WoWow equips streaming service with NPAW’s advanced video intelligence

2021-07-26T09:38:00+01:00By Jo Ruddock

WoWow, a premium satellite television station in Japan, has integrated NPAW video intelligence, in collaboration with its partner in Japan Innotech Corporation, enabling premium access to live and on-demand content from user’s devices such as smartphones and tablets.


To The New and Evergent partner to improve monetisation for OTT service providers

2021-07-23T14:18:00+01:00By Jo Ruddock

Digital technology company To The New has partnered with Evergent to enhance customer management and enable new and flexible business models with higher monetisation for all OTT service providers.


Allente launches B2B hospitality TV service powered by 3SS

2021-07-23T08:40:00+01:00By Jo Ruddock

Major Nordic region pay-TV provider Allente has chosen 3SS’ 3READY Product Framework to power its new B2B entertainment offering for the hospitality industry.

Universal Electronics-2

Universal Electronics provides voice-enabled Android remotes and QuickSet technologies to Claro Colombia

2021-07-12T11:26:00+01:00By Jo Ruddock

Universal Electronics (UEI) has started shipping voice-enabled remote controls to Claro Colombia, the country’s largest cable and telecommunications provider. The Android TV voice-enabled remote control is powered by UEI’s chip technology with Bluetooth Low Energy and infrared control capabilities.


ShortsTV expands its global presence with Amagi Cloudport

2021-07-09T13:11:00+01:00By Jo Ruddock

ShortsTV is expanding its presence to EMEA, Latin America, India and Nepal though Amagi’s centralised cloud-based platform. Being a traditional broadcast TV network, ShortsTV has opted to employ standard managed playout services through Amagi Cloudport.


MediaKind launches MediaKind Engage to deliver DTC fan experiences at scale

2021-07-06T11:10:00+01:00By Jo Ruddock

New from MediaKind is MediaKind Engage, an end-to-end direct-to-consumer (DTC) solution for video contribution, production, streaming and audience engagement.


Latin American AVOD provider Riivi chooses Norigin Media

2021-06-30T09:23:00+01:00By Jo Ruddock

Riivi, an OTT streaming service provider in Latin America, has chosen Norigin Media to provide smart TV app testing and validation ahead of its expansion to connected TV devices.

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