Vladimir Putin BBC comedy show

Behind the scenes: Tonight with Vladimir Putin


Vladimir Putin has been brought to life as a chat show host for a new BBC comedy. James Pearce goes behind the scenes with Framestore to see how the VFX firm used motion capture to create a VFX Putin in real-time.

esports dota 2 credit Helena-Kristiansson_ESL-One-Birmingham

Getting to grips with esports production


As the esports market continues to grow, the broadcast and media space are keeping a closer eye on competitive gaming. IBC365 speaks to ESL’s Simon Eicher about the opportunity in esports.

Jennifer Cooper, Microsoft 2018 3x2

Interview: Jennifer Cooper, Microsoft

2018-12-03T07:00:00+00:00By Lorcan Archer

For Microsoft’s Jennifer Cooper, delivering more revealing audience intelligence is crucial to satisfying the company’s huge client base.

esports-gamers 3x2

Interview: Jo Twist, Ukie


With esports growing fast, there are opportunities for broadcasters to get involved, the head of games trade body Ukie Dr Jo Twist tells IBC365.

Maurice Schutte, Space Beers 2018 3x2

Blockchain: The beer necessities

2018-11-01T16:17:00+00:00By Steve Fairclough

Despite the light-hearted company name of Space Beers, co-founder Maurice Schutte is very serious about filmmaking and utilising blockchain to help him do so. IBC365 spoke to Schutte to discover more…

Kim Jackson, SingularDTV 2018 3x2

Trailblazing blockchain solutions

2018-10-31T14:04:00+00:00By Steve Fairclough

The Swiss company SingularDTV is one of the world’s leaders in developing blockchain applications for creative industries. IBC365 spoke to its co-founder Kim Jackson to go ‘under the hood’ of what blockchain is all about.

Simon Mason, Arqiva 2 3x2

DABbling in in-car audio


In-car listening presents a huge opportunity for the DAB radio industry, believes Arqiva’s Simon Mason.

KARAGIANNIS konstantinos Photo 2018

Breaking into banks for a living

2018-09-24T07:00:00+01:00By Anne Morris

Hacking banks is not a pastime you’d normally associate with a leading executive of a major telco. However, it’s part of the day job for Konstantinos Karagiannis at BT Americas.

Kline, David Photo 2018

Interview: David Kline, Viacom


The media business stalwart discusses the impact of 5G on content consumption, the economics of blockchain, and the long-term Viacom vision.

Euronews NBC

A town square for Europe


Renowned news innovator Deborah Turness reveals how she is harnessing new tech, platforms and formats to bring Euronews into the heart of the story and how she turned NBC back into a number one ‘challenger brand’.

Last leg

Keeping 4 secure


A broadcaster’s cyber strategy needs to be robust when faced with challenges but Channel 4’s Brian Brackenborough appears to have most of the bases covered.

Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira - credit Peter Searle 3x2

Interview: Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira, Impossible


Planet-centric design is user-centred, because it’s in humans’ best interests to have a healthy planet, say Impossible founders and IBC2018 keynote speakers Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira.

Schilowitz wearing meta headset 3x2

In conversation with Paramount Pictures futurist Ted Schilowitz


Paramount Pictures Futurist in Residence Ted Schilowitz explores the future of entertainment.


Interview: Mike Ruddell, Sky Sports


For almost 20 years Sky Sports Innovation Manager Mike Ruddell has been at the cutting edge of sports and broadcast technology, but this team player has always had one goal in mind - to give the viewers the best possible experience.

Livetree company

Interview: Ashley Turing, LiveTree ADEPT


LiveTree promises to transform the creation and distribution of film and TV through blockchain technology, founder Ashley Turning explains how.

Prince ibctv interview

The Startup Movement


IBC2017: Digital startups are creating a dynamic and innovative ecosystem to strengthen and challenge traditional business models.

Mansoor hanif 2

Interview: Mansoor Hanif, BT

2017-09-17T10:54:00+01:00By Monica Heck

Evolution of the 4G standard will continue for some years but the tipping point will come as consumers demand a better experience.

Stacy huggins

Interview: Stacy Huggins, MadHive

2017-09-16T14:43:00+01:00By Monica Heck

As the industry transitions to IP and OTT distribution over multiple devices, interest in blockchain will grow.

Paul rosen speaking

C-Tech Forum: Paul Rosen on cyber security


IBC2017: “Plan, prepare and practice,” Cyber Security expert and former Chief of Staff at the Department of Homeland Security Paul Rosen told IBC365 regarding the prevalent risks of cyber threats.

Virtual reality

Interview: Edward Tang

2017-09-16T07:00:00+01:00By Monica Heck

The media and entertainment industry often finds itself momentarily gripped by over-hyped technologies. Mixed reality isn’t one of them, says Edward Tang.

Delegate 5 g business

Interview: Henrik Voigt, Ericsson


Consumer demand for 5G is high as they look to enjoy live TV on mobile devices while benefitting from greater personalisation and convenience.

D1 petter testmann koch 3129 72dpi32

Lost in Time with mixed reality


The use of mixed reality technology has enabled the creation of formats with levels of interactivity that have not been seen before, says FremantleMedia’s Petter Testmann Koch.

Liliana nakonechnyj lead

The view from South America with Liliana Nakonechnyj


South American broadcasting is facing similar disruptions to the global market, but the challenges have a local flavour.

Ingrid silver 8157 3x2

Leaving Europe: a legal eye view of Brexit

2017-04-04T12:36:00+01:00By Monica Heck

Brexit is causing consternation among the major media companies that are established in London and are relying on Ofcom licenses to support their EU-wide activities, says entertainment and media lawyer Ingrid Silver.

Nart bouran photo 3x2

Nart Bouran: Sky’s the limit in MENA


The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have always been a focal point for international news, but only recently have news outlets in the region grown into major global players with an international reach.

Naomi climer 9131

IET President Naomi Climer: How to solve the skills gap


IBCTV IP Studio: Naomi Climer, IET and Chair of IBC Council

Elisabetta romano 8354

Elisabetta Romano: Rise of the robots


Increasing automation in the industry may be a difficult topic but Ericsson’s Elisabetta Romano believes it has great potential not just for broadcast but for the media industry as a whole.

Ingrid deltenre 8226

Ingrid Deltenre: From Brexit to DSM

2017-04-03T13:00:00+01:00By Monica Heck

The Director General of the EBU believes Brexit will create many challenges, including loss of EU funding and country of origin concerns, but the UK could benefit from greater freedom when it comes to tax and regulations.

Dave ward 8294

Cisco CTO Dave Ward: Building a bigger and better internet


As well being SVP, Chief Architect and CTO of Engineering at Cisco Systems, Dave Ward also has ownership connections with both a vineyard and a tomato farm.

Rich chernock 9295

The evolution of broadcast and the true meaning of IP


The transition to IP, the value of metadata and the ageing media industry are just some of the issues facing the broadcast sector today.

James rosenstock 8124

James Rosenstock: March of the millennials


Vice Media is on an aggressive expansion path, looking to launch in 50 markets around the world; and it’s not just focusing on mobile and online programming – linear TV is a key part of the offering.