partnerships telcos need in order to maintain customer engagement.

Video discussion telco media

Video discussion: The rise of video and the role of telcos


In part one of this IBC365 discussion our panel of experts explore the issue of convergence between the telco and media markets.

Jean Coffey 3x2

Telco and media shorts: Jean Coffey, Jukin Media


Jukin Media Senior Director of Business Development Jean Coffey talks through the key elements of mobile optimised content.

Matt Stagg 3x2

Telco and media shorts: Matt Stagg, BT Sport


BT Sport Director of Mobile Strategy Matt Stagg explains the impact 5G will have on the way content is distributed and consumed.

Paolo Pescatore 3x2

Telco & media shorts: Paolo Pescatore on the importance of content


Telecoms & Media Analyst Paolo Pescatore on the importance of providing premium content.

Pascal Hertzscholdt 3x2

Cyber security shorts: Pascal Hetzscholdt, 21C Fox


21st Century Fox Director Content Protection, Europe and Africa Pascal Hetzscholdt on the challenges media companies face in combatting cyber attacks.

Daniel Schatz 3x2

Cyber security shorts: Daniel Schatz, Perform Group


Perform Group Chief Information Security Officer Daniel Schatz on how cyber security will evolve and the impact of machine learning.

Mike Loginov 3x2

Cyber security shorts: Mike Loginov, Ascot Barclay Group


Ascot Barclay Group Chief Information Security Officer Mike Loginov on hackers’ motives.

Mark Harrison 3x2

Cyber security shorts: Mark Harrison, DPP


DPP Managing Director Mark Harrison on how to guard against cyber threats without stifling creativity.

Cyber security roundtable 3x2

Roundtable: Cyber security - How to deal with the threat to content


For broadcasters and media firms, cyber security threats come from a range of sources, including hackers, government agencies and cyber criminals. In this IBC365 discussion, a panel of experts explore what can be done to protect content and safeguard businesses.

Eddie Ferraro 3x2

Video: Eddie Ferraro, Globecast


NAB 2018: Transitioning broadcast operations to the cloud for flexible and cost-effective services that can be scaled up or down.

Ben keen analyst nab video interview

Video: Ben Keen, analyst


NAB 2018: Analyst Ben Keen on the dynamic clash of cultures between internet platforms and traditional broadcasting businesses.

Mark harrison dpp nab video interview

Video: Mark Harrison, DPP


NAB 2018: DPP Managing Director Mark Harrison on how interoperable master format (IMF) is the solution to expensive, complex and time-consuming versioning for content creation.

Andy quested nab video interview

Video: Andy Quested, BBC, ITU and EBU


NAB 2018: Andy Quested on the trends across the show floor at NAB 2018, from AI to IP and its applications to international standards and quality control.

Panel session 3x2

Video: How will Winter Olympics and World Cup 5G trials shape the future of live broadcast?


Trials in PyeongChang and Russia look set to open doors for new business models and innovation across broadcast, media and entertainment.

Kris hardiman 3x2

Video: Kris Hardiman, Ericsson


Ericsson Head of Head of Portfolio Marketing for Europe and Latin America Kris Hardiman on Ericsson’s role in the broadcast sector, changing consumer viewing habits and the impact of 5G.

Jeff nathenson 3x2

Sports broadcasting: “90 minutes is never enough”


Whistle Sports Network Managing Director Jeff Nathenson on how social media has changed the consumption of sports with fandom extending beyond live matches.

Ibc2017 been there done that session

Been there, done that


IBC2017: In order to predict the future, The Future Reality Theatre featured a panel of experts that looked back at the key techniques that have shaped the industry.

Netflix jimmy fusil manager production engineering

Netflix on overcoming the UHD challenge


Interview: Netflix Manager of Production Engineering Jimmy Fusil on overcoming the UHD challenge and managing big data.

Daniel danker facebook

Video: Facebook's Daniel Danker


IBC2017: Facebook Watch: creating a community for new content, growing audience and making money.

Tom toumazis interview

Video: Interview Tom Toumazis


IBC2017: Social media channels want to provide a challenge to the long-form content aired on pay and free-to-air TV channels.

Lukk and lange smpte

Video: Showcasing SMPTE ST2110


SMPTE announced the approval of standard ST2110 during IBC2017, Howard Lukk and Barbara Lange discuss the developments.

Usa deal with digital disruptors

Video: The impact of digital disruption on the US


IBC2017: How are broadcasters responding to digital disruption in the world’s largest TV market?

Ibc wrap up still

Conference wrap up: Key trends, themes and takeaways


IBC2017: Industry experts discuss the transformation of broadcast, 5G, advertising, generating revenue, social media and the great content versus data debate.

Facebook 360

Video: Facebook 360 demonstration


The Facebook 360 team demonstrated at IBC2017 the ecosystem of products to immerse audiences in 360-degree experiences that are easy to share on Facebook.

Stacy huggins still

Video: Interview Stacy Huggins MadHive


Blockchain offers data management and transparency, but how can the technology be adopted by the broadcasting industry?

Hot or not panel

Video: VR, AR, personalisation and predictions for the future


Industry leaders on the ’Hot or Not’ panel, discuss VR, AR, voice, personalisation and predictions for the future.

Andrew neil ibc leaders summit

Video: Andrew Neil interview at IBC Leaders' Summit


IBC2017 Leaders’ Summit: Broadcasters face a challenging and exciting future, says Andrew Neil.

Thabiet allie

Bots: Messaging and voice platforms


Case studies about the innovative use of bots in news and entertainment.

Chris johns

UHD from lens to screen: Who is calling the shots?


A panel of experts that span the supply chain discuss where the drive for higher resolution images is coming from and consider the challenges in creating and delivering UHD content.

Blockchain vaughn mckenzie landell

Blockchain and Broadcasters: Exploring the opportunities


Blockchain has been touted as having the potential to revolutionise finance and commerce, but what about the media industry?

Video smpte st2110

SMPTE ST2110: What it means for the broadcast industry


An overview of the ST 2110 suite, including insight into how the family of SMPTE standards can be used to achieve agile and flexible solutions for professional media live production.

Fans friends and future of broadcasting ibc2017

Video: Daniel Danker, Facebook & Kim Poder, MTG


Facebook Product Director Daniel Danker and MTG Denmark CEO Kim Poder speak about the rise of fan and friend power in the media ecosystem.

Cto roadmap

Video: The CTO's Roadmap


Leading CTOs from around the world discuss the latest technologies that they think will help to grow their businesses.

Rikard steiber and john cassy

Video: What's happening in VR, AR and mixed reality?


President of Viveport and SVP Virtual Reality at HTC Vive Rikard Steiber in conversation with Factory 42 CEO John Cassy on the latest developments in immersive experiences.

David and sophia [2]

Video: Tech Talks Keynote - The Future with Robots


Hanson Robotics Founder Dr David Hanson is joined on stage by two of his company’s creations: Sophia and Professor Einstein.

Billy zane

Turn off, Tune Out and Drop In


How some of the most radical ideas of tomorrow are being discovered within institutional academia, not just by dropouts in garages.

Saul berman daniel toole index

Video: Interview with Saul Berman & Daniel Toole, IBM

2017-09-29T10:29:00+01:00Brought to you by

Dr Saul Berman, Chief Strategist, Global Business Services and Daniel Toole, Media Entertainment Leader, IBM, discuss IBM’s collaborative research paper, Becoming a “living” media partner for your consumers, with IBCTV at IBC2017.

Lucky ajax v ibc legends

Video: Lucky Ajax V IBC Legends


IBC2017: Crowds assembled to watch the IBC Legends take on the stars of Lucky Ajax in a football match that has helped to raise over €25K for charity.

Vint cert

Video: Internet co-founder Vint Cerf


IBC2017: In a specially-recorded video for IBC2017 internet co-founder Vint Cerf shares his thoughts on the evolution of the internet.

Future zone video grab

Video: Flexible 8K displays and haptic VR in the Future Zone


IBC2017: The Future Zone at IBC is awash with innovation, from a flexible 8K OLED display to VR with haptics.

Billy zane 2

Video: Billy Zane on the impact of 360-degree video


Billy Zane gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how The Convergence Lab is working to create life-changing advancements in the fields of VR, AR and AI.

Ray snoddy

Video: Ray Snoddy on the 50th IBC


IBC2017: IBC celebrates its 50th anniversary, media commentator Ray Snoddy discusses themes and what to look out for at the conference.

Martin sorrell still (2)

The global view with WPP founder and CEO, Sir Martin Sorrell


The Chief Executive of WPP talks about China, Cuba and creativity and runs his eye over everything from the future of advertising, ad blocking, ad funding of content to the impact of social media and Brexit.

Ben faes still (2)

What are Google's plans in television?


Despite media coverage to the contrary Google does not believe TV is dead. It is, however, facing its biggest disruption yet - the mobile revolution, which in turn has led to an increase in video consumption.

Screen shot 2017 03 14 at 12.26.15

The New Broadcasters: Next generation video on demand - NBCU and hayu


Hendrik McDermott, Senior Vice President, Branded on Demand (SVOD) at NBC Universal International, talks about the decision to launch Hayu as a multiscreen app rather than a channel as research showed the growth portential in this area was huge.

Screen shot 2017 03 14 at 12.55.17

Netflix' Chris Whiteley praises the power of partnerships and the 4K/HDR future


Netflix VP of Business Develoment, EMEA Christopher Whiteley dicusses the company’s distribution strategy and its extensive partnership programme.

Screen shot 2017 03 14 at 16.25.46

Olivier Schaak, Creative Director, Canal+, on the challenges of storytelling in a multiplatform world


Olivier Schaak offers advice on how to develop a story in a multi-platform world.

Screen shot 2017 03 14 at 16.47.00

IBM Audience Insight - how AI is giving incredible insights to behaviour


Artificial Intelligence is being used to give audience insight - view this IBM presentation to find out what it can find out

Screen shot 2017 03 15 at 07.22.09

Are consumers really deserting linear television?


Linear TV can still deliver large audiences, particularly when it comes to sporting and other major events, but new options for delivering content provide better opportunities for collecting and analysing viewer data.

Video infrastructure (2)

How to develop a video infrastructure for the Web


Stefan Lederer, CEO, bitmovin, offers an overview of the video infrastructure for the web and advises on how to set up and deploy cutting-edge OTT services for all platforms and all use cases in the cloud.

Next gen tv (2)

Next Generation TV: Trends in the OTT and pay TV markets


Kavi Maharajh, VP, Product Marketing at Quickplay, discusses trends in the OTT and Pay-TV market and the challenges facing content and service providers to deliver next-generation TV, with a focus on monetisation and service delivery.

Felix pulin (2)

The importance of interoperability in an IP-based world


IBC’s Interoperabiltity Zone proved a hit at last year’s show, with areas covering interoperabilty in the transport of professional audio and video, the timing and the discovery.

Sara kudrle (2)

Michel de Wolf and Sara Kudrle on the future of live IP


Michel de Wolf talks about the LiveIP Project and how it is now possible to produce live TV on IP, while Sara Kudrle discusses the importance of AIMS in the transition to IP.

Screen shot 2017 03 22 at 13.40.57

Microsoft WW MD Media, Tony Emerson: The Cloud is now suitable for most of the supply chain


Tony Emerson, Worldwide MD, Media & Cable, Microsoft, reminisces about the 2016 Rio Olympics which utilised Microsoft Cloud solutions.

Screen shot 2017 03 22 at 13.44.11

Innovation and agility are key for media companies to develop


Janet Snowdon, Director Media and Entertainment Industry Solutions at IBM, highlights a number of key challenges facing the industry as consumers look for more ways to engage with content.

Screen shot 2017 03 22 at 13.47.50

Per Kangru on the IP invasion


Per Kangru, Technologist in the CTO Office at Viavi, explains how to get ahead of your competition by exceeding expected standards.

Screen shot 2017 03 22 at 14.07.34

TF1 Publicite on why be confident in the future of TV


2016 conversation with Fabrice Mollier, then Deputy General Manager, Marketing Strategy and Innovation, TF1 Publicite-In October 2016, Monsieur Mollier was appointed President, TF1 Distribution chez TF1 le Groupe

Olivier bovis (2)

Introducing Sony's focus on image, IP and workflow


Olivier Bovis, Head of Media Solutions at Sony Professional, highlights what he sees as the most important technology for the industry now and in the future.