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Future Zone - Park Foyer, Next to Hall 8

Head to the Future Zone and be among the first to witness cutting edge projects and prototypes liberated by IBC from the world’s leading R&D labs and universities. Some concepts won't progress beyond the design stage, while others may be become the hit product of IBC2020 but can you tell which?

Practical demonstrations of mind bending concepts in the Zone this year include: personalisation and enhancement of the viewer experience, highlights of the FIFA World Cup in 8K at 120 fps, the future of Digital Radio broadcasting, new technologies for AV archive restoration, ‘smart’ convergent media, 360° viewable 3D displays, and more.

The Future Zone is also home to the Posters, the highly respected, rigorously peer-reviewed ideas chosen by the IBC Technical Papers Committee for their relevance to the subjects of IBC’s Conference Programme and their ability to startle your imagination.

Among the intriguing topics are: HEVC in the studio; Perception of 3D audio; Crowd-sourced music; DTV mobile surveillance; Object-oriented storytelling; Visual Quality Metrics; 4K Broadcast on a Budget; and more.

The Future Zone is a portal to view our future directions, rather than just a glimpse of the future!

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Future Zone

Future Zone


Future Zone Information

The IET Future Zone Event and Publication Launch  - Friday 12 September at 16:00 - 18:00      
Exhibitor/Project Origin Technology on Show Stand
4EVER Project France Enhanced Video Experience 8.F12
BBC Research & Development UK Object-based Media 8.F18
Cisco US Connected Life Platform 8.G11
DAVID project EU FP7 Future-proofing AV Content 8.F22
ETRI S Korea Future Broadcast Projects 8.G08
Free Viewpoint TV Project MPEG Multi-view Natural Video 8.F45
LinkedTV Project EU FP7 TV & Web Content Interlinked 8.F42
ECMA Project EU FP7 22.2 Binaural & 3D Audio 8.F38
NHK Japan 8K Ultra HDTV Theatre 8.G21
NTT Network Innovation Labs Japan Ultra HDTV Delivery 8.F25
Academy of Broadcasting Science of SARFT  China Future Broadcast Radio 8.F05
VRT  Belgium Future Media Production 8.F02

IBC2013 Future Zone Exhibitors

IBC2012 Future Zone Exhibitors

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