Executive Interviews

  • Gemma Nicholson remote working still
    Executive Interviews

    Super-serving the post community


    Corralling technical and creatives teams to work efficiently and seamlessly is post-production supervisor Gemma Nicholson’s forte. She tells IBC365 why she started Post Super and speaks of the juxtaposition power of moving pictures as art and business. 

  • Marge_9EU2797
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Marge Dean, Women in Animation


    Organising people, money and time is Margaret Dean’s mantle. The Women in Animation chief tells IBC365 of the “tremendous” social impact animation as an art form has and the business changes occurring as the virtual pipeline becomes industry standard. 

  • we are pop team photo-2019-cropped (1)
    Executive Interviews

    Driving diversity: Working smarter with tech


    On a mission to drive a smarter and fairer future for the media and entertainment industry, Kate McLaughlin founded and leads a start-up business which straddles film and technology. She tells IBC365 about the importance of having an appetite for change.

  • Vanessa Whyte onset bts with crew (interview index) source ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL copyright BAFTA Ben Blackall
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Vanessa Whyte, DoP


    Cinematographer Vanessa Whyte started out by shooting her own music videos, has since worked with Ridley Scott and set up DoP group Illuminatrix to champion women. Whyte chats to IBC365 about pushing the gender balance and pursuing opportunities.

  • Ian Wagdin
    Executive Interviews

    How 5G could transform production


    As 5G rollouts accelerate, IBC365 speaks with BBC R D’s Ian Wagdin about what role the new generation of connectivity might play in production.

  • The_Witcher_Season_1_The_Ends_Beginning_80189599_00502302_00555604_en_2_1_00_00_18_13
    Executive Interviews

    Behind the scenes: The Witcher


    Fantasy drama The Witcher combines magic and mythos taken from Andrzej Sapkowski’s books and the well-known game series. Framestore, which worked on VFX for the Netflix show, tells IBC365 about building a new fantasy world.

  • Garrett Brown 3x2
    Executive Interviews

    Industry innovators: Garrett Brown


    In the latest of our Industry Innovators series looking at those who have had a major impact on the media and broadcast industry, IBC365 speaks with Garrett Brown, the inventor of Steadicam.

  • Rachel Morrison on set of SEBERG
    Executive Interviews

    Craft leaders: Rachel Morrison, ASC


    The films of Rachel Morrison, the cinematographer best known for Black Panther , are unusually politically charged. She speaks to IBC365 as she embarks on her directorial feature debut.

  • Bruce Willis as Frank Minna in Motherless Brooklyn
    Executive Interviews

    Behind the scenes: Motherless Brooklyn


    When Edward Norton wanted to convey the loneliness of life in 1950s New York for his noir feature Motherless Brooklyn he turned to cinematographer Dick Pope, BSC.

  • Idea demo light field
    Executive Interviews

    Light fields: A bright immersive idea


    Light field is seen as the cutting edge of immersive tech and a new industry organisation is looking to standardise the technology. James Pearce speaks to IDEA president Pete Ludé about what light fields bring to VR.

  • Paul Debevec Google interview index
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Paul Debevec, Google


    Paul Debevec, Google In Steven Spielberg’s movie Ready Player One there’s a shot of actor Ty Sheridan putting on virtual reality (VR) headgear which transitions imperceptibly from real to virtual cameras as the shot moves to an extreme close-up. In Gemini Man , Will Smith’s ...

  • AVID 11-12-2018_DSC9711 (1)
    Executive Interviews

    Industry Innovators: Bill Warner, Avid


    In the first of this series looking at innovators who have changed the media and broadcast industry, IBC365 speaks to Avid founder Bill Warner about transforming the editing landscape.

  • Peter Greenaway 3x2
    Executive Interviews

    Craft leaders: Peter Greenaway, filmmaker


    Cinema should evolve beyond the medium of storytelling. Speaking to IBC365, Peter Greenaway – filmmaker, artist and provocateur - casts his critical eye over Hollywood

  • motherless brooklyn 01951r_high_res_jpeg
    Executive Interviews

    Craft Leaders: Edward Norton, filmmaker


    Edward Norton has planned to adapt Motherless Brooklyn for over 20 years. But the actor, director and producer has been quite busy, he tells Adrian Pennington, as the film hits US screens.

  • Tormod Ringnes_D5_Sound_3612 IBC2019
    Executive Interviews

    How to tell a better story


    Sound should be used to help editors tell the story. Sound editor Tormod Ringnes speaks to Carolyn Giardina about the impact of immersive sound technology.

  • Mike Zink_D4_WarnerBros_3003
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Michael Zink, Warner Bros.


    Michael Zink of Warner Bros. tells Paul Bray about some of the emerging technologies that are making waves in the media industry, and reveals why he’s excited by the prospect of autonomous vehicles.

  • Lisa Opie_D2_BBC_2454
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Lisa Opie, BBC Studios


    Bringing the BBC’s production arm into the commercial realm involves entering new partnerships, complex deal making and a desire to keep on innovating according to BBC Studios’ UK production head, Lisa Opie.

  • Nuno Fonseca small
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Nuno Fonseca, Sound Particles


    Applying the techniques of 3D video animation to sound creation could take cinema audio to a new level of realism, Sound Particles’ Nuno Fonseca tells Paul Bray.

  • D4 Interview - Oliver Scheer
    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Dr. Oliver Schreer


    Prior to his Monday conference session at IBC, ‘VR meets AR. Real and Virtual Space Become One’, Dr. Oliver Schreer talks to George Jarrett about his incredible 25-year research career in 3D and latterly VR.

  • Jane Turton all3media
    Executive Interviews

    A question of scale


    Since taking over as CEO of All3Media in 2015, Jane Turton has expanded the superindie through acquisitions and organic growth, with a strong focus on scripted and ‘quality programmes and people’. That’s because ‘scale matters’ in today’s complex TV landscape, she tells Insight.