Thought Leadership

IBC Tutorials

  • AI - Episode 3: Gen AI in practice - deep dive on deep fakes

  • AI - Episode 1: Generative AI and its impact on M&E

  • AI - Episode 2: Importance of personalisation in media

  • People & Purpose - Episode 3: Calculating, reducing and improving your impact on biodiversity

  • People & Purpose - Episode 2: Providing access provision for disabled talent

  • People & Purpose - Episode 1: How to set up an international mentoring scheme

  • Esports: Episode 1: Where are we now?

  • Esports: Episode 2: Production

  • Esports: Episode 3: Audiences and future of esports


  • Webinar: The state of AI for content distribution


  • IBC CHANGEMAKERS PODCAST BONUS EPISODE: In Conversation with Jabbar Sardar: Putting people first

  • IBC Changemakers podcast bonus episode: A conversation with Wincie Knight, Paramount Global

  • IBC Changemakers Podcast Episode 7: Gaming for good and the big yellow bear

  • IBC Changemakers Podcast Episode 6: Being anything but ‘All Quiet’, The importance of grit and gratitude

  • IBC Changemakers Podcast Episode 5: Collaboration and the power of a cup of coffee

  • IBC Changemakers Podcast Episode 4: Amongst the sound of sirens, creating joy on TikTok

  • IBC Changemakers Podcast Episode 3: No time to mourn our future - A new deal for climate change

  • IBC Changemakers Podcast Episode 2: Beyond the corporate plan: Learning to get DEI right

  • IBC Changemakers Podcast Episode 1: Have I got news for new audiences…?

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