Kodama Keiji

Kodama Keiji

Senior Director, Chief of Engineering, NHK

Mr. Kodama joined NHK in 1987. In 1991, he was assigned to Transmission Engineering Center and engaged in maintenance and operations of the terrestrial television, FM radio and satellite broadcasting networks, as well as designing and procurement of broadcasting satellites.

He contributed to complete digitalisation of the terrestrial television network in Japan, playing a key role in making facility improvement plans, improving relay stations, resolving area-specific reception issues, and so on. In addition, he was responsible for establishing system configuration plans for the new 4K/8K satellite broadcasting and simultaneous online broadcasting.

From 2018, as Director of Information Systems Department, he promoted cloud migration of the business operation system and its remote use, and strengthened cyber security.

From 2019, as Director of Engineering Administration Department, he was responsible for making facility installation plans for the new NHK Broadcasting Center. He also focused on recruiting and nurturing IT professionals.

Since April 2021, as Senior Director and Chief of Engineering, he has been responsible for engineering and information systems and securty including the development and implementation of next-generation television services.