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IBC Big Screen Experience

IBC Big Screen Experience - Auditorium

Designed to IBC’s specifications and featuring the very latest in cinema technology, this state of the art Auditorium was a centrepiece of IBC2016. Housed in the impressive RAI Auditorium with a state-of-the-art cinema projection and sound installation, the four-day conference examined and demonstrated the hottest topics, themes, and insights surrounding the art, science, and business of cinema from capture through to exhibition.

Programme Overview

The IBC Big Screen Experience is an unmissable conference for executive level, decision-making motion-picture professionals.

The programme for 2016 was shaped by a committee of global industry professionals to be a critical examination of the future of cinema now that the conversion from film to digital is largely completed. What should Digital Cinema 2.0 be? Should its development be controlled? What mix of experiential advancements makes sense from an ROI perspective? How does big data in this digital era enable business analytics to play a valuable role?

In perfect resonance with our overarching theme, IBC was honoured to host multi-Academy-Award-winning Director Ang lee (Brokeback Mountain, Life of Pi) to deliver a visionary Keynote address on Monday 12 September at the IBC2016 Conference as part of the IBC Big Screen Experience.

  • IBC Future Reality Theatre
10 Sep 2016
  1. Auditorium
    Light Field imaging is a method of reproducing light rays as they pass through a plane – every point in space travelling in every direction.
  2. Auditorium
    At standard 24 fps, the choice of shutter angle, which is baked in at the point of capture, is critical in order to minimise temporal artefacts and optimise ‘the look’ of that scene or sequence.
  3. Auditorium
  4. Auditorium
    Robert Zemeckis and Kevin Baillie will describe the creative and technical challenges encountered and overcome in the creation of Sony Pictures The Walk.
  5. Auditorium
    Bringing the most dazzling of technologies to the well loved book and Disney animation, Jon Favreau's take on "The Jungle Book" has been both a critical and commercial smash hit.
11 Sep 2016
  1. Auditorium
    Laser-based cinema projectors are starting to appear in cinemas around the world, but are they ready for major rollout? This session gets to grips with the key questions.
  2. Auditorium
    With an, arguably sensible, open-standard, immersive-audio bit-stream being demanded by the studios and exhibitors, is this effort also balancing the needs of the key stakeholders in this chain?
  3. G102/3
    An annual fixture of IBC, and a meeting point for the leaders in the cinema technology field, the EDCF Global Update session brings you up to speed with the latest business and technology developments in cinema from around the world across the value chain.
12 Sep 2016
  1. Auditorium
    From the early works of Georges Méliès it has been crystal clear that the emotive power and magic that epitomises cinema emerges when the mix of story-telling artistry, theatrical showmanship, and technical mastery is honed to perfection
  2. Auditorium
    Following on from Ang Lee's visionary keynote, this session will examine and demonstrate the details behind the production and delivery of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.
  3. Auditorium
    High dynamic range (HDR) has been hailed as the greatest new creative story tool for directors, surpassing stereoscopic 3D and immersive audio in the amount of interest generated by directors and cinematographers.
  4. Auditorium
    This panel will explore how leaders in the film industry are using data to influence each stage of the movie lifecycle.
  5. Auditorium
    With the switch from analogue to digital completed, cinemas are looking to the next generation of cinema technologies, ranging from HDR to motion seating.
  6. Auditorium
    The Revenant is film-making at its most visceral. The true story of frontiersman Hugh Glass' journey of revenge was filmed in punishing conditions in the North American wilderness to spectacular effect.



IBC Technical Supporters

  • IBC is the only exhibition we attend. It’s very important for those in the broadcasting industry.
    Jochen Albrecht
    CTO - Albrecht Electronic
  • IBC is the exhibition that gives us the most exposure in the broadcasting industry. The exhibition is a really special show and is close to everyone’s hearts. It’s a good place to meet and get to know the industry. It gets better every year and has got a great vibe.
    Anoushka Farouk
    Marketing Manager - TSL
  • IBC is not about quantity it’s about quality. Conversations we have are enlightening in every sense. Everyone is here to do business.
    Robert Lisman
    Director of Marketing - Primestream
  • The greatest thing about IBC is that it provides the facilities to network with industry professionals whilst getting great knowledge on new technology.
    Gina Canzano
    Technical Support Engineer - BW Broadcast


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