1Tennessee, a Tennessee-based local broadband, TV and telephone service provider, has selected Nagra to deliver its new IP-based multiscreen video service. Leveraging Nagra’s integrated streaming solution to significantly decrease time-to-market, 1Tennessee is now delivering all the benefits of a tier-1 streaming service to its subscribers, without the price tag.

Powered by Nagra’s OpenTV video platform, the integrated solution includes Harmonic’s cloud video solution, a pre-integrated CRM system from GLDS and Jackson Energy Authority’s E+ Premier. This partnership enables 1Tennessee to implement a powerful offering that meets consumers’ demand for a broad range of content and streaming services delivered through a single, engaging and branded app. According to Nagra, 1Tennessee is delivering a streaming solution that can drive engagement, retention and revenue, while helping to grow both video and broadband subscriber reach.


Nagra’s OpenTV video platform is at the heart of the new offering

“As an industry pioneer, Nagra is delivering a superior and proven alternative to other less-than-optimal industry options, making them the clear and trusted choice for us to deliver innovative entertainment experiences to our subscribers,” said John Warmath, president at 1Tennessee. “The collective partnership of Nagra, Harmonic, Jackson Energy Authority and GLDS has enabled us to rapidly activate and automate operations through a powerful, user-centric management platform that was up and running in weeks – not months – which was essential as we transitioned off the MobiTV platform.”

Jackson Energy Authority’s E+ Premier content distribution service is powered by the Nagra OpenTV video platform and Harmonic’s VOS360 cloud streaming solution for video packaging and CDN capabilities. GLDS provides 1Tennessee with a pre-integrated CRM system allowing it to offer this entertainment service to subscribers with the added convenience of one bill. The versatile new offering enables 1Tennessee to use its headend to deliver advanced video subscription services to its consumers.

“Nagra brings a unique opportunity to empower service providers, like 1Tennessee, with advanced media and entertainment services for their subscribers in record time,” said Xavier Fustagueras, SVP Americas for Nagra. “This further demonstrates the ability of our partnerships to power the ambitions of service providers of any size with national content and a hyper-local approach. By offering our solution ‘as-a-service,’ with no costly up-front investments in hardware or transcoding, we lower the barrier and deliver freedom of choice for operators to deliver IP-streaming services under their own terms.”

1Tennessee seamlessly converted MobiTV subscribers to the integrated solution with the partnership of GLDS. Nagra’s OpenTV video platform provides 1Tennessee with the speed, efficiency and flexibility required to allow the service provider to drive revenue growth by automating operations through a user-centric management platform.  1Tennesee is now offering a first-class user interface with discovery, voice, search and recommendations that can optimise the customer experience against local requirements and provide a premium content offering for subscribers through content rights partnership with Jackson Energy Authority. At launch, service to consumers will be available through FireTV Stick devices, with set-to boxes as an available option.