Mathieu Yerle Connect 3x2

Interview: Mathieu Yerle, Connect

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Broadcasters are constantly analysing their performances and trying to circumvent workflow bottlenecks, and to do so they are relying on datasets that are getting larger and larger, says Connect director of sales and product strategy Mathieu Yerle.


Cyber security should be ‘top priority’ for media companies


Cyber security expert Scott Borg tells IBC365 that the media industry is in “dire straits” if cyber policies and defences aren’t given the highest level of priority.

Mark Harrison 3x2

The DPP lays out its key priorities


From the challenge of monetising online video, to the implications of artificial intelligence and the adoption of IMF, DPP managing director Mark Harrison spells out the key focuses for the organisation.

Andy Maltz 16x9

Interview: Andy Maltz, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences


Digital movie archives can be short-lived, and without concerted effort we risk losing part of our cultural history.

Amedeo d'Angelo 3x2

Interview: Amedeo D'Angelo, Inside Secure

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Three major threats - ad blockers, ad bots and hackers - are compromising ad-based revenue models, says Inside Secure Chairman and Chief Executive Amedeo D’Angelo.

EriK Huggers keynote 2017

Crunch year for European content

2018-09-06T13:26:00+01:00By Lorcan Archer

Ahead of the IBC Leader’s Forum, Erik Huggers is ringing the alarm bell over the need for European broadcasters to rapidly build aggregated online offerings.

Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira - credit Peter Searle 3x2

Interview: Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira, Impossible


Planet-centric design is user-centred, because it’s in humans’ best interests to have a healthy planet, say Impossible founders and IBC2018 keynote speakers Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira.

Hildebrandt, Melody Photo 2018 3x2

Interview: Melody Hildebrandt, 21st Century Fox


From board games to board rooms, the rise of Melody Hildebrandt to Global Chief Information Security Officer at 21st Century Fox has come at a time of great change and heightened risk in the media landscape.

Abuagla future of media leaders summit 2018 source al jazeera 16x9

CTO Series: Mohamed Abuagla, Al Jazeera


The key challenges facing the broadcast industry are not just to do with technology, according to Al Jazeera’s Mohamed Abuagla.

Hannes strobel landscape

Interview: Hannes Strobel, Rohde & Schwarz

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Rohde & Schwarz is helping its customers build functional workflows, drive supply chain efficiency and create IP-centric solutions, explains Hannes Strobel, Vice President of Monitoring and Headend.

Breaking bad

Interview: Bill Baggelaar, Sony Pictures


The demand for greater quality images means that those crafting UHD and HDR content need to do so in a reliable and cost-effective way.

D2 mario vecchi 3534 72dpi32

Interview: Mario Vecchi, PBS


The move to transition to software-based, IP-connected infrastructure has left some broadcasters feeling exposed. CTO Mario Vecchi explains how PBS guards against the cyber threat.

Rte exclusive interiors series

Interview: Richard Waghorn, RTE


New business models, and the new skill sets required if platforms are to stand out from the crowd, are two considerations that brought the Saorview Connect box into play.

Latha cropped

Interview: News Corp’s Latha Maripuri


As Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Deputy CTO for News Corp, Latha Maripuri needs to provide employees in news, sports, radio, real estate and publishing with the tools to do their job, but in a safe and secure environment.

Michelle munson

Michelle Munson: interoperability is critical


Michelle Munson is that very rare breed: CEO of a major company who not only understands the product, she actually invented it.

Charlie vogt 8568

Charlie Vogt: Creating an ecosystem built on value


Being directionally correct with predictions, overcoming culture shock, dealing with new realities

Kelly humphries, carlos 8940

NASA: Sharing content from the Space Station


The U.S.’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) makes its spectacular space imagery available through initiatives including a UHD public TV channel.

Wenbing yao 8437

Wenbing Yao: Calling time on traditional broadcast

2017-04-03T13:00:00+01:00By Monica Heck

Huawei was at IBC2016 to talk about the transition to an IP-based production zone and to illustrate how new technologies can transform entire businesses and entire sectors, for the better.