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    Behind the scenes: Avatar 2 and 3


    Avatar broke technical boundaries and commercial records in 2009 by bringing digital 3D into the light. Can history repeat itself with James Cameron’s four sequels currently in production?

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    OTT Week: RIST action


    Will established methods for contributing video streams over the internet be superseded by a shared protocol? Adrian Pennington investigates.

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    365 Playlist: OTT


    2020 may be the year of the OTT, but despite new launches, the market remains challenging for content providers. As part of our OTT week, IBC365 rounds up features and interviews on the OTT market.

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    Breaking the window


    The theatrical window is under threat with streamers capitalising on cinema closure. Will it ever be replaced? Adrian Pennington investigates.

  • Earnings review
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    Earnings review: Disney, ITV, WarnerMedia count cost of coronavirus


    IBC365 recounts the standout company results in the media and broadcast industry.

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    365 Playlist: 5G and telecoms


    5G has been a hot topic during lockdown, with conspiracy theories centred around the latest mobile technology. But for the media and entertainment sector, 5G could be transformative, writes James Pearce

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    4K and mobility dominate camera developments


    A continued emphasis on improving 4K capture and making it accessible to a larger user group is evident from this ‘snapshot’ of camera products that have been announced recently.

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    Scheduling: Come together


    The latest generation of scheduling solutions is expected to enable enterprise resource planning across multiple platforms and services, writes David Davies.

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    Managing mental health during a pandemic


    The film and TV industry has been shuttered with freelancers and staff across the entire supply chain impacted by business decisions and company closures. During Mental Health Awareness week, Alana Foster investigates what support and initiatives are out there.

  • Analyst research review
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    Analyst review: Coronavirus impact measured


    IBC365 looks at the latest facts and figures featured in analyst reports from across the industry.

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    365 Playlist: Codecs


    With 2020 predicted as crunch time for the “codec wars” IBC365 rounds up features on compression and codecs, from EVC and VVC to VC-6 and AV1.

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    AI-automated video shot listing


    The use of AI to automate the production of shot lists and use the expanded metadata to create an AI-assisted first cut is being explored by an IBC Accelerator project led by the Associated Press.

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    Wild time for natural history TV


    Demand for natural history programming is booming amid climate concerns and interest from streaming platforms.

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    Ad tech market heats up


    The past few weeks have seen a number of digital players launch or revamp ad tech platforms, as well as new ISBA research showing that half of online ad spending goes to industry middlemen.

  • Cyber security
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    JT-NM takes testing program virtual


    Front-line vendors were due to conclude the third JT-NM Tested Program in Houston in March, but Covid-19 transformed the conversation on the project, writes George Jarrett.

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    Cinema tech: Saving the big screen


    While side-wall projection and immersive audio are bringing fresh dimensions to the cinema experience, 3D looks like it might have peaked (again). With movie theatres currently closed around the world, David Davies considers the emerging technologies that could help encourage cinemagoers to return post-lockdown.

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    Behind the scenes: Isolation Stories


    Coronavirus lockdown has put a halt to productions worldwide. But with  Isolation Stories ITV Studios has created a novel drama shoot where the cast and crew maintained social distancing. Adrian Pennington investigates.

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    Is XR the answer to delivering the new normal?


    Are new age technologies the key to boosting economies and bolstering broadcasting for the future post lockdown? IBC365 looks at the current landscape with vendor announcements and shifts in technology adoption. 

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    IBC Accelerator Programme: Delivering television as objects


    Responding to the myriad of complex digital transformation challenges facing today’s Media Entertainment industry, IBC has introduced the Accelerator Media Innovation Programme. Ian Volans looks at these projects.

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    Streaming success: As-live action theatre in lockdown


    Theatre has suffered more than most industries due to coronavirus. But with Disney set to air broadway megahit Hamilton on its OTT service, the UK’s National Theatre and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber are among novice streamers turning to OTT during Covid-19.