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Next Generation Audio: Getting audiences closer to the action

2019-04-03T13:08:00+01:00By Rupert Brun

Recent developments in TV technology only offer more of the same, whilst Next Generation Audio offers completely new opportunities and a chance to address one of the most frequent causes of complaint made to broadcasters, writes Rupert Brun.

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AI in theory, practice, and media workflows


Although the reality of artificial intelligence (AI) as a free-thinking intelligence not unlike human intelligence is still the stuff of science fiction, it holds great promise for broadcast and media, writes Thomas Bause Mason, SMPTE Director of Standards Development.

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Leading by example


IBC continues to adapt to keep pace with the rapidly changing media, entertainment and technology industry, writes IBC Chairman Tim Richards.

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Let's get the conversation moving


IBC has a vital role to play in continuing to help the industry plot its way to future success, says IABM Chief Executive Peter White.

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Driving positive change in the media industry


Women are drastically underrepresented in the media, entertainment and technology sector, with women in leadership roles still the exception and not the norm. IBC wants to help change that, writes IBC Council Chair Naomi Climer.

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Making the immersive an everyday experience


New technology allows us to tell stories in innovative ways, but we need to create great content if immersive is to be successful, says Sol Rogers.


The dangers of bias in machine learning


Are machine learning tools reinforcing bias in society? And if so, what can be done about it? Richard Welsh explores some of the issues affecting artificial intelligence.

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Powering the US Open with artificial intelligence

2018-01-10T16:29:00+00:00Brought to you by

Laney Lewis, AI Video Technology, IBM Cloud Video, explores the impacts of IBM Watson on US Open 2017 highlights.

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Why streaming video will drive the next internet revolution

2017-12-07T17:38:00+00:00Brought to you by

While the internet seems young compared to other essential inventions - like the plough - it’s revolutionised virtually everything we know.

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Artificial intelligence isn't a panacea - you need a solid roadmap

2017-11-23T11:27:00+00:00Brought to you by

The media and entertainment (M&E) industry is facing multiple forces of change - heightening customer expectations, influence of social media, rapid adoption of connected devices and new distribution platforms and exponential growth in content and data.

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The future in media and entertainment is now – are you ready?

2017-10-25T13:51:00+01:00Brought to you by

To remain successful companies will need to disrupt, change and reinvent says Rob van den Dam.

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VR broadcasting: Still a long way to go?

2017-10-05T10:39:00+01:00By Lorenzo Zanni Research Analyst IABM

Some largescale acquisitions and investments have spurred interest in virtual reality (VR), but the jury is still out on how broadcasters can make money from the immersive technology.

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EBU set to prove multi-CDN advantages


The EBU’s multi-CDN project will help its members deliver content reliably over the internet in a cost-effective manner, writes Bram Tullemans.


Why immersive tech need artificial intelligence


The combination of virtual reality and artificial intelligence will be “mind blowing and profitable,” according to Lorenzo Zanni and Stan Moote.

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Welcome to the future of media: The IBC Startup Forum


The changing media landscape inspires innovative startups. When paired with media investors they can define the future of the industry, writes Antti Rantanen.

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Four ways AI will change online video as we know it

2017-09-06T16:00:00+01:00Brought to you by

AI has the power to increase video accessibility, improve search safety and efficiency and package content intelligently says Pete Mastin, IBM Watson Media Product Marketing and Strategy, IBM.

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AI, interfaces and security dominate IBC technical papers


Artificial intelligence apps, media interfaces and cyber security were among the most popular topics covered in the technical papers submitted to IBC, writes Dr Nick Lodge.

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Can blockchain deliver for the media industry?

2017-06-26T16:21:00+01:00By Haydn Jones

In the first of a three-part series on bitcoin-enabling technology blockchain, Haydn Jones examines the origin and potential of the digital ledger technology.

Neil dunstan

IP-based systems – is there a long term technical plan?

2017-06-22T13:13:00+01:00By Neil Dunstan

In the face of continuing technical discussions, ongoing product development and interoperability demonstrations at trade shows, the business pressure to adopt new technology is increasing, says Neil Dunstan.

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The power of marketing


Don’t believe all you hear but trust what you see, says Pavel Potuzak, CEO, Aveco

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Overhauling the consumer experience using data analytics


New data-driven experiences present a golden opportunity to shape the next generation of TV, declares Per Borgklint, SVP, Chief Innovation Officer and Head of Business Unit Media, Ericsson.

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The three pillars of Smart Production


Creative, Business and Technical is a short hand way to look at your organisational objectives this year, explains Jeff Moore, Executive Vice President & CMO, Ross Video.

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The transformative power of video in the cloud


Never before has it been so easy to stand up an OTT service, from the simplest workflow to the most complex, says Matt Smith of Anvato.

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Cloud for broadcasters - why and how to use it


The industry is seeing nuanced and bespoke cloud deployments, explains Lee Sheppard, director of product management, SGL

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Cloud, 'Edge' vs 'True' cloud playout - is there a difference?


The difference between an ‘edge’ and a ‘true’ cloud playout are stark, says Igor Krol, CEO, Veset

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What use cloud? How Cloud adoption in broadcast is rapidly evolving


Cloud broadcast solutions overcome limitations of traditional delivery models, making it easy to personalise content and ads, explains K.A. Srinivasan, co-founder, Amagi

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Speed, mobility and scale, what role for IT as Media moves faster than ever


After years of talking about it media is finally mobile while new transport technologies enables file-based live production, explains Winfried Schultz, marketing director EMEA, Black Box

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Prediction: SSDs will replace hard discs for primary storage


Hard disks will be replaced by SSDs as primary storage in the mid-term, predicts Jan de Wit, CEO, Dynamic Drive Pool

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Reacting to the Internet of Things


We always try to be one step ahead to be fully prepared as the industry evolves, explains Ian Hilditch, CEO, ETL Systems.

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The future of tape storage - scale and security


Laura Loredo (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Shawn Brume (IBM) and Terry Cochran (Quantum) – collectively representing The LTO Program –weigh in on how tape storage can help meet security needs and maximise budgets in the media and entertainment industry.

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SaaS, metadata, cloud, transforming the economics of broadcast production


SaaS has moved from the margins to the mainstream with business and operational benefits driving adoption, says Paul Glasgow, sales and marketing director, Marquis Broadcast

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Software, hardware, datacentres and broadcasting - interrelated not mutually exclusive


Marwan Al-Habbal, product manager, Matrox, discusses why a combination of both software and hardware is the right approach for building broadcast solutions.

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Defining your path to success with workflow automation


Workflow Automation is the ability to trigger and complete actions based on state, status, metadata or other critical criteria, explains David Schleifer, COO, Primestream

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Bandwidth availability is making remote production over IP a reality


Existing production workflows need to be re-engineered to deliver multiple live feeds to a central location, explains John Smith, managing director, Media Links EMEA.

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What 'Software Defined' really means for broadcasters


The Software Defined Age is upon us but what does that actually mean in practice? George Boath, Director of Channel Marketing, Vantage and Lightspeed products, Telestream explains.

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Hard Disk or SSD for Digital Media?


The merits or otherwise of SSD and HDD should be treated in a clear and balanced way, says Rainer Kaese, Sr manager business development, Toshiba Electronics Europe, Storage Products Division

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IP production and play out. The future is happening now in

2017-04-03T14:00:00+01:00By Ronen Artman VP of Marketing LiveU

IP is now heading towards becoming the dominant force in terms of protocol, says Ronen Artman, vp of marketing, LiveU

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Robotic cameras: Crisp, cost-efficient, consistent, controlled


The next generation of robotic cameras produce the smoothest motion and the best ROI, writes David Workman, director of business development, Telemetrics