Mwc 2017 barcelona

Seven trends to expect at Mobile World Congress 2018

2018-02-20T13:22:00+00:00By Kate O'Flaherty

5G and its associated use cases are expected to take centre stage in Barcelona, while discussions will also turn to the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to overhaul network management and customer service.


The dangers of bias in machine learning


Are machine learning tools reinforcing bias in society? And if so, what can be done about it? Richard Welsh explores some of the issues affecting artificial intelligence.

Altered carbon 3x2

Blog: Altered Carbon in the flesh


Netflix’s Altered Carbon explores the subject of biohacking, but is the series science fact or science fiction?

Ces 2018 3x2

CES 2018: Top 10 launches, trends and insights


The top gadgets, trends and experiences showcased at CES 2018 last week.

Ces 2018 3x2

CES highlights: 5G, audience engagement and AI-led personalisation


IBC365 contributor Amelia Kallman is at CES in Las Vegas to look at the latest consumer tech and the effect that it will have on the media and entertainment industry.

The future of tv at variety's entertainment summit ces 2018 3x2

CES day 2 round-up: Audience engagement and voice activation


Despite a power outage temporarily halting proceedings at CES, discussions about audience engagement and voice activation continued at the Las Vegas tech fest.

Tin toy robot 3x2

I, for one, welcome our robot overlords


Artificial intelligence and machine learning has been hailed as the saviour of broadcasting, but is the technology being applied in the right way, asks John Maxwell Hobbs.


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