In these uncertain times companies and consumers are looking for dependability, believes Roland Ollek, CEO, Guntermann & Drunck

The broadcast market is now driven by a move to new technology, meeting the need to merge yesterday’s original broadcasting equipment with today’s professional IT systems.

Moreover, these new systems need to be future proof and provide compatibility via an open framework.

The recent shift towards 4K and IP is an example of the difficulties these changes can create. So it comes as no surprise to see new alliances coming together to proclaim common standards, in the hope of creating the certainty our industry demands. 

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Roland Ollek, CEO, Guntermann & Drunck

Such standards require more than simply common wordings that end in proprietary cul-de-sacs.

Manufacturers need to pull together with real innovations that encourage new investment to move us ahead of old technologies and onwards into tomorrow.

We need to provide future-proof investments that generate need and deliver tangible advantages to our customers’ businesses.

To be future-proof, systems need to be adaptable so that they can still be used even when requirements change.

Usability is also much in demand.

With more and more IT systems incorporating the latest, tapeless workflow structures, easy-to-operate human-machine-interface technology is becoming an absolute essential.

This content was first published at IBC2016

The views expressed are those of the author.