Priscilla Baffour 3x2

Reducing the BAME pay gap


Cutting the BAME pay gap requires transparency and the setting of tough targets – including recruitment at senior levels, writes ITN’s Priscilla Baffour.

IBC2019 Lorenzo Zanni

How the coronavirus outbreak is affecting the broadcast and media industry


The Covid-19 pandemic means almost a quarter of the world’s population is on lockdown. Here, IABM head of insight and analysis Lorenzo Zanni looks at some of the effects on the media and broadcast industry.

rise at ibc2019

International Women’s Day: Each for equal


The #MeToo movement started a generation of change. Advocacy group Rise managing director Carrie Wootten looks back at its success and forward to industry change.

IBC2019 Lorenzo Zanni

IABM: Three IBC 2019 takeaways


As media companies face unprecedented challenges, IABM’s Lorenzo Zanni looks at the key themes from IBC2019: Transformation, collaboration, and aggregation

Bitmovin Stefan Lederer

‘Our customers are looking to redefine the viewer experience’

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Bitmovin CEO and co-founder Stefan Lederer reflects on the implications of a growing trend towards selecting ‘the right codec for the right job’.

Peter white cropped

It’s time to collaborate


IBC2019: In this complex and rapidly evolving industry, close relationships between media firms and their suppliers are essential, and IBC2019 is the place to forge those ties, writes Peter White.

Barbara Lange SMPTE 3x2

Becoming a next gen standards body


IBC2019: As the technologies, workflows and business models of our industry evolve so too must SMPTE, writes Barbara Lange.

Anil Jain Google Cloud

Now is the time to adopt cloud workflows

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Embracing cloud workflows is something all broadcasters need to do, says Google Cloud managing director Anil Jain.

AIMS Andy Warman

Delivering results with IP


End-to-end IP is finally achievable, making live video delivery easier and more efficient, says Andy Warman.

CE2019 SDVI Lawrence R Kaplan

Learning from cloud migration pioneers

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Cloud migration is an essential move in order to see return on investment, says SDVI Corporation president and CEO Lawrence R. Kaplan.

IBC Francesco Moretti

An industry in perpetual motion

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Tailoring solutions to specific client needs helps today’s broadcasters thrive and develop, says Fincons Group deputy CEO Francesco Moretti.

Mark Harrison 3x2

When will tech mean business?

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The industry continues to split discussions about technology and business practice, but this discourse needs to change, says DPP managing director Mark Harrison.

Norigin Media Ajey Anand

The streaming life-cycle

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Streaming technologies need quality and scalability says Norigin Media CEO Ajey Anand.

D1_Jaisica Lapsiwala_IBC

Challenging the status quo


Championing women who influence and drive change across the industry was pivotal to this years’ IBC conference strategy writes IBC Head of Event Content Jaisica Lapsiwala.

Michele Gosetti EMS

It’s time for graphic overlays to get personal


Eurovision Media Services’ new remote graphic overlay solution can make event coverage more attractive to rights holders and sponsors, says Michele Gosetti, Head of Global Sales at EMS.

D2 - Marco Tinnirello EMS

Providing a one-stop solution


Marco Tinnirello, the new Chief Executive of Eurovision Media Services, the business arm of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), speaks about his vision for the organisation and his thoughts on the media industry today.

D1 Mark Harrison  DPP on IMF

IMF matters: The algorithm would say so


There is no surefire way to recognise real change, but extending the IMF format could have a significant impact on the industry, writes DPP Managing Director Mark Harrison.

Ulrich-Voigt-Head-of-Design-Qvest-Media-highres 3x2

The missing piece in the cloud

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Probably, the most disruptive change in our industry is the change in media consumption behaviour. Viewers consume media content everywhere and in a nonlinear way, writes Qvest Media Head of Design Ulrich Voigt.

Op-Hexaglobe-Frank Coppola 3x2

Artificial Intelligence: Ready to add more value to your content

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The media market is once again teeming with innovation. This time though, the innovation is not about better picture quality or improved signal processing, but it really lies within metadata, says Hexaglobe Chief Executive Franck Coppola.

Naomi climer 9131

Driving positive change in the media industry


Women are drastically underrepresented in the media, entertainment and technology sector, with women in leadership roles still the exception and not the norm. IBC wants to help change that, writes IBC Council Chair Naomi Climer.

Sadie Groom 3x2

Rising up: Mentoring women in broadcast


Championing gender diversity and opening doors and opportunities for women within the broadcast manufacturing and services sector is central to advocate group Rise, Founder Sadie Groom explains.

Disney fox

Defining future business models


As competitive pressures from new media escalate, broadcasters and content owners are experimenting with new business models, writes Lorenzo Zanni.

R&s venice playout 3x2

What role do servers play in today's broadcast operations?

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Without any doubt, the future of the broadcast industry will be increasingly influenced by the Cloud-based technologies, but today is there still a place for on-premise video servers? And if so, what will these servers look like and how will they operate? Will everything be remote production over IP networks?

Fifa world cup football

Five trends that will shape broadcast technology


From increased application of artificial intelligence to an acceleration in adoption of the cloud, IABM Lead Research Analyst Lorenzo Zanni selects five trends that will shape the broadcast technology sector.

Tv2 news studio 2

Integrating ahead of the curve


A changing industry, with increased demand for video from a wider array of organisations, has fueled the need for a different breed of broadcast solutions provider, writes Håvard Myklebust.

Rob index

The future in media and entertainment is now – are you ready?

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To remain successful companies will need to disrupt, change and reinvent says Rob van den Dam.

Jean pierre evain

The semantic answer to data simplification


Semantic technologies can do what traditional data techniques failed to do, writes Jean-Pierre Evain.

Peter white cropped

Joining forces to move faster


With viewers deciding what they watch, when and how, broadcasters need to be more agile and responsive than ever before, writes Peter White.

Barbara lange square (2)

The next century of SMPTE


As SMPTE embarks on its second century, it continues to address the evolution of the media business through standards work and collaboration with other industry organisations, writes Barbara Lange.

Ip zone hot news new (2)

The IP Showcase: Back by popular demand


Real world IP deployments and an interoperability demonstration supported by some 50 vendors will be key elements of the IP Showcase at IBC2017, says Matthew Goldman.

IBC conference business transformation

Defining broadcast in the age of IT

2017-07-26T12:15:00+01:00By John Ive

With the broadcast and media industry undergoing such rapid and continual change, new definitions are required, writes John Ive.

Conference panel session

IBC2017: Where the industry comes to "listen, learn, debate and network"

2017-07-05T13:58:00+01:00By Michael Lumley

The IBC Conference has value for everyone working in the media, entertainment and technology industry, says Conference Chair Michael Lumley.

SMPTE interoperability

Blog: How the industry is aligning on IP


The ongoing journey towards IP has resulted in unprecedented levels of cooperation, says Stan Moote.

Inside out pixar poster (2)

Making sense of the industry: the HPA Tech Retreat UK

2017-06-27T14:22:00+01:00By Richard Welsh and Barbara Lange

Change is inevitable in any industry, but the pace of technological change is accelerating and shows no sign of slowing, say Richard Welsh and Barbara Lange.

D1 op fast pix

Moving data requires movable storage


When everything is digital and every frame stored on hard disks, data protection is not an option. It is essential, says Hannes Heckel, Director Marketing, FAST LTA

D1 op panasonic pix

State of the industry: An insider’s view


Andre Meterian, Director of Broadcast & proAV, EMEA for Panasonic, looks at the state of the industry

D2 op pebble beach pix

Virtualisation at the heart of the playout revolution


Vendors offer a wealth of ’best-in-class’ IP solutions but how many of them are truly able to virtualise these solutions, and to what extent are they proven today? asks Tom Gittins, CEO, Pebble Beach Systems

D2 op tedial pix

Using IT for MAM - and building a true media factory


The goal of building a media factory is to simplify and automate content delivery to multiple platforms, explains Julian Fernandez-Campon, business solution director, Tedial

Ideal systems bluefish444 broadcastasia 2016 (3)

The challenge of outperforming current offerings across the entire value chain


The competition to deliver content with ever higher technical specifications is both challenging and exciting, says Tom Lithgow, product manager, Bluefish444

D3 op g&d pix

Future proofing investments means avoiding proprietary cul-de-sacs


In these uncertain times companies and consumers are looking for dependability, believes Roland Ollek, CEO, Guntermann & Drunck

D3opmultidynepix 384514 (3)

Emerging opportunities in fibre-optic transport


Traditional point-to-point dark fibre remains the best transport option for 4K and 8K, says Frank Jachetta, President, MultiDyne

D3 op primestream pix

Defining your path to success with workflow automation


Workflow Automation is the ability to trigger and complete actions based on state, status, metadata or other critical criteria, explains David Schleifer, COO, Primestream

D3 op signiant pix 3 2

Scale, performance and cost, thinking differently about the cloud


If you want the values and benefits that the cloud can actually bring, your approach to thinking about it has to change, argues Greg Hoskin, managing director, EMEA and APAC, Signiant.

D3 op tmd pix 3 2

Content rights and consumer choice converge in complex sophisticated workflows


Using content without rights can lead to legal action, but not making it available where you do have the rights is a waste of investment, says Paul Wilkins, director of solutions and marketing, TMD.

D3 op veritmatrix pix 3 2

The true cost of multi-DRM for OTT video


Underestimate the cost and complexity and business opportunity of DRM at your peril, warns Steve Oetegenn, president, Verimatrix

D4 op barco silex pix 3 2

VC-2 video codec enables transition to IP


The VC-2 video codec opens real opportunities for the broadcast market, because it’s an open standard ready for adoption, says Jean-Marie Cloquet, video product manager, Barco Silex

D5 op marquis pix 3 2

Managing ‘cross platform’ workflows


Storing and finding media is one issue, ensuring it is in a format ready for editing is quite another, says Chris Steele, managing director, Marquis Broadcast

Stanmoote 720619 (2)

Has storage got too complex?

2017-04-03T14:00:00+01:00By Stan Moote CTO IABM

Storage for video production used to be simple: you picked the video camera you could afford, and the camera choice often dictated the videotape format you would use, said Stan Moote, CTO, IABM.