A new camera control unit for Hitachi’s 4K SK-UHD7000 camera integrates it fully in the IP world, with ST 2110 support for media over IP. 

The CCU can be fitted with different SFP fibre interfaces for use with multi-mode or single-mode fibre, and has a full range of traditional I/O support, including 12G SDI.

Camera control and media over IP

Hitachi’s Capstick with its new DK-H700 and SK-UHD7000 cameras on robotic heads 

Mark Capstick, General Manager - Broadcast Solution Sales, Hitachi Kokusai Electric Europe, said: “It can deliver different versions of UHD, HD and SD in SDR and HDR all at the same time.” 

In Hall 11, Hitachi is also showing a new 1U ICR (integrated camera recorder) that supports recording from two UHD cameras at once, from two CCUs, for ISO recording. 

The camera and CCU are also being shown working with a Domo MESH wireless links system over a long distance, with return video, with the transmitter integrated into the camera. 

For wired camera connections it has a new trunk video system that allows an HD signal to piggyback onto a 4K fibre, alongside the UHD signal, which could be useful for carrying an assist wide-angle camera output from a remote head so an operator can see what is outside the UHD frame. The hybrid fibre also carries all control and power on a single cable. 

Stand Number: 11.C28 

Company: Hitachi Kokusai Electric Europe