Be the first thing a visitor sees when they land on an IBC website, open an IBC email or arrive at IBC2021 and pass through the exhibition.

There are a wide range of branding opportunities to fit any budget and time of year, from popular marketing channels pre-show, in print, in large format, digital tools and at all of the key footfall areas onsite.

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IBC Daily


Combining the printed IBC Daily handed directly to attendees as they arrive at IBC with the exclusive pre-show Insight edition and the IBC E-Daily newsletters, the unique advertising and editorial combination in the IBC Daily works to increase your business at the world's most influential media, entertainment and technology event.

With a variety of opportunities available, advertising in the IBC Daily is your chance to enhance your branding, attract visitors to your stand and ensure that your sales team gets face-face with your customers.

Daily rates

Advert Size £ (cost per advert)
Double Page Spread 9,500
Full Page 5,050
Junior Page 4,120
1/2 Page 9,500
1/3 Page 2,660
1/5 Page Tabloid 2,290
Multiple Discounts Per ad
2 adverts in any issue 7%
3 adverts in any issue 15%
4 adverts in any issue 25%
5 adverts in any issue 30%
6 adverts in any issue 35%

E-Daily rates

Advert Size £ (cost per advert)
Leaderboard (600x75) 2,740
Top MPU (230x190) 2,510
Mid MPU (230x190) 2,150
Mid-text Banner (350x55) 1,710
1/2 MPU (230x75) 1,010
Multiple Bookings Discount
5 adverts in any eDaily 15%
8 adverts in any eDaily 30%
10 adverts in any eDaily 45%

Media Opportunities Media Pack Contact the sales team

Visitor Registration Onsite & Online


With over 150,000 individual online page hits annually and over 57,000 attendees to IBC this exclusive sponsorship opportunity provides the ideal marketing platform to influence these industry professionals before, during and after this world renowned event.

As with all high impact promotional items this opportunity can be tailored to your marketing requirements.

Rate: £30,000

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Visitor Badges


This is an exclusive opportunity to promote your company to every IBC attendee. Guarantee high profile exposure by putting your name and sales message on all the visitor badges across the conference and exhibition.

Rate: £30,000

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Shuttle Bus


Catch the attention of thousands of attendees on their way to and from the show by sponsoring the IBC Airport or Hotel Shuttle Buses.

Rate: from £10,000

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Literature Bags


Attendees collect an abundance of literature at IBC. Literature bags offer a practical solution for attendees to carry their giveaways and provide an unrivalled opportunity for you to advertise your brand throughout the exhibition.

Rate: £6,500 per main entrance

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RAI Restrooms


This popular branding opportunity gives your company presence throughout the RAI in a unique way and is guaranteed to get you noticed by IBC’s 56,000+ attendees. There are multiple branding and location options to choose from, all of which can be tailored to suit your needs and budget.

Rate: £1,500 – £3,000

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Banner Advertising


IBC has a strong online presence across the industry and a high volume of web traffic throughout the year. An online banner advertisement on the IBC365 platform, IBC show website or the virtual IBC showcase guarantees high visibility to this extensive audience and promotes your brand to potential and existing customers. Point visitors to a meeting booking landing page or other gated activity to maintain your sales pipeline over a long campaign.

Alternatively, leverage the power of IBC’s unique database of over 80,000 IBC365 active subscribers by associating your company with our dedicated weekly E-Bulletin. Reporting on topical issues and notable breaking news fed by the IBC365 platform, this is your opportunity to increase your brand awareness and benefit from open rates averaging well above industry norms and from qualified leads generated by the E-Bulletin.

From £2,000

Media Opportunities Media Pack Contact the sales team

Poster, Banners & Floor Graphics


Unrivalled branding opportunities are available at the key main traffic routes throughout the venue, allowing you to focus on critical areas or to build a journey for your customer to follow through the halls.

Options are available for any budget and target area. Please look through the comprehensive brochure or ask our sales team for their advice and support in finding the right opportunity.

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Visitor Lanyards


Used to great effect throughout the show, lanyards have the potential to get your company noticed by more than 57,000 people.

Rate: £30,000

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IBC Content Everywhere Platinum Sponsor


Whether you are looking to raise your profile, move into new market sectors, develop distribution channels, generate sales leads or simply network with the best of the industry, Platinum Sponsorship of the entire Content Everywhere event gives you the platform to promote your brand to more than 57,000+ potential attendees from over 170 countries.

Rate: £30,000

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Media Centre


The IBC Media Centre is reserved exclusively for press and offers a space where they can research, interview and write their stories. Sponsor the media centre to place your company message and logo in front of this influential group.

Rate: £15,000

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Info Points and Map


Prominently place your logo and message on a large headline strip banner to reach the thousands of people visiting these information points, situated at all the main entrances.

Rate: £8,000

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Charging Stations


Located in various high-traffic areas around the show floor and throughout public meeting points, this sponsorship opportunity ensures your brand is visible to attendees for a prolonged period whilst they charge their devices.

Rate: £15,000 for 6 days, per area package

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