All you really need to know about SMPTE ST2110 and IP video will be revealed today at 10:00 in the IP Showcase, in a session aimed at “anyone who has to talk intelligently about IP video and feels they don’t know enough”, according to Andrew Starks, Marketing Workgroup Chair at AIMS and Director Of Product Management, Macnica.

“In this industry, we have a lot of people who know a lot about storytelling and production, but IP is still new, especially for people who use proprietary systems, such as NDI, this will give you a new perspective,” he added. “If you’re living in a baseband or NDI world, you have a certain set of expectations, but the openness of 2110 and IPMX offers much wider possibilities.”


Starks: Today’s session will give people ‘information they will really want to remember’

He admits that 2110 can look daunting and expensive. This is mainly because the uncompressed 2110 initially addressed the needs of broadcasters to replace SDI. The new 2110-22 standard defining compressed workflows “greatly reduces complexity and network traffic”. There are still timing issues and PTP to address, which is where the IPMX initiative comes in. It is designed for pro-AV users who need to plug and play and can’t afford tech support, and makes IP a lot more accessible.

The free-to-attend 2.5-hour session is tailored for beginner and intermediate users, and will focus on real-world applications, “giving people some note-taking worthy information they will really want to remember”.

Stand Number: 13.G102

Company: AIMS