IBC has a core audience of 56,000+ show attendees, 82,000+ IBC365 subscribers, 100,000+ social media followers and an email database of more than 250,000 industry professionals, senior buyers and major players. 2,000,000 users visited IBC365 in 2019/20.

IBC leverages this significant database of your potential clients to offer a range of targeted, broad and bespoke demand generation and qualification tools to help vendors and manufacturers reach prospects and new clients, whilst respecting and offering value to this audience. By partnering with IBC you can widen your reach, gain brand exposure and immediate, actionable and engaged leads to nurture, build relationships and close important business with.

With its position at the centre of the industry and the expertise of its teams, IBC has an unrivalled position to deliver year-round and effective campaigns based around your specific requirements.

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Promote your research, ideas, projects or prototypes through a whitepaper on the IBC365 platform to gain the undivided attention of the sharpest minds in electronic media. Position yourself as an industry thought-leader and benefit from a steady funnel of new sales leads from whitepaper downloads. You can either have your content asset hosted on the site, passively collecting organic leads, or promote the piece with a full, dedicated campaign targeted at the types of leads that you value.

From £4,500

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Blackbird index

Webinars on the IBC365 platform are highly targeted digital events bringing together bespoke audiences looking for up-to-the-minute perspective and expert opinion on critical industry issues

You can collaborate with the IBC team on a topic of your choice, selecting panellists and directing content to create a powerful marketing asset for use in wider campaigns. Alternatively, co-host a relevant IBC365-led webinar, bringing one expert to join a panel of other industry leaders. Both opportunities benefit from access to all registrations as sales leads from six months from the live date.

Each webinar is supported by a dedicated marketing campaign driving the capture of leads from registrations before, live and on-demand.

Co-Hosted £7,500
Full webinar £17,500

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IBC will bring together a targeted group of senior buyers and industry experts during the year for a hosted and curated discussion with each other, IBC and a sponsor.

Attendees will benefit from networking with their peers: sourcing new business contacts, getting the inside track from competitors and through group therapy will understand how to face the challenges others are also facing.

A roundtable sponsor will take advantage of IBC’s database and marketing prowess to provide access to new prospects across the value chain, gather feedback from the industry on their new and recent initiatives and establish leadership and collaborative credentials with these senior end-users and experts.

The event will involve the below, provided and sourced by IBC:

  • Audience acquisition
    6 x sponsor customers and prospects, target groups briefed by sponsor to IBC
  • On-the-day IBC support staff
    1 x IBC host/moderator, 1 x IBC journalist, 1 x IBC photographer/film crew, 1 x IBC room manager
  • Event curation
    IBC Content Producer to curate an agenda, targeted questions and debate topics. To design a title, description and format for the full event
  • Content creation
    A write-up of the event on IBC365 that maintains the candid conversation but provides a lasting story to widen the reach of the event
  • Experience
    A first-class top table restaurant style room, food, look & feel
  • Delegate management
    including registration, guides, briefing and on-the-day support
  • Lead generation
    Unlimited wider lead gen from interested delegates who cannot attend but want to hear from the sponsor
  • Account management
    Daily support and updates from IBC account manager with weekly briefing calls

Rate: £30,000

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Product Demo Videos

Product demo videos

Replicate the showfloor buyer/seller experience year-round and demonstrate your products and services to your prospects in an engaging way. A great opportunity for you to really explain your offering clearly, each video is gated so that organic sales leads are collected and sent to you on an ongoing basis. This creates a pipeline of qualified and engaged prospects for you to follow up with whilst knowing exactly which product or service they are interested in.

Rate: £2,000

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Banner Advertising


IBC has a strong online presence across the industry and a high volume of web traffic throughout the year. An online banner advertisement on the IBC365 platform, IBC show website or the virtual IBC showcase guarantees high visibility to this extensive audience and promotes your brand to potential and existing customers. Point visitors to a meeting booking landing page or other gated activity to maintain your sales pipeline over a long campaign.

Alternatively, leverage the power of IBC’s unique database of over 80,000 IBC365 active subscribers by associating your company with our dedicated weekly E-Bulletin. Reporting on topical issues and notable breaking news fed by the IBC365 platform, this is your opportunity to increase your brand awareness and benefit from open rates averaging well above industry norms and from qualified leads generated by the E-Bulletin.

From £2,000

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