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  • Emmanuel Rochas

    Orange International Carriers at IBC2023 in Amsterdam


    At IBC2023 in Amsterdam, Emmanuel Rochas, CEO, Orange International Carriers, outlined his views on the state of the industry and his company’s main focus at the show.

  • Supershooter6
    Daily News

    NEP unveils Supershooter 6 truck


    Media technology company NEP Group announced that its US broadcast services team released a new mobile unit, Supershooter 6, based on NEP’s broadcast control (TFC).

  • Interoperability at nab
    Industry Trends

    IP interoperability at NAB: the debate continues


    Following the lead of IBC in 2016, the recent NAB exhibition included a demonstration of IP interoperability. Once again, more than 30 vendors showed streams passing seamlessly between different products.

  • Nhk super hi vision
    Industry Trends

    Could JPEG2000 be the future of compression?


    Digital video, and the benefit of compression, is so ubiquitous that we no longer think about it, but it is worth considering that every time we process a video signal we are making a compromise.

  • DVB standards
    Industry Trends

    DVB approves UHD and HDR spec


    Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) has published phase one of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) new video and audio coding specification enhancing future interoperability for UHD TV broadcasters with HDR.

  • IBC Content delivery tech paper
    Technical Papers

    Using IMF for international distribution: What does that mean?


    Speed reading can often lead to misinterpretation. The title of this paper, “USING IMF FOR INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION”, is intentionally ambiguous, hence the subtitle WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Assuming that you interpret IMF as SMPTE’s Interoperable Mastering Format (1), the ambiguity comes from the word using.