Brands look to capitalise on esports growth


Lockdown has seen a surge in competitive video gaming, causing advertisers to take a closer look at esports as a medium.

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  • mulan2020

    Breaking the window

    The theatrical window is under threat with streamers capitalising on cinema closure. Will it ever be replaced? Adrian Pennington investigates.

  • Ooyala Flex Media Platform_2

    Enriching content through metadata

    As the need to optimise the use of new and archived content intensifies, so does the requirement for “deeper and richer” metadata geared towards the requirements of individual content creators and services, writes David Davies.

  • RED Bee Media pics_David Travis

    The CTO interview: Dave Travis, Red Bee Media

    As a managed services provider to the media industry, Red Bee offers broadcasters, media companies and content owners the opportunity to outsource flexibility and innovation.  Chief product and technology officer Dave Travis tells IBC365 how the company is able to keep ahead of developments in the media landscape.


Tech Expert: Inside VR


Video: In this week’s Tech Expert, BAFTA Immersive Advisory Group chair Sol Rogers looks at virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and beyond.


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