Behind the Scenes: The Man Who Fell to Earth


Adrian Pennington speaks to DoP Tommy Maddox-Upshaw about the remake of this cult classic for Paramount+.

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  • 1899_FIRSTLOOK_©RasmusVoss

    Behind the scenes: 1899

    The Netflix drama, shot on a volume stage with revolving turntable, is the new blueprint for episodic virtual production.

  • DPB70F~1

    Behind the Scenes: Creating the world of Germinal

    An ambitious retelling of the classic class-struggle story Germinal for French TV led to a studio set dunked in two metres of water, 10m flames shot in 12K and the resurrection of an iconic film stock.

  • 190921191027-02-batman-1989-full-169

    Behind the Scenes: The Batman

    For cinematographer Greig Fraser, lighting the image and keeping darkness within the character was the key challenge in this latest incarnation of Gotham’s avenging angel.


  • Media Integration Platform: The Hybrid Cloud Future

  • A future-proof state-of-the-art OTT/IPTV solution

  • Cloud microservice workflow design: an essential guide

  • Creating superheroes with on demand cloud connectivity


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