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  • Making tech more accessible

    Making tech more accessible


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, John Olivieira, Publisher, OneWorld called for changes in the industry to make it more inclusive and accessible.

  • WorldDAB+ ibc2022

    Opportunities in DAB+


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, WorldDAB hosted a key session on the opportunities of DAB+ digital radio. Jacqueline Bierhorst, Project Director - Digital Radio NL - explained how audiences are responding to DAB+, the new features of the technology and the opportunities and threats for DAB+ in the future.

  • Building the streaming pipeline for live sports

    Building the streaming pipeline for live sports


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, Krystal Mejia, Senior Streaming Engineer, Major League Baseball, explained how cloud-based software enables the convergence of linear and streaming services in Minor and Major League baseball. She detailed the production pipeline that is instrumental in ensuring coverage of the sports action can be accessed any ...

  • Microsoft at IBC2022

    Microsoft at IBC2022 in Amsterdam


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, Simon Crownshaw, Worldwide Strategy Director Media and Entertainment, Microsoft, outlined what the company was announcing at the show.

  • blackmagic ibc2022

    Blackmagic at IBC2022 in Amsterdam


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, Simon Westland, Channel Marketing Director, Blackmagic, outlined what the company was announcing at the show.

  • Telstra at IBC2022

    Telstra at IBC2022 in Amsterdam


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, Andreas Eriksson, CEO and Head of Telstra Broadcast Services, outlined what the company was announcing at the show.

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    Intelsat at IBC2022 in Amsterdam


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, Rhys Morgan, VP and General Manager, EMEA Media and Networks, Intelsat, outlined what the company was announcing at the show.

  • Rise strives for gender equality

    Rise strives for gender equality


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, Carrie Wootten, Managing Director of international diversity membership group Rise, joined Dushi Thangarajah, SVP Localisation Fulfilment & PMO EMEA, Deluxe, and Amy Hubbard, Strive to Rise Manager at Rise, to discuss how the ’Strive to Rise’ recognition programme designed by the company is being used ...

  • Faz Aftab, Director, International M&E Content Partnerships

    Faz Aftab of Google TV champions diversity in the industry


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, Faz Aftab, Director, International M&E Content Partnerships, Google TV / Platforms & Ecosystems, Google, champions diversity and gender representation in the industry.


    IEEE BTS hosts DVB session at IBC2022


    IBC2022: IEEE BTS together with the DVB Project hosted a major session on the development of DVB services at IBC2022 in Amsterdam. Peter Siebert and Samina Husain from IEEE BTS explained what the session explored and what else the organisation has presented at the show.

  • IBC2022 keynote focuses

    IBC2022 keynote focuses on virtual and augmented reality


    IBC2022: Nonny de la Peña, Journalist, Filmmaker, Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR/AR) pioneer & Founder, Emblematic Group, gave the keynote address at IBC2022 in Amsterdam. The virtual reality pioneer discussed the latest developments in virtual and augmented realities and her pioneering work in the field.

  • Webvision-preview

    RISE: Strive to Rise


    IBC2022: Strive to Rise is a new formal recognition programme designed by Rise for companies working across the media technology industry working towards gender equality. This initiative has been designed to encourage and celebrate good practice within organisations and to support companies to increase and diversify their pool of talent. ...

  • Hollywood studios collaborate

    Hollywood studios collaborate on workflows


    IBC2022: Senior heads of technology at prestigious Hollywood studios discussed the development of a new production workflow design for the industry at IBC2022 in Amsterdam. Bill Baggelaar, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Renard Jenkins, SVP Production Integration and Creative Technology Services, Warner Bros. Discovery, ...

  • Metaverse explained

    Metaverse explained


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, Lewis Smithingham, Senior Vice President of Innovation & Creative Solutions at digital-first marketing and advertising services company, Media Monks, explained how technology and connectivity is driving the rise of the metaverse.

  • Secrets of eurovision -  Antonio Arcidiacono

    Secrets of Eurovision coverage


    IBC2022: Antonio Arcidiacono, CTO of the European Broadcasting Union, explained at IBC2022 in Amsterdam how Eurovision was put together technically and reveals some of the innovations the organisation used to reach more than 160 million viewers in 2022.

  • Warner Bros. Discovery Dave

    Warner Bros. Discovery lays out future plans


    IBC2022: Dave Duvall, Chief Information Officer, Warner Bros. Discovery, told an audience at IBC2022 in Amsterdam the company’s plans and hopes for the future.

  • Zee5's Archana anand

    Zee5’s Archana Anand on the future of linear TV


    At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, Archana Anand, Global Chief Business Officer, Zee5 Global, discussed the future of linear and non-linear services as streaming services continue to grow across the globe. 

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    What’s hot in production and post production at IBC2022


    IBC2022: The latest innovations in production and post production at IBC2022 in Amsterdam.

  • Imagine Comms

    Imagine Communications at IBC2022 in Amsterdam


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, Glodina Connan-Lostanlen, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Imagine Communications, reveals what the company was announcing at the show.


    SMPTE leads standards teams at IBC2022


    IBC2022: SMPTE hosted two sessions at IBC2022 in Amsterdam looking at moving media workflows to the cloud and tracking developments in virtual production.