Evergent’s monetisation and customer management tools are now available across Struum’s subscription-based platform, which enables users to sample content from dozens of participating streaming services from around the globe.

Struum, which recently launched with backing from former Disney CEO Michael Eisner through his Tornante Company, aims to streamline the video streaming experience by providing viewers with one central destination and a single monthly subscription to access a diverse array of programming.


Struum operates a credit-based subscription model

The platform’s first-of-its-kind credit-based subscription model allows users to cut through the cluttered global streaming landscape to choose the films and TV episodes that best match their interests from an extensive range of participating services and content partners.

“Struum’s mission is to provide customers with a curated streaming experience that perfectly matches their tastes and interests. Evergent’s monetisation and customer management tools are essential to facilitate that service, enabling content providers to deliver against these tailored offerings in an increasingly complex streaming environment. We look forward to shaping the next generation of the streaming experience together with Evergent,” said Eugene Liew, CTO and co-founder of Struum.

“Now more than ever, the consumer is in control as they choose between dozens of competing streaming services. Rather than force customers to make difficult selections with limited budgets for entertainment, Struum is breaking new ground by offering a credit-based, à la carte streaming experience,” said Vijay Sajja, founder and CEO of Evergent. “The values and mission of Struum’s new platform dovetail perfectly with Evergent’s goal to support flexible and agile monetisation of digital video content. We are confident this partnership will reshape the streaming ecosystem and empower content providers to maximise the lifetime value of their customer relationships.”