WorldCast Connect-1 3x2

Network monitoring makes the cloud Connection


WorldCast Connect has announced a major update to the Kybio SaaS-hosted platform for unified network monitoring and control.

Toshiba-1 3x2

Toshiba spins up higher capacity drives


While solid-state based storage, like flash memory modules and solid-state drives (SSDs), play an important part in data intake or local storage for post-production, the huge amount of video and audio being created requires much greater storage capacity to match, preferably at the lowest cost-per-capacity possible. This typically requires spinning ...


Jutel and 2wcom partner for Multi-Channel Cloud Radio


Jutel and 2wcom have announced a partnership that offers radio broadcasters a turnkey setup that they claim amounts to the industry’s first complete Multi-Channel Cloud Radio. The partnership will enhance the IP-audio distribution capabilities of Jutel’s RadioMan with 2wcom’s MoIN (Multimedia over IP Network). MoIN is software that can encode, ...


Dante SDK makes sound connection


Audinate, developer of the Dante media networking technology, has announced full availability of the Dante Application Library software development kit (SDK). Previously available to a select few, the SDK for Windows and MacOS provides software developers with an easy-to-use way to connect to microphones, speakers, signal processors, amplifiers, loudspeakers and ...

Adder Technology-1

Infinity shrinks to expand KVM potential


The new AdderLink Infinity 2102 (ALIF2102) offers a host of new features, including a smaller form factor transmitter and DisplayPort connections. It is available as a transmitter and receiver, and the new form factor transmitter helps maximise limited rack space.


RTVE uses AI for catalogue content analysis


Spanish public broadcaster Radio Televisión Española (RTVE) has been working with VSN on a project for automated metadata creation of content from the network’s archive through artificial intelligence tools.


Telestream unveils cloud-native QC service


Telestream Cloud Qualify is a cloud-native quality control service that combines technology from three key Telestream acquisitions (Vidchecker, Aurora and Telestream Cloud) optimised for cloud workflows.

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