The IP Showcase returns to IBC2017, demonstrating to the broadcast and media industry real-time IP solutions for production in a practical, flexible and efficient operation.

IP Interoperability Zone at IBC2016

 IBC2016: IP Interoperability Zone

The 2017 IP Showcase follows on from the world-first IP Interoperability Zone featured at IBC2016, IP interop is rapidly taking hold in mainstream workflows. 

The IP Showcase will facilitate a networking and demonstration zone for companies to present their IP solutions across the universally formalised SMPTE ST 2110 standard.  

The adoption of real-time IP signal flow standards represents the advancements in IP and aims to streamline workflows industry wide.  

Over 40 vendors will work together in demonstrating real-world IP interoperability products.

The IP solutions are based on the SMPTE ST 2110 final draft standards and AMWA NMOS specifications, which centres around a single set of common IP interop standards and specifications that are enabling the flexibility and efficiency of IP in real-time media.

The demonstrations are shown under the control of familiar user interface, divided into logical application pods — live production signal flows, contribution and playout signal flows. 

The partners behind the IP Showcase include: AES, AIMS, AMWA, EBU, IABM, MNA, SMPTE, and VSF - who have partnered with IBC to deliver a one-stop destination for everyone in the broadcast and media industry from IT engineers, CEO’s and TV producers who can learn everything they need to know to unlock the full potential of using IP for real-time media.

IBC CEO Michael Crimp said: “IBC is excited to be working with our IP Showcase Partners once again at IBC2017”. 

He said: “The IP Showcase will be an ideal opportunity for our visitors to see how far the IP Interop standard has come since its original demonstration at IBC2016. They will also be able to learn from those who have already adopted IP as the norm”. 

Visitors to the IP Showcase will learn:

  • The business, technical, and creative benefits of IP workflows
  • The practical steps to take to unlock the benefits of using IP networks for real-time media
  • The knowledge, skills, and resources required
  • How others are already leveraging IP in real-world broadcaster applications
  • An understanding of the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of professional media over IP networks standards
  • What the future holds – including NMOS IS-05 Connection Management for IP-based media systems

The integrated IP Showcase theatre, curated by IABM, will be running a non-stop series of presentations covering the full gamut of knowledge for real-time IP production and intra-facility distribution. Visitors will hear about the rapidly increasing number of real-world IP deployments from broadcasters who have already embraced IP signal flows.

They will also learn about the business and creative benefits of IP, and how these benefits can be applied to their own operations.

With no direct sales agenda, the IP Showcase is dedicated to educating and energising IBC visitors to embrace the change, plan effectively, and ultimately build a more flexible, more efficient and more creative broadcasting industry.

IP Showcase at IBC2017 Powering into IP signal flows