satellite broadcaster

M&A: Current drivers and future directions


In part three of our M&A series, Andy Stout looks at the future of consolidation in the broadcast and media space.

disney credit chris dorney shutterstock

M&A: Broadcasters search for scale


In the second part of our M&A series, Andy Stout looks at the big movements in the broadcaster space.

Credit Niantic - Harry Potter Wizards Unite - title

Planet-scale AR in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite


Niantic says Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will bring unprecedented scale to AR gaming. It could also provide a glimpse into the future of entertainment.

esports trophy credit Helena-Kristiansson_ESL-One-Birmingham

Esports revenue to top $1 billion as broadcasters see the chance to play


Esports isn’t new, but it is growing. According to a new Futuresource report, revenue in esports will hit $1.8 billion by 2023. IBC365 spoke to the consulting firm to find out more about this growing opportunity.

satellite telco media

M&A: Vendor consolidation continues


In the first part of our look at M&A activity in the broadcast sector, IBC365 examines some of the notable acquisitions amongst the vendors and their implications.

mobile journalism Photo credit Sir Cam camdiary Mojofest.

Huawei P30 camera rivals iPhone for mobile journalism


The iPhone’s position as the go-to device for mobile journalists could be under threat by the Huawei P30 Pro, thanks to the latter’s “phenomenal” camera.

NAB 2019 from the event 2

Industry organisations talk NAB themes


NAB 2019: Executives from the IABM, SMPTE and IET on the big talking points at this year’s Las Vegas show.

Stadia controller

Google Stadia: Not just for gamers?


Far more than a game streaming service, Google Stadia represents a transformative shift in digital communication, writes Adrian Pennington.

MWC 19 3x2 credit GSMA

Beyond the hype of AI


Technology executives have called for the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI), with Facebook and Alibaba pointing to the potential positive social impact that is promised by AI.

BMW Group at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Virtual drive in the BMW Vision iNEXT

Driverless cars and the content opportunity

2019-02-19T10:13:00+00:00By George Malim

If the advent of driverless cars provides a fourth screen via which travellers access content, apps and services, who will provide the content? George Malim explores the opportunities and assesses which organisations could become the in-car content providers.

Basketball Euro League 2019 3x2

AI: A content chain analysis


IABM Lead Research Analyst Lorenzo Zanni takes an in-depth look at how increases in processing power and storage capabilities are broadening Artificial Intelligence applications throughout the broadcast, media and entertainment industry.

IBC2018 Best Paper Award Winners - BBC RandD

IBC opens submissions for 2019 Technical Papers


The call for Technical Papers is now open for the IBC2019 Conference.

ai robot cyborg cloud 3x2

2018’s most-read Tech Advances articles


AI was a hot topic throughout 2018 from transforming productions to global adoption and disruption; blockchain, light field technology and 8K dominated the trends in tech advances.

Holograph hologram phone 3x2

MPEG heads to the holograph


MPEG is promoting a video-based point cloud compression technology – and Apple is driving it.

IBC2018 show floor 3x2

IBC owners' 2019 predictions and priorities


From the development of artificial intelligence (AI) to widespread adoption of the cloud and new SVOD services IBC’s owners share their 2019 predictions and priorities for their organisations.

Bodyguard BBC credit BBC-World Productions-Des Willie

IBC’s owners review 2018’s industry milestones


From the auction of Sky, to the rising interest in 5G and growing adoption of AI, IBC’s owners share their highlights and reflections of the last 12 months.

France win World Cup Russia 2018 3x2

2018 review: January to June


The first instalment of a two-part round-up of the main talking points of 2018 includes the battle for net neutrality, 5G advances at the Winter Olympics, the Premier League rights battle and a Facebook scandal that still haunts the social media giant.

tv and mobile codec

From 5G to Gen Z: What to expect in 2019

2018-12-18T15:15:00+00:00By Tim Dams

As 2018 draws to a close, it’s time to look ahead – and try to pick out some of the likely themes and trends for 2019 in the broadcast and production sectors.

esl tournament 3x2

All in the game: Taking esports to the masses


Esports is pioneering workflows that could be picked up by mainstream sports coverage, and with rising interest and growing prize pots, the influence of esports looks set to increase.


Leaping into a new reality


VFX Oscar winner and Magic Leap SVP Creative Strategy John Gaeta explains how a dimensional internet could lead CG experiences into real world spaces.

Drone racing 1

Drone racing: Filming a new kind of sports story


Drones are not only smaller than Formula 1 cars, they’re quicker too. Aurora Media Worldwide’s coverage of the DR1 drone-racing league has given the production team the chance to help shape the sport from the ground up.


SMPTE announces new mission


The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) revealed its new strategic plan at its Annual General Membership meeting yesterday in Los Angeles.

IBC2018 Forum audience

IBC2018 Tech Talks: Blockchain


In these technical papers, authors from Arqiva, Orbitalize, EBU and Groupe Média TFO describe real-world applications in: media contracting, intellectual property, media asset management and a legitimate peer-peer video sharing model.

AI in production 3x2

IBC2018 Tech Talks: AI in production


AI is here to stay, and in the area of production it is set to revolutionise working practice. Explore how in technical papers from BBC R&D, Media Distillery & NHK and watch their IBC2018 Tech Talks.

IP revolution takes centre stage at IBC2016 Conference

IBC2018 Tech Talks: Head firmly in the cloud


Serverless cloud promises to make cloud-based TV service delivery accessible and affordable. Read technical papers from Avid, BT Group, Streampunk Media and Gilmer and Associates.

IBC2018 Seth Shapiro blockchain

Arqiva launches blockchain trial


IBC2018: Broadcast infrastructure firm says trial is an opportunity for TV companies to experiment with the technology.

IBC2018 Keynote Lily Cole Kwame Ferreira

Impossible seeks start ups with ‘planet centric’ design ideas


IBC2018: Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira’s business incubator looks to support technology companies focused on sustainability.

IBC2018 Sky ML Josh Wiggins GrayMeta

Sky puts facial recognition tech to the test


IBC2018: Machine learning tool trialled during coverage of this year’s Royal Wedding can be used in live sports, awards and political events.

Game of Thrones. Source HBO 3x2

HBO focuses on latest cinema drones

2018-09-16T10:04:00+01:00By David Wood

IBC2018: High end cinema drones were put through their paces by programme makers in an HBO documentary which premiered at IBC.

IBC2018 exhibition

IBC: “The centre of our changing community”


IBC is benefiting from the convergence of technology, says Chief Executive Michael Crimp.

IBC2018 fun run crowd

Fun run at IBC raises over $65k for charity

2018-09-15T15:27:00+01:00By Tim Dams

IBC2018: Money raised by the 4K 4Charity Fun Run will go to organisations focused on increasing diversity and inclusion in media and entertainment industry

IBC2018 Ade Rawcliffe ITV

Boosting diversity is ‘a commercial benefit’


IBC2018: Companies in the broadcasting industry will be more successful if they improve on- and off-screen diversity, delegates at IBC sessions on diversity and gender equality are told.

Kim Jackson Forum SR (1)

Tapping into the power of blockchain


Blockchain’s ability to track IP and revenue will change the way content is funded and creators are rewarded, says Singular DTV co-founder Kim Jackson.

IBC2018 forum audience

Weighing up the impact of Brexit


IBC2018: Growth of the British creative industries will be hit by Brexit, agree executives at an IBC session.

IBC2018 Yves Bergquist Corto

AI to ‘revolutionise’ storytelling

2018-09-14T09:40:00+01:00By David Wood

IBC2018: AI-based analytical platforms can reveal which narrative attributes of film or TV content do better with audiences, says Corto CEO Yves Bergquist.

Maarten Verwaest Limecraft

Q&A: Connecting the startup creatives


In the second instalment of a two-part feature we hear from three startups that have employed new technologies to optimise video, enhancing media workflows and an app to maximise TV subscriptions.

Showtag Emma Stone 3x2

Q&A with three innovative startups


In the first instalment of a two-part feature, we speak with three startups companies transforming the industry.

Iabm bam awards ceremony

IABM BaM awards shortlist revealed


Camera technology, artificial intelligence (AI) for captioning and multi-platform distribution of content are amongst the solutions from technology vendors shortlisted for the IABM BaM awards.

Blockchain bitcoin in fire and water 3x2

Putting blockchain to work in media


Its association with cryptocurrency may be a turn off for some broadcasters, but blockchain’s ability to track rights and maximise the monetisation of content is at least worthy of experimentation.

Facebook emojis 3x2

Comment: What does the future hold for Facebook?


Facebook isn’t here to make friends. It’s here to make money, comments Amelia Kallman.

AI Insight 3x2

AI: Building the future of broadcast


Artificial intelligence technology is swiftly moving from experiment to practical use across production workflows and into the heart of content creation.

CBS Live 3x2

The beautiful game of apps


Sports apps are on the rise, able to deliver subscription income and other rewards to rights holders and sponsors, but we’re likely to see even greater development of the genre to benefit both the sports brands and their fans.

Insight index 3x2

Welcome to Insight: Your guide to IBC2018


Welcome to this first edition of Insight, your new guide to this year’s show and conference. The aim of this magazine is to introduce you to the technology trends, industry themes and keynote speakers that will shape IBC2018.

BBC AI robot

How AI is being used to boost the creative process


From newsrooms to sports and TV production, AI is already being used to speed up and boost the creative process. But could it replace humans altogether?

Centre Court source Wimbledoncom

Is AI the future of sports production?


Programmers have taught AI platform IBM Watson to learn the meaning behind expressions, fan reaction and body language, allowing Wimbledon to get highlights from Centre Court online faster than ever before.

Media City Bergen 3x2

Cross-pollinating the cluster: Inside Media City Bergen


Norway’s new technology and broadcasting hub Media City Bergen is a shining example of collaboration and innovation.

metaverse goggles future

Blog: Cyber security & the Metaverse


While ‘The New Realities’ - augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) - are posed to play a significant role in our future, they also open up new concerns about cyber security, says futurist Amelia Kallman.


US Homeland Security, C4 & Fox experts on cyber security


CISOs of Channel 4 and 21st Century Fox will be joined by Former Assistant Secretary for Cyber Policy at the US Department of Homeland Security for the IBC2018 Cyber Security Forum.

startup filmmaker 3x2

Q&A: Five startups that want to change media


In the first in a two-part series we showcase five startup companies from around the world that offer innovative solutions to disrupt the traditional technology ecosystem.

apple ceo tim cook wwdc

Apple backs "transformational" AR


Augmented reality (AR), Dolby Atmos on Apple TV in 4K and new software features were unveiled at the World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in San Jose on Monday.

dog on surfboard 3x2

Blog: Teaching old dogs new tricks


In the fresh connected world of IP, do years of experience in broadcast engineering still count, or should veteran technicians just hang up their SDI cables and retire?


IBC and TM Forum to collaborate on innovation


IBC has formed a collaboration with the TM Forum to drive innovation between the media and telecoms industries.

Lewis Smithingham 3x2

Spotlight on: Immersive film makers


IBC365 speaks to three VR and 360-degree video directors and cinematographers about how they capture immersive content and what the future holds.

Google light field array

Towards the Holodeck: An in-depth look at light field


Is VR just a stepping stone on the path to holographic video content creation and display?

future ar headset woman 3x2

Blog: The future of immersive content


In the future, the line between reality and virtual reality will become increasingly blurred, and new media and entertainment options will emerge that we have not yet imagined, writes Amelia Kallman.

Bts studio production 16.9

RTS opens Young Technologist of the Year Award


The Royal Television Society has opened entries for the Young Technologist of the Year Award, seeking those working in the technical side of broadcasting or its related industries.

Adobe sensei feature demands

AI and the cloud: The evolution of post production software


NAB 2018: Vendors showcase the tools forging the post-production evolution with artificial intelligence (AI) powering the future of editing, grading and visual effects (VFX).

Nab attendees

Cyber security: The view from NAB


NAB 2018: IP connectivity and the cloud means that both the intellectual property and the infrastructure of broadcast and media companies is now at risk of cyber attack, with the subject up for discussion in Las Vegas.

Iabm ba m awards

Tech vendors honoured at IABM BaM Awards


NAB 2018: Innovation and disruptive technology applications have been recognised at the IABM BaM Awards during the NAB Show.

Smpte fellows awarded natas

SMPTE appoints standards chief and Fellows honoured


NAB 2018: SMPTE appoints new Director of Standards Development and SMPTE executives honoured with NATAS lifetime achievement awards during the NAB Show.

Cyber security

Securing assets in the era of disinformation


NAB 2018: Cyber security, audio technology and content creation solutions were showcased by Cisco, Fortium, Deluxe and Dolby during NAB.

Cyber security

Leading telcos launch cyber security alliance


Telefonica, SoftBank, Etisalat and Singtel have signed an agreement to create the first global telco cyber security partnership.

Gb ip

Inside the IP Showcase at NAB 2018


IP is finally on a home run according to 56 vendors and eight prestigious industry bodies behind the NAB 2018 IP Showcase.

Ai index

The rise of AI and the decline of VR


Multi-platform delivery, 4K/UHD, IP infrastructure and artificial intelligence (AI) are the growth areas of investment in media technology according to the latest analysis from the IABM released at NAB.

Hole in the net

Blog: Holes in the net are weaponising IoT


Tomorrow’s technology is already here but we aren’t prepared for the consequences, writes Amelia Kallman.

Military silhouette 16x9

Lessons from the frontline: How broadcast adopts battlefield tech

2018-04-04T07:00:00+01:00By Kevin Hilton

From radio links to player-tracking technology, the broadcast industry has made use of decades of military research and development.

Tesla starman colour 3x2

Blog: The importance of fun


A focus on functionality, utility, and efficiency may have produced a long list of recent innovations, but are we exploring the creative potential in new technology?

Awards (10)

Entries open for IBC2018 Innovation Awards


Industry innovators have been invited to follow in the footsteps of Group Média TFO, BT Sport and VOOT who were all recognised at IBC2017.

Htc vive pro

See the future: VR headsets and hardware trends

2018-02-28T12:53:00+00:00By Mark Mayne

The past few years have produced more virtual reality hardware at a wider range of price points than ever before, bringing VR into the tech mainstream.

Altered carbon 3x2

Blog: Altered Carbon in the flesh


Netflix’s Altered Carbon explores the subject of biohacking, but is the series science fact or science fiction?

17 12 18 tokyo by night 8 k, nhk

8K: Ignore it at your peril


Manufacturers have been showcasing their latest 8K displays and the upcoming Winter Games looks set to be a watershed for 8K production, but what does the long term future hold for high resolution content?

artificial intelligence

AI: Transforming media production


Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have enabled manufacturers and broadcasters to develop and implement smarter tools and applications to boost the entire content lifecycle.

Data centre cloud

Tech in 2018: The impact of disruptive IT on media


From data gathering to regulation to new cloud service models, the industry’s adoption of new technologies will only accelerate in 2018.

Ces 2018 3x2

CES highlights: 5G, audience engagement and AI-led personalisation


IBC365 contributor Amelia Kallman is at CES in Las Vegas to look at the latest consumer tech and the effect that it will have on the media and entertainment industry.

17 12 28 greg wyler with the world on his shoulders 3x2

How Japan’s SoftBank plans to bridge the global digital divide


Japanese telco and serial investor SoftBank wants to use its investment in OneWeb to help it deliver a smarter, interconnected, and automated world.

The future of tv at variety's entertainment summit ces 2018 3x2

CES day 2 round-up: Audience engagement and voice activation


Despite a power outage temporarily halting proceedings at CES, discussions about audience engagement and voice activation continued at the Las Vegas tech fest.

Tin toy robot 3x2

I, for one, welcome our robot overlords


Artificial intelligence and machine learning has been hailed as the saviour of broadcasting, but is the technology being applied in the right way, asks John Maxwell Hobbs.

Ces 2018 3x2

CES day 1 round-up: Wearable tech and AI personalisation


IBC365 contributor Amelia Kallman is at CES in Las Vegas to look at the latest consumer tech and the effect it will have on the media and entertainment industry.

Best paper

Deadline for IBC2018 technical papers extended


The deadline for submitting IBC2018 technical papers has been extended to Monday 12 February.

Digital digest index

Weekly news round-up: AT&T preps 5G launch & FCC Chair dodges CES


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Cryptocurrency bitcoin

8 tech trends of 2017


The relentless pace of technological change continued to accelerate in 2017. Here is a recap of some of biggest trends of the past twelve months.

Exhibitor crowd shot ibc2017

IBC Partners' predictions and expectations for 2018


IBC Partners share their expectations and priorities for 2018.

Digital digest index

Weekly news round-up: AT&T talks fail & RT launches in France


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.


2017 review: IP adoption, AI interest and a wave of M&A


From the ongoing adoption of IP to a surge in interest in AI and a wave of M&A activity, 2017 was another busy year for vendors.

Audio waves

Hearing the future: The immersive sound revolution


New techniques for capturing and delivering audio will be part of even more immersive experiences, writes Amelia Kallman.

Artificial intelligence brain and computer

Top 10 most-read Tech Advances articles


AI in broadcasting, blockchain and 5G were some of the topics explored during 2017 Tech Advances articles with cyber security and chat bots among the most popular.

Digital digest index

Weekly news round-up: Disney to buy Fox & Amazon and Netflix support HDR10+


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Great british bake off channel 4

Rising to the challenge: Using data to connect with audiences


In the second of a two-part series on data in broadcasting, Ambrose McNevin speaks with Accenture’s Gavin Mann.

Big brother spain gran hermano 2017

How Endemol Shine gave Big Brother an AI overhaul


Endemol Shine Group CEO of Creative Networks Lisa Perrin discussed how AI is transforming TV with Microsoft’s Tony Emerson at the IABM Annual Conference, writes Roger Thornton.

The simpsons fox

Data in broadcasting: Salesforce and Fox


In the first of a two-part series, Ambrose McNevin explores broadcasters changing relationship with consumers and the advantage of data implementing the business transition.

Digital digest index

Weekly news round-up: YouTube wiped from Amazon & Sky takeover delayed


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Digital digest index

Weekly news round-up: BBC mega-merger & Turner opts for AWS


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Artificial intelligence mobile device

Artificial intelligence in the real world


While there are an increasing number of real world applications from vendors using artificial intelligence to automate and speed up processes, legislation - including the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) - is catching up .

Digital digest index

Weekly news round-up: UK invests in AI & Broadcom bid


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Artifical intelligence brain and machines

The future is artificial: AI adoption in broadcast and media

2017-11-22T14:24:00+00:00By Lorenzo Zanni Research Analyst IABM

Artificial intelligence is just at the start of its adoption curve, according to research conducted by the IABM.

tech advances index image

IBC2017 technical papers: Virtual reality and 360-degree video


Virtual reality (VR) for immersive live-action and 360-degree video, optimising audience experiences and deploying VR were among the topics covered in this year’s technical papers.

Digital digest index

Weekly news round-up: BBC bids for UKTV & IBM urged to reject Trump


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Ibm watson prius prime

Getting to grips with AI in broadcasting


Artifical Intelligence (AI) promises much, but what is the underlying technology and how can it benefit the media industry?

Microsoft hololens

From AI to mixed reality: Inside Microsoft’s Future Decoded event


The themes of mixed reality, artificial intelligence and quantum computing took centre stage at a Microsoft-hosted tech event in London.

Digital digest index

Weekly news round-up: Ericsson reverts to Red Bee & 5G car trials


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

tech advances index image

IBC2017 technical papers: Cyber security and piracy


Cyber security is an issue that has dominated headlines in recent months and so was a timely subject to be addressed in the technical papers.

Digital digest index

News round-up: BBC warns of SVOD threat & digital Winter Olympics


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Digital digest index

Weekly news round-up: Apple appoints ex-C4 chief & Arqiva's £1.5bn IPO


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Iabm ip showcase

Video: Transitioning to IP within the studio


IBC2017: Real-world IP connectivity showcased interoperability with IABM experts discussing the transition to IP as a professional media soltuion.

Virtual world 16x9 crop

Blog: Exploring the metaverse


The online, virtual world holds great promise for the expansion of enterprise and the human experience, says Amelia Kallman.

Simon fell ebu

EBU technology chief to step down


Director of Technology and Innovation Simon Fell has announced he will leave the EBU at the conclusion of his tenure in February 2018.

Ibc2017 hall 7 (3)

IABM DC report highlights service revenue growth

2017-10-20T09:40:00+01:00By Lorenzo Zanni Research Analyst IABM

The latest IABM DC valuation of the technology supply market points to growth in both services and product revenues.

Digital digest index

Weekly news round-up: Netflix growth & 5G trial flies


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.


DPP’s commitment to cyber security


The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) has opened its Committed to Security Programme to the entire media industry to help reduce the loss or theft of content.

Leaders panel 3

Dealing with the threat from online


The behind-closed-doors IBC Leaders’ Summit heard remarkable stories of media companies reinventing themselves in the face of ever-increasing competition from new online players and changing consumer behaviour - in particular rapidly rising levels of mobile video consumption.

Artificial intelligence brain and computer

Artificial intelligence transforming broadcasting


Artificial intelligence was arguably the hottest topic at IBC2017, but what can broadcasters hope to achieve by investing in the technology?

Digital digest index

Weekly news round-up: Nokia drops Ozo & Dell backs IoT


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Shutterstock 546199567

Blog: Bowie, blockchain and the future of media distribution


Blockchain poses a threat to the middlemen who sit between creators and consumers, writes regular IBC365 contributor Amelia Kallman.

Digital digest index

Weekly news round-up: Streaming piracy threat & Microsoft's VR deal


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Cloud how far can it go still

In case you missed it…the journey to the cloud


Broadcasters were encouraged to embrace cloud-based technology at IBC, where the subject was one of the main talking points of this year’s show.

Digital digest index

Weekly news round-up: Amazon Vs Facebook, Fox & 5G


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Arris new srh 3 three axis stabilised remote head

IBC2017 round-up: Hall 12


Hall 12 proved to be a fertile hunting ground for those in search of gadgets and gizmos for acquisition and camera support, writes David Fox.


IBC2017 round-up: Halls 9, 13 and 15


The next phase of the industry’s development: from major UHD and cloud-based product launches as well as some impressive IP deployments on show.

Exhibitor crowd shot ibc2017

IBC2017 round-up: Halls 2 and 3


Artificial intelligence, machine learning and the cloud was unavoidable among the many updates, integrations and efficiency improvements on show in Halls 2 and 3.

sport studio bts

Q&A: IBC Award winner BT Sport


IBC Innovation Awards winner BT Sport delivered the UEFA Champions League Final 2017 in HD with 4K, Dolby Atmos sound and a 12 camera 360-degree operation.

Spencer stephens

Cyber security: threats and responses


IBC2017: Content piracy, data breaches and cyber hacks on corporate infrastructures – cyber attacks are significantly impacting the broadcasting industry across the supply chain.

Rikard steiber 2

Interview: Rikard Steiber, Viveport


The President of VR app store Viveport urged broadcasters to make an investment in VR or risk missing out on an ecosystem that had the potential to offer audiences a huge array of experiences.


AI at IBC: For today, not just the future

2017-09-20T13:00:00+01:00By Mark Mayne

IBC2017: Although AI might be the future, exhibitors at IBC2017 are demonstrating more immediate uses for the fabled technology

What’s the reality of VR?

VR, AR and MR: Gaining momentum but room for improvement


IBC2017: Despite the huge amount of investment going into VR, AR and MR content and hardware, panellists at IBC’s ‘Leaving the Hype behind’ session agreed that there was still some way to go for the immersive technologies.


Decoding the future


IBC2017: The next 20 years are likely to see more technological innovation than the world has seen in the past 300, according to experts at IBC.

Robots at ibc

Dr Hanson: "Super-intelligent machines will make the world a better place"

2017-09-19T13:05:00+01:00By David Wood

IBC2017: David Hanson is a real life Dr. Eldon Tyrell – the robotics genius from the movie Bladerunner, based on the sci-fi novel by Philip K. Dick.

Bots messaging and voice platforms as the next battleground for consumers

Want engagement and content discovery? Try bots

2017-09-18T12:51:00+01:00By Mark Mayne

Message bots not only deliver huge engagement and discovery potential today, but once allied with voice will become even more potent.

What will 5 g mean for media index

5G set to drive higher engagement

2017-09-18T12:13:00+01:00By David Wood

NBC has said that it is excited about the potential of 5G to offer its sports fans a better user experience over mobile.


In pictures: IBC Innovation Awards


Industry excellence and thoughtful design were recognised at the IBC Innovation Awards at the RAI Auditorium on Sunday evening.


IBC2017 Awards: Winners revealed


IBC2017: Industry excellence was recognised at the IBC Awards, The International Honour For Excellence, awarded to Dolby Laboratories for 50 years of audio innovation.

The broadcast transformation panel

Broadcast transformation: “Put the viewer first”


An IBC panel was unanimous about the impact IP was making – and would continue to make – to broadcasting. But as Richard Lindsay-Davies (CEO, DTG) warned: “Whatever we do, we must put the viewer first.”

Sasha twining w. screen 1

C-Tech Forum: 5G set to seriously disrupt TV

2017-09-17T10:33:00+01:00By Mark Mayne

IBC2017: The potential for 5G to provide a catalyst for market disruption is strong, according to experts speaking at IBC.

Andrew neil 4

Leaders’ Summit: Analyse and adapt


IBC2017: The Leaders’ Summit, IBC’s behind-closed-doors conference for CEOs, had its sights set firmly on the future.

Cryptocurrency bitcoin

Is crypto-currency for home media consumption viable?

2017-09-17T10:25:00+01:00By Mark Mayne

The future of home media consumption could be based around a dedicated crypto-currency, delegates at IBC2017 heard.


A taste of the what’s to come: Inside the Future Zone

2017-09-17T10:13:00+01:00By Mark Mayne

Selected highlights from the Future Zone, one of the most vibrant sections of IBC2017

Hot tv tech d3 ct 6914

Invest in voice and AI, TV tech chiefs tell IBC delegates


Forget VR – what broadcasters and media companies should be investing in is voice UI and AI technologies. That was the unanimous verdict of technology heads from Channel 4, IBM, Liberty Global and Ericsson.


IBC2017: Record attendance and the rise of the robots


IBC2017: IBC executives have discussed the changing media landscape and technology evolution, from Ultra HD to human-like robots.

Cto roadmap panel d2 ct 6672

CTOs predict big future for AI and 5G services by 2020

2017-09-16T11:33:00+01:00By David Wood

Heavy-hitting industry CTOs have agreed that AI will become an important new technology for media businesses.

3429 leaderssummit 867780 (1)

Leaders look to the future


The Leaders’ Summit, IBC’s behind-closed-doors conference for CEOs, has its sights set firmly on the future.


Monitoring the quality of UHD delivery

2017-09-14T11:32:00+01:00Brought to you by

Broadcasting UHD content is about more than just picture quality says Steam Labs CMO Anna Danilova.

Ibc in amsterdam 1992   external view of meeting halls   low res

Timeline: 50 years of IBC


From the first colour broadcast to video transmission from outer space, IBC celebrates 50 years of leading industry trends and technological developments.

Digital digest index

Weekly news round-up: Ericsson inks IMDb deal & BBC salaries audited


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

James butler dolby labs a cappella day harvard veritones 13.tif dolby awards winner

Dolby honoured for 50 years of innovation


IBC2017: Dolby Laboratories recognised for its 50 years of audio innovation receiving the International Honour for Excellence at the IBC Awards Ceremony.

Digital digest index

Weekly news round-up: Fox News pulled from UK and US expands 5G trials


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Tv displays

What's next? The future priorities of broadcast CTOs


Intense competition and seismic technology shifts means that keeping up with the twists and turns of the tech and telco sectors has never been more important.

David and sophia [2]

Sophia and Professor Einstein robots to appear at IBC


A pair of expressive, intelligent and uncannily human-like robots will appear with their creator at this year’s IBC.

Digital digest index

Weekly news round-up: Facebook 'fakery' & Snapchat's scripted push


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Voice control finger print 16.9

Voice recognition: All talk or the future calling?


Broadcasters are examining voiceprint technology as a way of accessing and exploring their digital services, but habit may be the biggest barrier to adoption, writes Amelia Kallman.

Elena mediacorp

Q&A: Mediacorp IBC award finalist


IBC Innovation Awards finalist Mediacorp developed the state-of-the-art broadcasting centre simplifying operational workflows using interoperability and technology standards.

Kate bulkely interview

Video: Audience power and fan engagement are pushing broadcasters


IBC2017: Audience power and fan engagement are pushing broadcasters to produce content that challenges tradition and creates new opportunities.

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Weekly news round-up: Apple's $1bn investment and Telefonica streaming plans


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Poeple on devices

What 5G could mean for broadcast


With many broadcast vendors supporting 5G tests and trials, the nascent technology could lead to much more than faster mobile internet browsing.

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Weekly news round-up: Facebook launches Watch & HBO hacked round 2


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Future tech

UX transformed by technology


IBC2017 is set to immerse visitors in a world of cutting-edge technologies that are accelerating global media trends and changing the user experience.

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Launching a successful future for startups


Innovative startup companies leading the future for the digital media landscape will be showcased at the IBC2017 Startup Forum.

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Q&A: Google Earth VR IBC Award finalist


IBC Innovation Awards finalist Google Earth uses the depth and immersion of VR to captivate audiences.

Bots1 (2)

Bots and their role in media and entertainment


Bots hit the headlines this week when it was revealed that chatbots developed by Facebook had apparently started communicating in their own language.

Start up forum (2)

Forging a future for startups


The Startup Forum at IBC2017 will showcase 75 startups from around the world, providing them with the opportunity to pitch to leading investors and executives.

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Weekly news round-up: HBO hack, Amazon's tennis deal and fake Cisco kit


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Apple ar kit 3 3x2

Augmented, virtual and mixed: the new realities


Augmented reality has sheltered behind the noise, bluster and smokescreen thrown up by the second coming of virtual reality.


AR and MR market to soar


Social media is predicted to aid the rapid growth of the future realities market, rising to $14.1 billion by the end of 2021, according to industry experts.

TV Globo - Best Paper

TV Globo team wins IBC Conference Prize


A technical paper detailing TV Globo’s use of big data has scooped this year’s coveted IBC Conference Prize.

Img 7600

Q&A: IBC Awards finalist Deluxe


IBC Innovation Awards finalist Deluxe, delivered 13 channels of live eSport competitions using public internet across multiple regions with low latency.

VR reality digital headsets

Stories you can feel: VR meets haptics


A truly immersive VR journey for the senses uses haptic technology to replicate the likeness of touch and feel for the ultimate VR experience, writes Amelia Kallman.

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Weekly news round-up: Cyber warfare & 5G live in London


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Phoenix image

Q&A: IBC Award finalist ITV


IBC Innovation Awards finalist ITV created Phoenix, a purpose-built asset management system.

Dmc fully virtualised platform ibc innovation award shortlist

Q&A: DMC IBC Awards finalist


IBC Innovation Awards finalist DMC leads the way with cloud based playout services.

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Weekly news round-up: BBC pay, ITV CEO, F1 & Snapchat


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news.

Ctech 5g image 750x450

5G: the roadmap to launch

2017-07-20T09:06:00+01:00By Kate O'Flaherty

5G offers speed, capacity and low latency for applications including autonomous cars, robotics and virtual reality.

Sony the interview film poster

Ransomware, hacking and espionage: five global cyber attacks


With valuable content and well-known brands, the media, entertainment and technology industry has been the target of some high-profile cyber breaches from a range of attackers.


NEP engineer scoops RTS Young Technologist award


NEP UK Guarantee Broadcast Engineer Kathleen Gray has been awarded the 2017 RTS Young Technologist of the year award.

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Weekly news round-up: copyright, internet freedom and Brexit


Your digest of the week’s top media, entertainment and technology news

Braid+ +winter+mint

What blockchain could mean for media and entertainment

2017-07-14T10:37:00+01:00By Mark Mayne

In the third installment of a three-part series, Mark Mayne examines blockchain’s relationship with the media and entertainment industry.


IP on show at IBC


The IP Showcase returns to IBC2017, demonstrating to the broadcast and media industry real-time IP solutions for production in a practical, flexible and efficient operation.

Video on demand shutterstock 395380057

"If content is King, then data is King Kong"


Traditional broadcasters are faced with a multitude of changes and transitions, at the forefront is how big data is driving transformational change.

Netflix tweet buffering cropped

Tech giants lead protests for net neutrality


Google, Vimeo, Twitter, Netflix and Facebook were among many technology companies who yesterday rallied together in support of net neutrality.

Sinclair broadcast group headquarters

Q&A: TeamCast IBC Awards finalist


IBC Innovation Awards finalist Sinclair Broadcast Group worked with TeamCast to develop a revolutionary approach to terrestrial transmission.

Bitcoin in tech

The beginner’s guide to blockchain

2017-07-06T14:12:00+01:00By Mark Mayne

What is blockchain? In the second of a three-part series, Mark Mayne explains the technology and how it is being used by a host of industries, from established finance firms to food delivery start-ups.

Xavier Castaño García, Partner, Igalia

Latest WPE and Chromium web engine work at IBC

2017-07-05T08:18:00+01:00Brought to you by Igalia

The electronic media industry has undergone many important changes both in technology and business in recent years, writes Xavier Castaño García, Partner, Igalia.

You view ui display (2)

YouView execs hail benefits of the cloud


The adoption of a cloud-based platform has enabled UK TV service YouView to make large-scale changes in “days rather than months”, according to Chief Executive Richard Halton.

Craig federighi apple keynote (2)

Apple unveils "largest AR platform in the world"


Apple introduced a new augmented reality (AR) development platform at the company’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California, yesterday.

Media honeypot a

IBC launches Startup Forum to aid fledgling digital firms


Innovative startups will be given the opportunity to meet with venture capitalists and investors at IBC2017 as part of a new initiative at this year’s show.

5g colour city

5G to be “catalyst for transformative change"


The UK broadcasting TV business model has seen little disruption over the past 25 years but that is “fundamentally changing” according to the Chief Executive of Arqiva.

Internet of Things

IoT: an extension of the multi-screen experience?


Video analytics are transforming IoT beyond just another evolution in the transition to digital experience management.

River cottage paul west cropped

Going green: encouraging sustainability in TV and film


Bafta-led sustainability initiative Albert has made great strides in encouraging TV productions to reduce their carbon emissions and the amount of waste they produce.

Al jazeera news studio

Broadcasters warned they could be "hit ridiculously hard” by cyber attacks


As government departments and companies around the world assess the damage caused by the WannaCry ransomware attack, security experts have warned of the increasing cyber threat to broadcasters and media organisations.

Fr nab met effect 2

NAB reflections: Media, entertainment and technology


The theme of this year’s NAB was ‘The MET Effect: Media, Entertainment, Technology’, an attempt by the show organisers to throw an overarching net around the rapid convergence of media, entertainment and technology through integrated systems, internet connectivity and interlinking content creation, distribution and consumption experiences.

Dvb cm group (2)

New DVB group to set VR delivery standards


The DVB has stepped up its efforts to help shape the way that virtual reality (VR) content is delivered to audiences.

Smpte conference

SMPTE announces dates for ETCA conference


Next month’s Entertainment Technology in the Connected Age (ETCA) conference, titled ’Redefining the Entertainment Experience’ will be held in Silicon Valley

An example of tico with uhdtv 4 k

TICO Alliance welcomes new members


The growth of TICO continues in 2017, as new vendors join the organisation and deliver interoperable products and more broadcasters adopt the kit in their workflows.

Aaaaaaadd (2)

NHK and Village Island simplify 8K video transport


NHK and Village-Island have developed a new system that makes it possible to transport 8K 4:2:2 60p 10-bits on a single 12G-SDI cable.

Ibm cloud

IBM announces new Watson-enabled cloud service


IBM has used NAB 2017 to launch a cloud service that aims to help companies extract new insights from video.

Futurezone vr ibc2015

VR Industry Forum shows work at NAB 2017


Following its launch at CES in January this year, the Virtual Reality Industry Forum (VRIF) held an open meeting at NAB 2017 to share its work on attempts to speed up the adoption of VR.

Abcccc (2)

Cloud computing and broadcasting


Broadcast specialists are increasingly offering cloud-based solutions for production and management while in delivery broadcasters are turning to the large web-scale cloud players.

Watson on jeopardy

Artificial intelligence in broadcasting


Just how much adoption of AI is happening across the broadcast ecosystem?

IBC2017 Innovation Awards

IBC2017 Innovation Awards open


IBC introduces new categories in response to changing industry trends and dynamics.

Amazon data centre

Data centres: all you need to know


Competition is hotting up as the data centre sector sets its sights on the broadcast market.

Helen stevens dpp chair (2)

Cybersecurity in broadcasting


The threats are real and growing but cybersecurity is a reality to be managed not a battle to be won

Io t

IoT and broadcasting: from standards to storytelling


The Internet of Things (IoT) holds enormous potential for many aspects of broadcasting, but only if standards can be agreed.


Welcome to IBC365


Welcome to IBC365, a new online editorial platform and weekly e-bulletin from IBC that will provide insight and opinion into hot topics and key trends.

Fog computing 2

Edge computing in broadcasting


Mobile edge computing is a fast moving technology wave that is vital to delivering content via forthcoming 5G networks.

Ang lee naomi climer

Introducing the new look IBC Council


IBC Council Chair Naomi Climer recently announced the new membership of the IBC Council, with most members set to serve for up to three years.

Futurezone vr ibc2015

Will VR headset sales skyrocket in 2017?


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) smartphone headsets will grow globally in popularity and success over the next five years and beyond.

Ip zone hot news new (2)

​Standards need interoperability

2017-04-03T10:00:00+01:00By Stan Moote CTO IABM

Constant complaints about the slowness of standards being developed hurting the industry seems to be the norm. This doesn’t mean standards don’t happen, nevertheless it is important to understand the standards process, benefits and risks.

Cyber security

Broadcast cybersecurity challenges

2017-04-03T10:00:00+01:00By Andreas Schneider SRG SSR and Adi Kouadio EBU

In this hyper-connected world, security issues remain a major concern.

Fr 365 big data jonathan lewis

Big data and analytics: C4 and Genius Digital


Approaches to the phenomenon of addressable audiences, through the eyes of a top specialist vendor and a broadcaster who did all the heavy lifting.