ibc 2015, RAI Amsterdam Conference 10-14 September 2015, Exhibition 11-15 September 2015

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IBC Conference Streams

IBC’s key streams allow you to effectively navigate the IBC Conference with ease to select the sessions that are of relevance to you. Key themes from each day will echo throughout the different streams, with each providing a unique angle and focus - whether technical, strategic or operational.

Advances in Technology

Attend sessions from this stream if you want to examine the technological changes in content production, distribution and management that are occurring at all stages and at all levels of the industry. IBC has a proud record of charting the course of future technological developments. This stream, which is home to the highly respected and peer-reviewed Technical Papers & Posters Programme, features major contributions from the people and organisations working at the leading edge of innovation, as well as the international standards bodies that are codifying progress.

Business Operations

Throughout this stream you will experience practical sessions that assess the real world implications of the innovation story in content creation, management and distribution. Attending sessions from this stream will inform you of industry developments and illustrate them with the very latest case studies from industry experts across the globe.

Content Innovation

New techniques are constantly refining, enhancing and equally challenging production workflows, while platforms are changing the way that content is being presented to the audience in turn. This stream reveals how stories can now be both captured and told in different, transmedia ways to deepen and enhance the viewer experience, increasing engagement as they do.

Industry Insights

These sessions are free to all IBC attendees. They encompass everything from curated showfloor highlights to masterclasses with world-renowned filmmakers, from fresh viewpoints on established topics to major reports from industry trade bodies. They are eclectic, compelling and always extremely popular, with an off-beat sensibility and broad perspective that makes them appeal to the wider IBC audience.

Strategic Insights

Ultimately, technology innovation and content creation have to make sound business sense and with the industry’s rapid pace of change, making the right investment is crucially as much a strategic, as well as an engineering-led decision. Sessions from this stream will provide you with the high-level insights and actions relating to each day’s theme, allowing you to effectively examine technology, policy and operations together with input from industry leaders to assess the likely impact of change on future business.


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